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Demonic Double Birthday By Gelenor -- Report

Art by Ribbonfemale.

Gelenor belongs to me.

Senkei belongs to Tieda.

I am late posting this. Senkei had a birthday on June 3rd and mine was on the 6th. So we got a birthday commission together. This turned out really well.

The story behind this one is that Senkei and Gelenor decided to celebrate their birthdays together. Gelenor got her a gift. She too got him a gift of sorts. She had gone around the neighborhood and devoured pretty much everyone just to make him some birthday fudge. Given how many people that likely was he is gonna be down there for a while. She even put a bow on her ass and wrote "Happy Birthday Gel" on it in frosting. I freaking swear demons are becoming the new cats for me.

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Posted by Kanosint 2 months ago Report

And yet as a demon cat, I'm usually in situations more like you. Funny how that turns out XD


Posted by Blacklightviruse 2 months ago Report

I love your art alot,but sometimes i just want to see genelor beat some ass after someone tried to do stuf like this to him and do it back to them.