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The Verge of History [FEA CYOA 1] By CardsBears -- Report

Hey y'all! Here it is, my first ever Choose Your Own Adventure story and it's based on Fire Emblem Awakening! This will work very similar to ZeldaNoVorsu's CYOA with Breath of the Wild. How the story goes will be based on how you guys vote! Will you be able to get Robin and Robyn through Ylisse unscathed? Or will they end up gurgling in the various characters from Awakening's guts? You decide with your votes! Of course, you won't know what's death or safe, so use your best intuition while voting! Or don't, if you wish to see these two continually gulped and churned~

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Please favorite this story if you enjoy it! If I can see the interest from my viewers in this type of story format, than I’m more than willing to continue and make more CYOA like this one for some of the other Fire Emblem games! This takes a lot more work than my other type of stories as I have to tell the story of Awakening alongside vore stuff. It's definitely a lot of work, but if I can see engagement from y'all with it, I'm more than willing to continue making stuff like this! I hope you all enjoy the CYOA!

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Posted by techtician 13 days ago Report

Welp if my stuff is anything to go off of, I know how I want this to go, or specifically, who I want to do stuff


Posted by Higaide 13 days ago Report

Didn't feel comfortable going to the bathroom together YET, huh? That seems like a nice tease of things to come, assuming Robyn lives long enough to get closer to Lissa :)