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Tasting toad page 1 By Puapka -- Report

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comission for  Chaotiquos

After a long day of unfruitful hunting, a tired Koassandra return to her lair.

Quite angry, and way more hungry, she ponder what she could eat tonight.

No clueless adventurer trapped, no helpless villager lost in the forest... The Dastardly Frog Witch had nothing in her jails nor her larder. A few veggies stashed away, sure, but hardly enough to make a decent meal.

"Koaaaa, How is the mistress doing ?" Serendipitously, Koassidy, her zealous slave and pet, entered the room, checking on her mistress return.

"Ho, quite hungry my dear, thankfully I just happened to find what to get for dinner"
With grace and determination, the wicked Witch approach her Toad-slave, grabbing her.

"Koaaa... Mistress ? May I share a wild guess ?"

"Sure", answered Koassandra

"I may be wrong but... Aren't you, by chance, planning to have ME for dinner ? Koaaaa ?"

"You quite the clever girl, do not worry my dear. I'm sure you will be delicious, thought I wouldn't mind taking a first taste."

Her long frog tongue circling her helpless prey, Koassandra continued to walk to her kitchen, enjoying the taste of the plump toad flesh of her former slave and soon to be meal. Koassidy couldn't help but to get some enjoyment even through this quite precarious ordeal, her love for her owner combined with the warm and moist touch of her tongue around her most tender places making her almost forget the prospect of being in her belly by dawn.

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Posted by Ento 2 months ago Report

Loving your style, looks really good, really brings out how tasty the girls look too~