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Hungry Hungry Hellbird By DimentedChaos -- Report

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Due to being preoccupied with investigating a recent mystery going on in Gensokyo, Satori sent Okuu up to the surface to get some food for them... seems the ditzy hell raven might've misinterpreted her orders, though, having snatched up a few of its denizens to refuel her 'nuclear reactor' instead of getting some groceries. She hardly even remembers who she sent down her hungry gullet in her gluttonous eating spree, forgetting their names and faces just as quickly as she gulped them down.

After returning home and greeting her bewildered master with a huge, sloshy stomach and an explosive belch that shakes the palace's very foundations, Satori just sighs, silently praying that those inside Okuu's burbling depths are still solid enough to read their minds so she can figure out who her birdbrained pet ate this time.

Needless to say, she's probably not going to be sending Okuu out on any more errands for a while.


It's been quite a while since I last flexed my coloring muscles, so here's a coloring of a sketch commission I got from the wonderful  Scyn of my favoritest bird in the whole wide world, flying through the air with a big ol' tummy full of prey. Gotta say, they did a fantastic job with this! Good hungry nukebird.......

A-Anyway, let me know what you think. I'm not exactly an artist, so the shading's probably off in places, but I gave it a shot.

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Posted by fleshlord 3 months ago Report

more like utsuho ROUND-uji haha


Posted by DimentedChaos 3 months ago Report

ah gottem ggs
skill issue


Posted by fleshlord 3 months ago Report

fat fuck nukeborb gets owned on fortnite


Posted by SomeGuyHere 3 months ago Report

You did really well on coloring it, looks great!

Big birb best birb


Posted by GreenJester 3 months ago Report

Such an underrated pred, holy crap this looks amazing


Posted by DimentedChaos 3 months ago Report

Thankya kindly! There's not a lot of Utsuho content, is there? Guess I'll have to fix that.


Posted by colemercer 3 months ago Report

Amazing color8ng, our favorite bird girl deswrve a good meals~


Posted by unit72 3 months ago Report

she is not wearing the concrete boot here