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Jealous in every size By Wanderingspirit1333 -- Report

Done for a trade with

also, I originally wrote a feet first version but he wanted something else so I changed it. Here's the original version as a bonus:

“You little brat!” Elizabeth moved forward to grab the girl, but she pulled her legs out from under her, making her fall to the ground and bang her head. She put her hands around the back of her hurting head. Then, she felt a strange wetness on her feet. She looked back and saw that Kasey had put both of her feet in her mouth. “What are you doing?!” She could feel the girl’s rough tongue licking up and down the soles of her feet. “Get off of me!” The girl continued, swallowing more of her legs. “Help! Hannah! Help me!” Kasey started to giggle.
“That won’t work!” Kasey said, her voice barely intelligible due to her full mouth. “I put some sleeping pills in your daughter’s apple juice. She won’t move an inch till morning!” Elizabeth screamed as she started to panic.
“HELP ME! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!” She could feel her feet enter the top of Kasey’s esophagus as she became knee deep in the girl. Looking around, she grabbed onto the leg of her dresser. Kasey continued, gulping down Elizabeth’s thighs and reaching her hips. Her legs were now curling up inside her stomach. Elizabeth could feel the rouge tongue caressing her butt, swirling around and touching every inch. “S-Stop it!” Elizabeth shouted, her face now bright red. Kasey then jerked her head back, making Elizabeth lose her grip on the dresser. Kasey then lifted her head up and let gravity help her finish her meal. Elizabeth was powerless as her waist and stomach were gulped down. Then, Kasey grabbed one of Elizabeth’s boobs and squeezed them.
“Look at these things.” Kasey said. “Look at these freakin things.” She then slapped Elizabeth in the face with her own boob.
“Hey!” She grabbed the other one and did the same thing. Elizabeth was now getting beaten in the face with her own breasts, Kasey giggling the entire time. She finally stopped after several minutes. Elizabeth now had a bloody nose. Kasey’s mouth expanded even bigger and she forced the giant boobs into her mouth. Two large bulges appeared through the skin of her throat as she swallowed down the neck and shoulders. Now, only her head remained. “Please, let me go!” Her pleading fell on death ears as the lips continued to crawl up her head. “NOOOOOOO- '' Elizabeth was cut off as Kasey’s teeth shut an inch above her face, plunging her in darkness. Kasey’s rouge wet tongue rubbed against Elizabeth’s face, seemingly getting all the flavour out of her that it can. She felt Kasey lift her head back and with one final gulp she was sent down her throat, sealing her fate. She traveled down the long slimy tunnel before landing in the stomach. It was boiling hot, smelled like vomit and was partly filled with liquid. Elizabeth kicked the side of the stomach as hard as she could. “LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!” Kasey burped, making everything around her shake. Then, she felt a hand hit the side of her head through the skin.
“Don’t you get it yet? You’ll never escape me. My stomach is your tomb.” Her voice was loud and seemed to come from all around her. Elizabeth then noticed a tingling sensation on her lower body. She looked down and saw that her panties had partly disintegrated and her skin was turning red.
”AHHHHHHHHH!” On the outside, Kasey’s belly was massive. It was about three feet tall and almost four feet long. She grabbed the side of the bed to help stand herself up. She then slowly waddled out of the bedroom and walked down the hall. She walked down the stairs, her belly hitting every step and making Elizabeth shout out in pain every time. She then came into the kitchen and pulled up a stool to get onto the counter. She tried to squeeze herself through the window but her belly became stuck. On the inside, Elizabeth was forced into a ball and pushed into the acid, burning her face. After several minutes of pushing, Kasey finally squeezed through the window and fell onto the lawn chair. She then got onto her bike, propping up her belly on the handle bars. Using a remote she stole from the house, she opened the metal gate and disappeared into the night.

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Posted by Ilv18 1 year ago Report

Oh poor Hannah, i hope in the future she gets her revenge.


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 1 year ago Report

Perhaps if the requester is interested


Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 year ago Report

Oof... im not one into bullying this bad but it was a good story and vore. ^^;


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 1 year ago Report

Thank you