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Adopted Design - Dolce "Sanguinaccia" Torrona By ItsSongxing -- Report

Dolce Torrona wasn't always a star. Once upon a time, in one of Mojie's myriad outworlds, she had been in rather dire straits. Debt to her homeworld's mafia, and a desire among revolting peasants to slaughter her noble clan, were the biggest reasons she made the flight to Mojie; she was able to do little more than carry the clothes on her back.

She was granted sanctuary by the city she'd ended up in, in spite of being a vampire. Dolce sustained her need for blood by taking it as payment for sexual services. She wasn't entirely wanting for money, but rare are the ways for a vampire to get the warm blood they need.

One night, when she had been rented out as an escort, she had gotten herself quite stinking drunk at the bar, and in her blacked-out state, she had wrenched the lounge-player from his piano, and started to play her own music, sing her own song. Even when she had gotten hammered so hard it was as though Mjollnr itself had smashed her skull, the performance she had delivered was enough to impress one of the VIP guests of the evening.

The next thing Dolce knew, she was on the way to being Mojie's next big star. Her batlike ears had given her a particularly strong, natural affinity with sound, her voice itself practically hypnotic. While she would take a bit of training in some more refined techniques, it was seen as well worth it. It helped, as well, that her usual outfit and her life as a noble, in her old world, had made her just as natural of a dancer as she was a singer; a real siren, she was.

Of course, this had done wonders for her fortune, but nothing for her need for blood. She resorted to some...Less conventional techniques for that. A concert in Satorippon saw her going backstage with the Crown Prince himself, to engage in the usual sort of affair that a lusty vampire and exceedingly horny prince would get into; and, after the hurly-burly was done, Dolce struck - sinking her fangs into Kaishi's neck.

She took it slow, wanting to savor this most prime catch of all.

Slow enough for Kaishi to put his wit and tongue to work. A whisper of a better way to get her blood needs fulfilled; a promise, even - but one that required him to be alive to show her. It had worked; and thus, the prince took her to his own bounty hunting agency, short a pint of his own blood. As a reward, Dolce elected to spare him; and thus, the ego of "Sanguinaccia" was born...


On one hand, I have a bit of a problem adopting all these OCs. On the other hand, this girl was too hot to let slip. Credit for this design goes to Monray.

Special thanks goes to my friend, Karraidin, for the idea of making her a music performer (at least by day). Special thanks also goes to an Italian friend of mine, who helped me with the name; her bounty hunter nickname is derived from an Italian blood pudding dessert, while her proper name, Dolce Torrona, basically just means "sweet turron" with some liberty in applying a feminine gender to the last name.

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I would fuck that in half

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You can try! She's already got something close to demarcated halves anyway, maybe that means it'd be easier. :P

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