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A pokemon trainer's first adventure! By ryanshowseason3 -- Report

Channele is a young black pokemon trainer, she's ready to embark upon the biggest adventure of her life on Route one from Pallet town! With a really strong pokemon at her side and a determined optimistic attitude she's sure that other trainers will be beaten easily. Channele is certain she'll be able to snack on more than a few smexy trainers on her way to the elite four and beyond!

What could possibly stop her?

This story contains a lot of raceplay in the form of a very prejudiced character. Obviously as a black man myself the views of this character don't mirror my own! They also don't represent the RL views of the commissioner! I'm comfortable writing raceplay but I'm certain many of you out there aren't comfortable reading it!

I'm putting warnings here, in tags, on the manip post and in the start of the story.

So therefore I'll allow no arguments or criticism over the topic of raceplay in the comments. I almost never delete comments but I will for this so just don't. Please remember this is fantasy. Raceplay is just another degradation kink some folk have, yes it is bizarre and made of reprehensible content but enjoying the slaughter of people through torturous digestion is about the same speed too morally eh?

A commission by  33defence

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Posted by Kfhunterguy 2 months ago Report

Me: Oh Ryan made a pokemon story, nice.
*checks tags*


Posted by ryanshowseason3 2 months ago Report

Honestly it's a healthy reaction I don't blame anyone for having.


Posted by Kfhunterguy 2 months ago Report

nah I liked it. keep up the great work


Posted by Simplespectator 2 months ago Report

Yeah, I couldn’t personally read this all the way through. Just…. Not my type of mean. Good on you for being able to write it though. It is impressive.


Posted by somedude601 2 months ago Report

I... honestly couldn't finish. If it had been the racist girl who ended up getting eaten, I could have endured it, but seeing it end like that just... it was very uncomfortable.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 2 months ago Report

DEFINITELY not for everyone. Probably a good thing you're uncomfortable with it. That's a good sign!


Posted by 33defence 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the story! It was wonderful~ Can't wait for more!


Posted by Slimshod 2 months ago Report

Gawddamn that was brutal and messed up as hell. But that was some savagely good kink too. I'd been mulling over a similarly themed story ever since you put out your "Darkening" story and this scratched that itch.

I think this was just the right amount of raceplay b/c the white girl wanted a legit fight (albeit for terrible reasons) so it didn't make her a complete piece of garbage. Well-done.


Posted by Tunknownusert 2 months ago Report

While the race bit is maybe not my cup of tea, i did love the savagery of the pred.


Posted by asdfnow4never 2 months ago Report

Great story! I admit though, I was kinda hoping Channele would submit and end up in a ball and used as a butt plug.


Posted by BardicLasher 2 months ago Report

Imani isn't a tree at all!

Great story, though. A+. Super fun. Pokemon battles for vore is one of my favorite premises, and the writing here was top notch.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 2 months ago Report

Ebony just felt way too in the nose. But you're totally right.

Went with Imani for the biblical meanings of "trustworthy" and being entirely counter to that.


Posted by deaddonkey 2 months ago Report

Well Ryan, let it never be said that you aren't a unique and imaginative artist and writer.