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Liara's Story By Evilpancake -- Report

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***edit - I just wanna clarify the vote is on patreon, not here, so you can list your preference if you want but it won't count hehe***

Ok so here is a text copy/paste from my patreon about this!

Ok, so i'm gonna shake things up a little bit here, i was going to keep doing more posters as usual, but the feedback overall on the Liara idea has been very positive (when there is usually not a lot of feedback at all! haha) so i'm going to make a leap (a Quantum Leap!) and go with Liara for this animation round.


I still want to use the vote system, so what i want to put up for vote, is the theme/characters of the animation story i want to tell ;)

There will be 4 choices, vote which you want to see with our big sexy blue alien!

Essentially they will be as follows.

1. Liara and Shepard (just 2 characters, focus on interaction between the two) and Shepard is Happy about the whole situation

2. Liara and Shepard, Shepard is unhappy about the situation

3. Liara and the Whole Crew (may deviate some, so not entirely CV, as Liara has a fantastic butt that needs attention as well ;) and the Crew is overall happy about the situation

4. Liara and Crew, Crew is unhappy about this development...

Also since this will be a Mass Effect animation, i'm going to put Diana on hold for a bit so as not to overload yall with Mass Effect stuff and come up with a new short to release this month in its place!

So its... well, Friday in the early AM here atm, so i'll say i'll run the poll until Sunday Night midnight and over the weekend come up with a short idea.


So ya, a lot of folks here might remember me teasing something like this a long time ago, but the models were bleh, and the cock models were even more BLEH, so this kinda thing was super hard, (pun intended) but now with my regular patreon animations, i'm going to go ahead and do this one.

Patreon Devious Danishes ($5 and up) will vote on the 4 choices i presented to see how they want this story to turn out!

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Posted by Dogedude 2 months ago Report

Liara's butt definitely needs some attention you're right.


Posted by Evilpancake 2 months ago Report

I know right!?


Posted by Dogedude 2 months ago Report

Ya, but I must ask is av included in number 4 because that would be great.


Posted by Jujujuh 2 months ago Report

Love 4


Posted by mx96 2 months ago Report

I would like to see number 2.


Posted by nysmnyd 2 months ago Report



Posted by MNUO 2 months ago Report



Posted by Jperigo95 2 months ago Report

Would definitely like to see the second, especially if it involves some absorption~


Posted by Frednurk 2 months ago Report

My god, you finally came back to the Liara cock vore!

I know I can't vote, but 4 4 4 4 4 4


Posted by Evilpancake 2 months ago Report

hehe, ya i figured it was time, and so far 4 is winning, though 1 is close behind...which is a bit weird


Posted by Frednurk 2 months ago Report

I guess 1s romanced Liara and 4s romanced someone else ;)


Posted by omega0031 2 months ago Report

I would vote for 1