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Even though Jiro lives in the dorms at school, sometimes she makes an alarm mistake. She ended up setting her alarm an hour late so when it rang it was about ten minutes until class started. The punk rock girl swiftly in a hurry got dressed and messily brushed her short hair down and dashed out of her room to class without making her lunch or swiping her wallet to buy any. She barely arrived on time with no lunch and didn't eat breakfast. So classes went on as normal but Jiro was starting to get hungry badly even to the point her stomach hurt. She desperately wanted it to be lunch time but of course it was gym class next so she and the other girls headed inside the girls locker room. Most of the girls had already changed and left leaving only the starving Jiro and happy but slow changing Ochaco. Jiro though had been staring at Ochaco the entire time. Since Ochaco was the last one in the locker room and the slowest the change she would be in there a little longer than usual. At the moment only a pink push up bra and a pair of panties were strapped onto the thick Ochaco and Jiro couldn't get enough of it. The sweet succulent looking skin and jiggly assets made her mouth water. Jiro licked her lips and was thinking about all the times she looked at Ochaco and found her very cute. 
Jiro herself only had a purple bra and panties on and as her stomach growled hungry she held her bare flat stomach and winced in pain a little. It was so loud even Ochaco heard it and still half naked she turned and giggled to Jiro. 
 "Must be hungry's almost cruel to have gym before lunch" said Ochaco
 But Jiro didn't answer with words as Ochaco watched Jiro stand up and come at her. The sudden movement as Jiro pinned her to a locker and got up in her face. They were inches apart from each other and Ochaco blushed with Jiro being so close. It was even more surprising as the punk rock girl went to her cheek and Ochaco felt a slimy tongue run up the side of her red blushing cheek. A little moan escaped Jiro's mouth getting a taste of Ochaco's absolutely delicious flavor and had the urge to have more in fact she wanted it all. Ochaco was expecting Jiro to perhaps kiss her but the reality was a bit scarier. Ochaco's eyes widen and a scream escaped her lips for a second before the wide open maw of Jiro came down upon her silencing her scream.
Jiro swallowed in Ochaco's head feeling it bust her neck out.
 "Jiro what are you doing please stop" begged Ochaco 
 Ochaco tried squirmed and struggled terrified for her life so much that she ended up forgetting she even had a quirk so she didn't try using it on Jiro. Jiro was pleased with the taste of her friend moaning while she licked and pushed the shoulders inside, trapping more of Ochaco. Jiro's hands rubbed against the bare skin of Ochaco before landing on the pair of fat flesh melons on her chest. Ochaco blushed and yelped as her chest was being groped but she didn't like it all.
 "Stop..please" cried Ochaco
 But she didn't stop squeezing the boobs all the way until she stuffed both tits in her mouth making her cheeks balloon out. Then the hands went down with a hard slap as Jiro grabbed a hold of the fat ass of Ochaco. Ochaco yelped at the sudden slap at her ass and could feel Jiro pushing her in while she groped it. More moans from the delicious flavor came from Jiro as she forced both boobs down her throat and worked on the slim middle. 
The tongue swept across the belly button and Jiro had her lips wrapped around the waist of her friend. Jiro lifted the lower half up and pushed down on the massive squishy ass until it was making a bulge in her gullet.
Ochaco whimpered as her body was being forced into a tight ball within the punk rocker's stomach and could only hope for Jiro to let her out afterwards. But Jiro didn't show any sign of doing so as she pushed the feet down into her mouth and fully swallowed Ochaco. She traced the final bulge to her swollen gut and smiled happily, finally feeling full. Ochaco is forced into a ball inside the tight sack and immediately starts to squirm around.
Jiro belched loudly, shaking the locker doors a bit and plops herself down on one of the wooden benches. Her big full belly moved around with her friend meal pushing the walls and screaming her head off within her. The terrified Ochaco has tears streaming down her eyes mixing in with the stomach acids. 
 "Jiro please let me out...I don't want to die like this" cried Ochaco
 "But you feel so good inside me...I think I'm starting to get off to this more than I should" said Jiro
 Jiro giggled, enjoying the inside tummy massage that gave her tons of pleasure. Jiro bit her lip and pulled her panties down and was surprised to find them soaking wet. So to satisfy her other urges Jiro gets her fingers and touches her pussy. A moan escaped her mouth and she started to masturbate. The motion of her fingers made juices gush out onto the bench only to drip on the floor. Ochaco's scared face popped up on the top of the belly with her screaming for her life but Jiro just laughed at Ochaco's poor attempt at escaping.
 "Shhh Ochaco just quiet down and give in to my stomach...the only way you are coming out is as a big pile of feces" said Jiro
 Jiro moaned louder pushing Ochaco's face down and shoving her fingers deeper into her dripping cunt. Ochaco cried even more that her friend had officially abandoned her to be digested into nothing but fat and crap. But there was nothing to do but fight back and scream for help. Of course though as time went on digestion ramped up as Ochaco was burned alive with her blood curdling screams being drowned out by the loud sounds of a gurgling belly.
Jiro was only getting pleasure from the wild thrashing of Ochaco moaning and masturbating even more. 
 "You feel so good...fight more" moaned Jiro
 Ochaco did so even if she didn't want to but she did splashing stomach acids all over her burning body, only making digestion worse for herself. The walls clamped down and forced Ochaco into a tighter and tighter ball. The pain was so bad that tears and snot ran down her twisted face as she painfully begged for her parents or a classmate to save her. 
Time was running low for the bubbly girl as her skin was red and liquid-like as was falling apart. The stomach gave no mercy of Ochaco and she was terrified to even look at some of her body afraid she was going to see a limb fall off. But she tried and looked at her hand only to see it melt away showing off her skeleton hand. 
 "J-Jiro hand...I'm dying" whined Ochaco 
 She didn't realize it but it's already been a few hours. Jiro made sure to hide herself when all the girls came back and they asked about groaning noises but no one realized the truth. But now Jiro had the locker room to herself and Ochaco was on her last few minutes. Ochaco hyperventilated until her eyes rolled back and she passed out. But after that it didn't take long for the walls to collapse down on the soft girl snapping Ochaco's bones and turning the once upcoming hero into a sea of chyme sloshing around inside a flat chested punk rocker. Jiro had cum so many times to Ochaco's doom that she had even lost count. Jiro figured she might've felt bad for digesting a friend but only pleasure remained. 
Ochaco's form rounded out leaving only a big sloshing orb that jostled around a little bit to Jiro's movements.
 "I can feel you wanting to go through the rest of me...go right ahead" said Jiro
 The orb groaned and all the mush and bones that were left sunk into the guts making Jiro moan feeling as her body absorbed the nutrients and gained tons of fat. Jiro earned a large bust that was the size of Momo's and a nice round ass like Mina's. The thickened girl chuckled to herself enjoying all the fat she got with only a small belly remaining. 
Some pressure and a little fart escaped Jiro's ass as she smirked and was ready to dump the leftovers of her meal. Jiro just squatted down in the locker room and pushed. An immediate yelp of the sudden pleasure surprised Jiro. Fat soft logs of shit made their way out of her tight asshole sloppily plopping on the ground. It felt amazing as the constant stream of shit fell out of her slowly making a thick large pile of bone filled scat. 
Poor Ochaco was practically unrecognizable with the brown logs hiding the clumps of the same colored hair with only bones to show it used to be a person. A snapped spine came in a massive log which made Jiro go over the edge and she started to masturbate once again. It just felt so good to her to dump her friend's shitty remains out.
 "Yes..yes come out of me" moaned Jiro
 Jiro shit log after log out as more large bones stuck out of the growing pile. A little stoppage came but this ended up being the final bit as a big push and grunt came from Jiro but the massive amount of pleasure assaulted her body and she came as the skull dropped out of her butt and plopped on top with a few turds burying the skull down. But that was the last of her shit and now there was poop and cum in that spot making it the most foul place in the locker room. Jiro was more than satisfied with her meal as she wiped her ass with her own panties and stuffed them in the scat to make them look like Ochaco's. She grabbed her fat rear and decided Ochaco was better as fat and poop rather than a person. With that she dressed back up and left the smelly remains. 
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The Starving Punk Rocker By Coolwoman -- Report

A request made for NovemberNights
Art by Okioppai

Jiro is best girl of My Hero so here is some more vore stuff of her

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Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 1 month ago Report

good story, just one minor issue i noticed.... ehemhemm... Tsuyu best girl... Great story though! :D


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Haha Tsuyu is great but not as good aa Jiro


Posted by DeathStar66 1 month ago Report

I like Jiro

She and Mina are my favorites ^^


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Same here


Posted by NovemberNights 1 month ago Report

So damn good. Jiro <3


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Shes the best!