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How to Make a Straight Girl Gay By Vesari -- Report

A girl bets her best friend that she can turn his girlfriend into a lesbian.


Apologies for getting this one out so late. I had some problems this weekend, which took longer than expected to sort out. I expect both of my fans will be happy to finally get this story.

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Posted by Gorgrath177 2 months ago Report

Holly truly lives by the “So’s a noodle until it’s wet” style of seduction


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

bruh i don't think their relationship is gonna last lol . anyone who kills their best friend just because she thought their gf was hot . is definitely a cheater


Posted by abccba0671 2 months ago Report

Feels bad for Thadd, and Lucy seems very easily influenced by others.


Posted by Jnfly 1 month ago Report

a lovely read thank you for the story


Posted by Ready4Sex 1 month ago Report

I liked it, but its a little erratic. The way it goes from beating his bet to killing him is way too sudden and disjointed, theres just no reason for it to happen. If they didnt like each other or we saw some animosity in the beginning or after he lost the bet, like he tried to get violent or something, it would make more sense. I mean shes been his friend for years but by the way she talks at the end, she hates guys? so why be his friend for years? She doesnt want a girlfriend with an ex alive but before that said Lucy wasnt Thadd's first girlfriend she turned gay, what?
So while I like it, it does have its flaws and should either have a different premise or be longer as to explain some points.