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When Succubutts Attack By Gelenor -- Report

Art by Saint of Ravens.

DrashaTheImmortal Owns Laz

Senkei belongs to Tieda

Gelenor belongs to me

So this was a split com between myself, DrashaTheImmortal, and Tieda. It turned out very good and I am glad we did it. As for whats going on well.... Gelenor was sitting in his house minding his own damn business reading a book, the title of which is "Knight Stuff". (Don't believe zoom in.) When these two demons specifically succubi just come breaking his window and door. Like who the hell does that? Apparently they had some kind of grudge against him. Which might or might not actually be his fault. Laz has selective hearing to the max and will literally hear what she wants to hear you saying. As for Senkei.... She just likes to blame Gelenor for things whether they are his fault or not.

Anyways this home intrusion resulted in Gelenor getting fucked by Laz and force fed many people by Senkei. Then Force fed by Laz as he was slowly devoured by Senkei's ass. As you can see by their huge guts they clearly went on an eating spree before this happened just to feed him lots of former people. It also seems that they digested those poor people's souls as well. Freaking demons man. Who knows whats gonna happen to Gelenor once he sinks all the way in Senkei?

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Posted by DrashaTheImmortal 3 months ago Report

Q_Q such cruelty, saying i have selecting hearing. Cant belive the knight would be sso mean after all the home made chocolate iv given him </3

jokes aside was a fun comic, was fun and glad to take part ^^


Posted by Tieda 3 months ago Report

He even said that I blame him for everything :<
Mean knight got what he deserved! Of course it's his fault, he has been so mean to SuccuMom and her Succubutts for so long. Was time for revengeth (Q^Q)/


Posted by Gelenor 3 months ago Report

..... blames me for blaming her for blaming me for everything.


Posted by Gelenor 3 months ago Report

..... Laz i have literally said something to you before and you responded with something the complete opposite of what i said.