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Violets Wildlife Diary: Panel 225 By Artca9 -- Report

"How long have I been in this orca? I was in that forestomach for nearly an hour.... how long will I be in here?"
Violet stews inside the nasty hot steamy smelly orca stomach. It's more spacious than the last two she was in. But a different air to it. WAs it nostalgia? enjoyment? Whatever it was, the air softened up her head, made her all warm and fuzzy....

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 months ago Report

I truly can't imagine the stench and heat and everything that she must be experiencing


Posted by lewajet 3 months ago Report

Ah good old fashion plot armor nice ????


Posted by Lum_the_mad 3 months ago Report

See? Even Violet can acknowledge how hot this is.



Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

shes gonna fall asleep lol


Posted by ImmortalPrey 3 months ago Report

Yes! She's finally realising that she's into this shit~


Posted by OblivionFlame 3 months ago Report

That anus though...

thats a nice anus


Posted by Boltbond 3 months ago Report

I wonder if it'll be a full tour again.

I hope so, because I also want to see the orca's reaction of her first time having a prey doing a full tour inside her body.

Also I wonder if besides her feeling sad of being turned into a "man eater", she's also feeling horny due to her accidental meal still being alive and all wiggling inside of her. :33


Posted by DudeBoi54 3 months ago Report

Hope she makes it out in time⁓


Posted by DudeBoi54 3 months ago Report

I just thought of a funny ending were her DOG is the one to digest her... Also, great story so far.


Posted by Kasra 3 months ago Report

An absolutely gorgeous page if ever there was one.


Posted by Skeiron 3 months ago Report

The stomach is comfy?

A surprise, to be sure. But a welcome one