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Double Dating Delinquents
By : Fallenfox
For the past few days Justin had been so horny he could barely contain himself. Although he knew there were far more useful things he could be doing, the athletic blonde teenager often put off tasks in favor of masturbating - but this was becoming increasingly dull, and even the most hardcore and titillating porn he could find seemed rather boring. What WAS turning him on lately though was the thought of having sex with some of the girls in his class. Brittany in particular had a stunning figure, with long legs and a great ass, and he frequently found himself stealing glances at her sidelong, or when her back was turned. He didn't want to take her back to his place, or anything conventional like that - he wanted to bang her right there on the desk, bend her over and pull her tight pants down around her ankles, eat her out from behind, mount her doggystyle on a table, crouch on the hard tile floor and hump like wild animals... he was semi-hard just thinking about it - but the risk of getting caught had been too great to try something like this, and there just wasn't any opportunity. Another thing he was thinking of trying was maybe coaxing her off to help him with gathering edible plants during one of those biology nature walks that Mrs. Johnson managed to always make tedious and uninteresting, but he knew that they would be missed very quickly and probably found and sent to detention - and he wasn't sure how many more times he could survive that.
Justin had been at the Conservation School of Humberg for more than two years now, being transferred there in junior high when their supply of upper classmen began to dwindle. He was one of the priveleged ones; living at the school in the new dorms for the older students and working with faculty as they built the new sections and the huge rainforest habitat was assembled. Of course he wasn't part of the construction crew, but he and the teachers had been recently working to put in the live plants as the incredible simulated rainforest took shape. Justin was amazed at how much work had gone into its design - there were running streams and creeks, and small waterfalls cascading over the slick, rocky streambeds, feeding into massive ponds that were practically artificial lakes, complete with cattails and huge lily pads. Supposedly sprinklers high above on the ceiling would even make it rain! This was going to be a fully-self-sustaining environment that would house many dozens of adult Ranae Hominimanducare - the giant frogs that had been taken on as a biological research project by the subsidized Amphibian Conservation Society. Well, fully self-sustaining except for one thing - the students at the conservation schools were the frog's primary food source, and enrollment at Humberg was being pushed frantically to increase their number in anticipation of the massive caloric demand the new population of frogs would have. They had even gone so far as to provide cash incentives to the parents of newly enrolled students, and hundreds and hundreds of fresh new faces had been showing up in the past month alone. Through his conversations with the faculty and what he overheard during their meetings, they would need all the new students they could get - the amount of new frogs coming into adulthood this year at their school alone was more than fifty!
Justin only had two classes early on in the day; all his time in the afternoon was set aside for helping with odd jobs and collecting small plants to be put into the habitat. However, there was a lot to be done and it was being managed rather haphazardly, so he knew he could dodge work for hours if he played his cards right. He tried to look official as he headed down the halls past the cafeteria, as the bell for the first recess rang. He saw one of his friends, Simon, heading out of the west wing building, and quickly walked over to catch up to him.
"Hey man! You look a little pale, what's up?"
"Oh, hey Justin. Yeah, Esmerelda ate another one."
"Another girl? Who was it?" Justin was suddenly worried - Brittany was in Simon's class.
"Jennifer. It was - kind of messy."
"Aw, man. Sorry to hear that," Justin said, trying to hide the relief he was feeling that his crush wasn't digesting in a frog's stomach. "Did you like her?"
"I mean... kind of. She was cute, at least."
Justin suddenly had an idea; he knew the kind of girl that Simon liked. "Not as cute as those japanese foreign exchange girls! Isn't there like four of them?"
"Five of them. Yeah, I've seen them a few times."
"I could introduce you."
Simon blinked. "Are you serious?"
"Yeah, it's just the thing to get your mind off of Jenn being gone! Plenty of fish in the sea, right?"
"I guess so. What did you have in mind?"
"So, I have to do quite a bit of planting work today, and I'm sometimes allowed to recruit other students to help." In truth he had done this only ONCE before, and only one student with special permission. "I could get one of the new girls and you, and maybe Brittany to come and help me after school today."
"Dude, I don't wanna do any of that boring-ass botany stuff."
Justin laughed. "Me neither, man! And we won't. Just think of it as a 'double date'".
"Like... IN the new habitat? Won't we get in trouble if we get caught?"
"Naw, I'll just say you're with me if anyone sees us! And before you ask, NO, there are NO frogs in the habitat yet! And there won't be for at least a few weeks! At least not until they get the last of the plants in and the rain system working."
"You wanna do this today?"
"If I can swing it, yeah. Oh SHIT, here comes Bill." The groundskeeper was pacing through the crowd, looking a bit annoyed. Justin was hoping he could avoid work for a bit longer, but it was too late - Bill spotted him and turned on his heel. "Meet me over by the building closest to the soccer fields after school." Justin pulled away, then turned back suddenly. "Oh... which japanese girl do you want?"
"I - I don't even know their names!" Simon said, a bit stunned.
"I'll pick you the cutest one!" Justin said, feeling mischievious and horny already. He made as if to leave, but the groudskeeper stopped him short.
"There you are, Justin! Dodging work again, I see?"
"No, Mr. Winters, I was just on my way to horticulture now." Justin hoped he was convincing.
"Good! We have a lot of flora to put in if we're going to make the deadline ACS has set. Go straight there, and no dawdling! And get the big wheelbarrow."
"Will do!" Justin headed in that direction, but he had no intention of starting work just yet. He wanted to catch the exchange students before the recess ended.
The foreign exchange program had started only a few months back; Asia had been quick to realize the potential of the human-eating frogs for their own pharmaceutical and health research and had created a program of their own which was at least as far along as the North American ACS project. Habitats already existed in both China and Japan, and the Japanese in particular had jumped into the project with both feet! Their habitat was an outdoor construction, and the frogs had taken to it well, although they did not have anywhere close to the number of healthy adults that the ACS did. The five girls had been instructed to report back about new habitat, but had not gotten the chance to see the interior yet. Unbeknownst to Justin, he was about to give them just the chance they had been hoping for.
They were sitting outside the gym building on one of the outdoor benches, in a tight group discussing something amongst themselves when Justin found them. He summoned up his courage and approached.
"Ohayo gozaimas!" He said a bit awkwardly. They looked up in surprise. It was the only japanese he knew, but it was an icebreaker. They giggled a little at the sight of the handsome blonde teen, and one said "hello." "How are you all doing today?" "Fine, thank you, howa yu?" came the response. "Ah, your english is very good," said Justin, smiling broadly. "I am looking for someone to help me out after school," he said, speaking slowly. "I am planting inside the habitat." He gestured toward the large domed structure, and the girls suddenly looked at one another in surprise. "What are your names?" He asked. The girls stood up and the first one gestured to herself shyly. "Kagami," she said, almost curtsying. Wow, this was going to be tough, thought Justin. They were all super cute! One by one they introduced themselves. Chouko was a delicate, slender teen with hair past her shoulders. Shiori was a gorgeous, tall teen with long legs, and her hair tied in a tight bun. Haia looked almost identical to Chouko, but the sexy Natsuko was going to be the pick - she had ravishing facial features and budding, perky breasts, looked like a teen model and was just slightly shorter than Shiori - though it was a tough decision as Kagami was also incredibly hot. "Nice to meet you all!" said Justin theatrically. "Natsuko, will you come with me and plant some plants after school today?" "Yes, I'd love-uh to!" she said, surprising Justin with her decent english, despite a slight accent. "Awesome. Meet me over by the building near the soccer fields at 4pm. It's a DATE." He winked as the girls tittered again with laughter, and headed off in the direction of the west wing building again. "One down, one to go," he thought.
The short break was almost over when he finally found the object of his affection. Brittany was looking at something on her smartphone near the cafeteria area. Justin gulped nervously. He decided to play it cool, composed himself, and sauntered up.
"Hey, Britt. How's your day?"
The blonde girl looked up at him with an annoyed glare.
"Oh, totally great. I just watched Jennifer get scarfed by a ravenous frog, and then had to mop a puddle of her pee up off the floor. How about you." She sighed unhappily, looking back at her phone. Justin gritted his teeth. This was not going too well. "I guess we should just be happy our class isn't feeding Houston anymore - there wouldn't BE a class."
"Hey, listen, if you're not doing anything after school today, I'm going to be doing some planting in the habitat, and I was told to bring someone along to help - could you spare some time?" It was a white lie, and totally believable.
Brittany sighed again. "Fine, maybe a short walk in the rainforest might cheer me up, even if it is synthetic - and half finished."
"Great! I'll see you at just after 4 near the north habitat gate. Oh, you might see Simon there too."
Brittany looked up, eyebrows raised. "Simon?"
"Yeah, I recruited him to help too. What's the matter?"
"OK, I'll see you then!" Justin walked off happily towards the horticulture building with a spring in his step.
The amount of plants that had to be put into the habitat was incredible; it looked like a baby rainforest in the arboretum side of the building, and Justin hauled a full wheelbarrow of heavy water plants in their individual bags right past the groundskeeper just as he came into the building. "Perfect timing" he thought, as Bill gave him a little nod. "Hurry up, J. Most of the gardening for the day has already been completed! Just be sure to lock up after you're done." Justin smiled to himself. Once again, perfect. They'd have some privacy. His scrotum tingled at the thought.
The planting went quickly, and when 4 o'clock came around Justin made his way out of the bio-dome and closed the door carefully behind him. He found both Simon and Natsuko at the soccer field's corner, talking pleasantly like old friends. He ushered them to the double doors and opened both of them dramatically.
"Welcome to the Humberg Northern Rainforest Frog Habitat!" He said, spreading his arms wide. Natsuko gasped. The area was huge, bigger than the Astrodome, with a very realistic-looking combination rainforest and pond theme, broken only by the cold-looking metal walls which sloped upwards at the horizons to a synthetic canopy of leaves built on a lattice of piping and scaffolding, which also held the rain system.
"This... is... amazing. WOOOW..." said Natsuko cutely.
Yeah, it's been under construction for several years. They're going to put the first frogs into it at the end of this month! That is, as long as we can keep up with our "foliation"."
"Can I take-uh some pictures?" Natsuko seemed very excited.
"Sure, but don't let anyone know I let you do that - the interior of this habitat is supposed to be a secret!" Justin pulled out his own cell phone, but mainly to text Brittany. "WE ARE INSIDE, WHERE ARE U?" he texted. In a few seconds, the reply came back "MEET U AT THE FRONT". Justin sighed. Brittany was hot, but she could be a pain in the butt. "Simon, I'm going back to the entrance for a bit. Feel free to walk around with Natsuko but don't get lost!" He winked at them, and jogged off briskly.
Brittany was outside when he opened the double doors, still on her smartphone. Justin motioned for her to come in, leaning out the doors and looking around a but nervously in spite of himself. Brittany hurried in, shaking her head at him.
"What are you worried about? Don't you have permission to go anywhere, anytime?"
"Heck, no, I don't. No one is supposed to be in here after hours, and I've used up the last of my goodwill with the faculty."
"Wow, this place is sure coming along." They walked together back to the little artificial spring that was bubbling away, only to find Simon there alone.
"Where's Natsuko?" Justin stood on his tiptoes, scanning for the japanese girl.
"She said she wanted to get some shots over by the pond area. Then when I looked, she was gone." Simon shrugged helplessly.
"Hi Simon."
"H-hi Brittany. I didn't know you were coming on this little hike." Simon suddenly had butterflies in his stomach.
"I guess that is what it is, since green thumb here already finished his planting."
Justin frowned. "We have to find our exchange student. Let's split up and search - "
"I'll go with Simon." Brittany said suddenly.
"Shouldn't we... ok, fine, you two go that way, I'll search along the stream. Don't yell, though! We aren't supposed to be in here this late."
Justin headed off down the small stream. It was narrow and shallow enough that he could cross it easily, but not without getting wet and he was in no hurry for that to happen. This double date wasn't going very well at all! "OK, what did Natsuko say," thought Justin... "pictures of the pond area. Not much to see there, though. I'll bet she's near the forest section."
The forested area of the habitat already had a fair number of trees in it, and was thickening fast as the underbrush grew in the simulated sunlight. Some of it was designed to be quite damp and muddy, but other areas had very soft turfy green forest floor, creating some very enclosed bower-like nooks - and in one of these, he found Natsuko, stll clicking away pics on her smartphone.
"There you are!" Natsuko jumped, surprised.
"Aaaah! Oh," she laughed. "Gomenosai... I thought you were... frog."
"Haha, no, they won't be here for a while yet. Come on, let's go back and find Simon and Brittany."
"Ok." The two made their way back up the winding path of the stream, heading toward the entrance. Justin looked up surprised when Natsuko took his hand as they made their way back toward the last place that he had seen his friends.
"Damned kids. How many of them are in here?" grunted the camera operator. "This place was supposed to be empty for the test!"
"Yeah, I was really only expecting Justin, but it looks like he brought a whole smorgasbord in tonight. Well, serves them right. Shit. That turf is NOT ready to be walked on yet!" Bill the groundskeeper stepped into the control room and sat down next to the cameraman, who was tinkering with a joystick that was moving an image on a flatscreen monitor in front of the two men.
"Looks like... one... two..." the image zoomed out from a shot of Simon and Brittany, and recentered itself on Justin and Natsuko. "Three... four. At least the gimbal mount seems to be stable and functional. Look, I can zoom right in on... oh. Oh boy. Hot damn. HAHAHAHAHA!!!" The cameraman slapped his knee. "Check that out! This has to be the worst place..." the cameraman guffawed "the WORST goddamn place to have a makeout session in the whole goddamn western world!" He zoomed the camera closer, just in time to get a beautiful high-def shot of Brittany straddling a very nervous-looking Simon, and pulling her shirt over her head.
"Oh, you're kidding me. THAT'S why they sneaked in here?" Bill facepalmed with both hands. "Well, activate the south camera banks and proceed."
"You're going to go ahead with this? I mean, that's fine, it'll make for some great content, but those kids are getting hot and heavy." Brittany was taking off her bra, revealing a set of gorgeous, perky tits. Simon, nervous no longer, was all over them.
"Yep. It's just mammals being mammals; they're young, it's only natural. Get it all; I want everything on record.
"Which ones are set to be in there tonight?"
"Four adults - Jimmy, Kermie, Matilda, and Houston."
"Ha! Yeah, I knew the big guy was going in, bein' our star performer and all. The real question is will he leave any for the rest of 'em!"
Justin and Natsuko were making quiet conversation when they rounded a patch of underbrush and came upon Simon and Brittany; both teens froze and gave them the deer-in-headlights look. Natsuko gasped and stared. Brittany had her shirt and bra completely off, and was topless sitting in Simon's lap. Simon's shirt was unbuttoned, his hair was mussed, and his face was flushed.
Justin was a bit taken aback and crestfallen, seeing his friend getting to second base with his crush, but it only lasted for a few seconds.
"Well, don't stop on our account! We'll give you some privacy; have fun now you two!" "Dammit," he thought. "Why did I have to invite Simon, the ONE dude that Brittany seems to like for whatever reason! I have a way better body, my cock is bi----"
Justin was pulled out of his inner monologue by Natsuko kissing him full on the mouth. For the first time that day, he was speechless.
"wwwwha..." he managed, when she let him breathe again.
"Come on, sexy!" she said, pulling him by one hand back down the path.
"O-ok..." he said. This wasn't the way he had thought the evening was going to go, but she WAS hot. He smiled and let her lead him like livestock back down the way they had came. Soon they were jogging together, causing some Justin some minor discomfort as his cock was hardening quickly in his pants. When they reached her "bower" in the forested section she pulled him down and they both knelt in the soft grass and kissed.
"So romantic..." Natsuko sighed. Justin raised his eyebrows and shook his head, while returning her kisses.
The camera operator flipped several switches on his control board, and readjusted one of the cameras. Multiple feeds were being recorded now, and Bill was watching Simon and Brittany on one screen, and Justin and Natsuko on the other.
"Wow, they're really startin' to go at it!" exclaimed the cameraman. "Didn't think I was going to be makin' a porno out here!"
"Can I try the gimbal?" Bill took the joystick, and zoomed it in on Simon and Brittany, who were grinding on each other now, with her hand down his pants. Finally she unbuttoned them, and Bill caught his breath, getting slightly aroused in spite of himself as Brittany pulled Simon's pants and underwear off in one quick motion, exposing his rock-hard cock, and promptly put her mouth on it.
"Did you open the gate valves?" Bill asked. "I want to record when they enter the enclosure."
"Yep, all open. But they're goin' straight into the water, so it'll be tough to see 'em when they enter."
Bill looked back at his video feed from the control panel, only to see that Simon and Brittany had moved.
"Wait - where the hell did they go?" Bill backed the zoom off, trying to find the teens - and in a moment, spotted them. They were moving closer to the stream, stopping near one of the waterfalls and continuing to take off their clothes. Bill shook his head in wonder - it was almost like they were setting themselves up. Sure enough, Brittany stripped completely nude - and jumped into the stream. Simon was right behind her, the boy's erection slapping his thighs and belly lewdly as he chased the female into the water, and as the two young mammals prepared to mate, the amphibians entered the habitat.
Jimmy and Kermie were 6 and 7 year old males, and fully grown - both big frogs in their own right, but they were nothing compared to Houston - the biggest Ranae Hominimanducare on record. In fact, when the huge male got very hungry the handlers had to watch him very carefully as he would try and cannibalize other adult frogs! Bill was sure they had heard or FELT the splash as Houston jumped into the pond section of the habitat, but the teens were either too distracted or too close to a noise-dampening waterfall to notice, and they all continued their foreplay as the 3 male frogs - and presently, one female frog - made their way into the habitat for the first time.
"There!" said the camera operator. "There's the big guy." It was hard to miss Houston; the frog's size was now getting close to a small family SUV.
"He's not going the right direction." Bill watched, a bit disappointed, as the massive frog made his way across the pond, moving past and away from the waterfall and the stream that the two eager teenagers were at play in. But suddenly, a sound paused the frog in mid breaststroke - a sound louder than the white noise of the waterfall, the plaintive, lustful cry of a hot, horny mammal, and the frog stood stock-still and listened. Bill recentered his camera angle just in time to see the teenagers on all fours getting into position in the shallow water. Then as Simon mounted Brittany from behind, they cried out ("Aaah!") in unison. The boy slid into her and the pair began to mate. The giant frog heard them this time - that sound was the unmistakeable sound of prey - and turned in the water, heading straight for the waterfall as the humping teens continued their loud sex.
"You want a second camera angle on those two?" asked the operator, smirking at Bill who now had a slight bulge in his pants.
"Yeah, let's see what you can do with those things." The cameraman flipped another switch on his control board, and the screen showing Simon and Brittany split in two. In a moment, the view on the lower half of the screen was a zoomed in shot of the couple from behind, and the operator zoomed to a high magnification until Simon's fast-moving bottom filled the whole frame, energetically flexing as the hard-humping boy drove his penis into his new lover from behind. The picture was so clear, Bill could see the Simon's scrotum rhythmically slapping Brittany's pink pussy.
"Look at that boy go! Giddyup, giddyup, GIDDY-UP-UP-UP!" laughed the cameraman, butchering the first bar of the william tell overture and slapping his pants leg in cadence.
"He'd better hurry and finish. Those two are about to have company."
Yeah, let's get a shot on Hou there. He's makin' a BEE-LINE for 'em now."
Simon couldn't believe this was happening. He had always thought Brittany was sexy - one of the hottest girls in school, in fact - but never thought she had a thing for him - and here he was pounding her from behind in an amazing rainforest setting - synthetic though it was, it felt like the outdoors, and he felt like a wild animal humping his mate in a woodland stream. It felt so good to not hold back, to not even try to be quiet, to RUTT the hot female and shout his passion now that they were alone, and he did just that - slamming his pelvis into her with reckless abandon, not even trying for rythmic thrusts any more, just in and out as fast as he could, yelling his passion with every breath exhaled. He leaned down and hugged Brittany's back, putting his weight on her and increasing his tempo even more - their sex sounding like fast clapping hands. Right in the middle of this, just as the couple began to squeal and copulate frantically at the precipice of orgasm, Houston ate them.
It happened so fast, Bill wasn't even sure that Brittany's scream wasn't just another cry of passion. The massive frog had come up behind them deceptively quietly, entered the shallows quickly, and then with a quick hop and a flash of his massive tongue, slapped it between both of their legs from behind, then retracted it like lightning - lifting the still-mating couple bodily into his mouth and closing it over them. For a few seconds, Brittany's upper torso and arms were visible flailing in the massive frog's jaws - She managed an aghast "Aah?" before Houston flexed powerfully and gulped, and she was gone.
"Gone in two bites! WOW! I thought he'd have more trouble with them, carryin' on like they were," said the cameraman, shaking his head. Bill wiped a bead of sweat from his brow.
"H-he ate them alive. I mean alive and FUCKING! You'll pardon me, I've never seen a human-eating frog eat a pair of teenagers while they FUCK before."
"Yeah, that was pretty wild. You wanna see a replay?" Bills eyebrows shot up.
The cameraman twisted a small knob, and the video feed, now showing Houston shifting his position and bouncing a bit as he worked to get the wriggling meal into his stomach, suddenly reversed. Bill watched the crop struggles of the prey happen backwards, and then the couple popped out of his mouth and returned to their doggystyle position, back to furiously copulating. Then the cameraman released the knob, and Bill was treated to a high-resolution, slow motion replay of the couple's raw sex, and only in this slow motion did Bill realize how hard and fast the pair were breeding. The boy's butt was a blur even at this speed, and every time a thrust hit, a rippling wave went through Brittany's tight teenage ass cheeks. Then Houston came flying in, stage right, and it appeared that the couple did not even notice him until the tongue hit them. Even as the massive frog pulled them into his mouth, Bill saw more pelvic thrusts - and even when Simon was in the crop of the frog, he humped a few more times until he was pushed down by Brittany's full weight on top of him as the couple were eaten.
"Aw, you're missing the live-action swallow!" Bill looked away from the replaying screen - the second camera angle showed Houston's full crop quite clearly, as well as some very energetic struggles happening inside. Then with a final upward lunge and a firm GULP, the crop emptied and the frog's stomach was filled up with hot, living meat. Houston stood still, exuding pride and satisfaction as the couple continued to struggle inside him, and he rewarded his prey by giving them a long, cool gulp of air.
"Well, that was an... impressive feeding. How are the other two doin'?"
Bill jumped - he had almost forgotten about Justin! "Let's find out - are they still in the forested area?"
The cameras panned again, back to the forested section and the shady partially finished canopy. Bill soon spotted movement - a bobbing head - but the camera didn't allow him to see anything further.
"I see them, but I can't get an angle. Is there another camera that might be able to get a shot of the forest?"
"We'll try the far wall. At some point we'll have small cameras in most of the trees, but that's a later project." The picture changed again, and Bill watched as the view zoomed in from hundreds of feet way into the shady forest, where he saw the other two teen students. The asian girl had Justin leaning up against a log with his pants around his ankles, and she was gently sucking his erect cock.
"Lots of fun goin' on tonight!" quipped the cameraman, zooming in further until the only thing visible in the frame was Justin's impressively long member and the japanese girl's head bobbing up and down on it.
"They're being really quiet. I think if they packed it up and left now, they'd be safe." Bill spun his original gimbal mounted camera around to check on the frogs. Houston had already fed, and looked to be entering the large pond again to swim and relax as his meal settled. Jimmy and Kermit were still out there however, and were hungry - Bill knew it had been at least a week since Kermit had swallowed a student. He spotted one of them - it was difficult to tell which one, as they were pretty similar looking - hopping out of the water near the place by the waterfall that Simon and Brittany had been enjoying themselves in. Perhaps he could detect residual pheremones in the air.
Just then, there was a high-pitched feminine yelp.
"Ha! Looks like they're going for it!" said the cameraman with a smirk.
Bill checked the feed again and smiled. Finally, that smug little punk was going to get his.
"God, yes, Natsuko..." whispered Justin. The girl had teased his cock until it was almost painfully hard, then swallowed as much of it as she could get down, all with a seductive smile on her face.
"Yum, so big!" she said, circling his glans with her tongue before popping it in and out of her mouth rapidly. What a tease! Justin had never had a blowjob this skillful before, and he had to resist thrusting his hips against her face.
"You're so... NNNGH!" She had switched her attention now, pointing his cock upward and sucking a testicle, which was something he had only experienced once before in his life. A few seconds later, with some difficulty, she managed to get BOTH of Justins nuts into her mouth, sucking the whole scrotum, and Justin let out a long groan of pleasure.
"You ready fuck me now?" She asked. The teen boy nodded, and Natsuko hopped off of him, pulling off her remaining garments as Justin kicked off his pants and pulled his shirt over his head. Taking the clothes, he laid them down in the thickest part of the grassy duff of the bower, making a "love nest" near the log. He took Natsuko in his arms, but she forced him to the ground, intent on being on top. Letting her have her way for now, he laid down with his head propped up a bit so he could watch, and the teen girl eagerly squatted down with her knees apart, lowering herself onto his rock-hard cock - and slowly slid it in. Justin grabbed one butt cheek in each hand and forced her down, and she yelped loudly as the huge penis, by far the biggest one she had ever had, was driven balls-deep into her tight teen pussy. Gamely, she started to bounce on it, crying out in little high-pitched exclamations of lust. Justin was too active a partner to take this lying down for long, and in a few moments he pushed himself up onto his haunches. Squatting together, facing each other, they kissed, and cried out in unison as they began to eagerly breed in the nest. Unbeknownst to the pair, several amphibians had taken notice.
"Wow, this is pretty hot. Don't worry, I'm getting all of it!" the cameraman assured Bill, who was feeling that bulge starting in his pants again as he watched Justin and his new japanese girlfriend go at it.
"Thanks, I'll show some highlights at the next faculty meeting." Bill moved his gimbal mounted camera again, watching Kermit spin around and cock his head as he listened for the sounds of prey. "The frogs really seem to respond to the sounds they make when they get into it. Kermie's trying to pinpoint them now."
"Where are the other two?"
"Not sure, I lost them a bit ago. Wait! There's Jimmy, he's actually going to beat Kermie into the forest section!"
"Got him, I see him. Wow, those kids are in trouble. Have they noticed him yet?"
Bill glanced at the zoomed in feed and saw Justin on his knees now, bouncing a shouting Natsuko up and down on his lap with her legs wrapped around his back. "I can safely say no."
"He's hunting 'em. He's bein' real quiet."
"THEY sure aren't, anymore." Natsuko's cries were rhythmic now, a yelp with every breath, and Justin was groaning plaintively, both really enjoying the sex. Bill zoomed the wall cam back and could see Jimmy in the frame now, stalking the couple with short, low hops toward them. Natsuko was facing away from him, and was also blocking Justin's view of the path. It was another near-perfect setup for an ambush, unwittingly set up by the teens themselves. Jimmy spotted them, and took on focus that was usually absent in the frogs, hopping directly toward them.
"I wonder how this is going to go... I'll betcha Jimbo there eats the girl right out of his arms!" the camerman adjusted a few settings on his control board.
"Yeah... wait, what the hell?"
"HO LEE SHIT. I don't believe it."
"There's no way, right?"
"NO WAY." The two men watched, incredulous, as a hulking figure hopped out of the thicket and elbowed Jimmy aside.
"He can't possibly still be hungry. He's got a belly full of live meat already!"
"I guess we're about to find out!"
The teens were vigorously copulating now, and Natsuko had gotten down on all fours and presented her rear for Justin to mount. He practically pounced on it, grabbing her by the shoulders as the pair instinctually assumed the mammalian mating position and went to work. He was humping hard and fast now, almost matching the pace Simon had set during his interrupted mating session. They still had not noticed anything but each other's sweaty bodies when Houston finally crashed through the underbrush and cleared the distance between them in two terrifyingly fast hops.
"FFF-FFF--FROOOOG!!!" squealed Natsuko, unable to move and having difficulty forming the word as Justin continued to rail her.
Justin looked up incredulously, and the first thing that went through his mind as he looked at Houston's cavernous approaching maw was annoyance and frustration that the frog had crashed his date. A moment later came anger, as he realized that he had been misinformed that there were no frogs in the habitat - and then as Houston's medicine-ball-sized tongue flicked out, attached to Natsuko and retracted, pulling her into his maw, he put up a fight for their lives. He managed to pull his still rock-hard, tumescent, purplish red erection out of the girl with a wet slap, and grabbing her by the hips, he flailed with his legs and tried to push them against Houston's jaws to pull her out. For about 2 or 3 seconds this seemed to be working, until Houston fanned at him with a massive, sticky foreleg, moved him slightly, and then opened his mouth even wider and LUNGED. This fully engulfed Natsuko and took Justin into the mouth up to his waist, and then Houston clamped down... HARD. Justin could barely move, and the crushing weight of the giant frog's jaws felt like a heavy piece of furniture had fallen on him. He felt Houston's forelegs instinctively pawing at his calves, and he punched desperately at the interior of the frogs mouth. Natsuko was screaming; but everything was muffled.
"Let me go, you BASTARD! Let me fucking go!!!" screamed Justin, but the frog jaws held the pair tightly in their firm grip and there was nothing Justin could do. After what seemed like several minutes but was actually under 30 seconds, Houston suddenly, without any sort of warning, VICIOUSLY lunged again. This time he got Justin in up to his ankles, and a moment later, popped his mouth open and shut once more and the teen followed his young lover out of sight.
"I'll... BE... GOD... DAMNED!" exclaimed the cameraman, slackjawed with shock. "That's FOUR!"
"Has he ever done this before?"
"NO! His previous record is three, and those were all skinny teenage girls!"
"Well, he can't possibly get them into his stomach; he'll have to let them out eventually."
"I've never seen him let anythin' out before. LOOK, he's trying to swallow 'em now!"
Houston was jerking his body forward and gulping forcefully over and over, positioning his body in different stances to try for the swallow. The bulge in his crop was wriggling hard, and it looked like a few kicks were landing inside him which he seemed a bit annoyed by. He redoubled his efforts, actually making a short hop to try and force the stubborn ball of kicking meat down. Bill thought he had it once or twice, but each time the bulge resettled in the crop, wriggling and continuing to stretch the pale skin of Houston's throat.
"They're fightin' hard in there; I need to get some closeup shots for the science crew to go over." The cameraman zoomed in with the 4k resolution lens, while Bill sat with mouth slightly agape, watching Houston work on swallowing his very energetic second course. He almost felt sorry for Justin; the teen had seemed to be having a great time with his girlfriend, and an early evening tryst wasn't the worst offense he could have committed. Then he remembered all the times the teen had pretended to be on task and shirked work at every opportunity, and shrugged and snickered again at the boy's fate. "If you'd made it to the last meeting, Justin, you would've known ACS was planning to release some of the adult frogs into the habitat as a test today. I guess you were just too busy!"
Inside Houston's crop, Justin flailed a bit too hard and hit Natsuko. She yelped and protested something in japanese that Justin couldn't make out. Then one of the contractions that had been trying to force them deeper into the frog hit again, and for the first time, the sphincter at the base of the crop opened a bit. He heard a feminine cry emanating from deep inside that was definitely NOT Natsuko, and with a start he realized what had happened - they were not the only ones Houston had eaten!
"BRITTANY!!!" Justin yelled. He felt terrible to have gotten her into this.
"Get me the hell out of here!" She wailed with a sob, before the swallow attempt ended and the one-way valve closed.
Natsuo was crying, and Justin put an arm around her to comfort her even as he felt another swallow attempt starting. "No use, we eaten," she said tearfully.
"He hasn't swallowed us yet. Help me push!" Justin and Natsuko tried to brace against the inside of Houston's mouth and kick out with their legs, but Houston felt them change position and swallowed... HARD. The two yelped as they slid deeper, and the crop sort of tightened at the front, holding them at that depth. Justin sighed. The big frog was an expert feeder, and every move they made was being used against them. The sphincter opened again, wet and inviting, trying to accept them - but Justin spread his arms and legs out and at the last moment averted the swallow. It was very dark inside the frog, but at his current angle the throat skin was being hit by a light and the interior glowed a bit, just enough for Justin to get a glimpse inside the stomach. He saw a mass of mottled pink frog flesh, and - the naked rear end of a boy - Simon of course, thought Justin - clinging to a familiar-looking upper body.
"Brittany, give me your hand!"
"I--- ungh!" the blonde girl tumbled forward onto her face. Simon however, tried for the opening, pushing off against Brittany's back - and managed to hook his wrist outside of it, pulling himself to the top of the stomach.
"W-what happened to - pff - no frogs in the habitat, asshole," sputtered Simon, trying and failing to get his footing in the slimy recesses of Houston's guts.
"I swear they said that it would be weeks!" Justin yelled, still spread-eagled to resist the next swallow.
"STOP." Natsuko suddenly grabbed Justin around the waist, and clambered up his body to cling to his torso.
"What are you doing! I can get us out of this!"
"NO. We EATEN. We frog food now." The japanese girl hugged him tightly, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She got close to his face. "Best to accept it," she said, and to his shock, kissed him on the mouth again.
"No, wait! Stop! I don't - ungh!" Natsuko had grabbed his genitals, and finding him still quite hard, she changed position slightly, pointed his penis downward a bit - and slipped it inside her.
"Fuuuuck!" Justin snarled in a combination of lust and frustration, and tried his best to maintain his spread-eagled limbs while his hips went to work seemingly on their own humping the girl between his legs.
"Come on, fuck me, fuck me in this frog mouth, fuck me," growled Natsuko, grinding her hips on the large teen cock that had now sprung back to full erection, harder than ever. In spite of himself, Justin moved his arms, grabbed Natsuko's shoulders, and with a shout of lust, the two went back to mating. Houston felt the movement, felt the prey in his mouth change position and start wriggling rythmically - seized the opportunity and LUNGED forward, swallowing the bouncy ball of meat, gulping HARD as the teens writhed together. The sphincter opened again, wider this time, and the crop contracted, pushing the pair back and down. The frog sensed victory, and tilted his head back, extending his front legs to look skyward, bounced once, twice... and with a mighty gulp, finished his meal.
"Look, he's doin' it! WOW!" The cameraman pulled back a bit to get the swallowing pose of the frog as he stretched out to feed on the stubborn pair of prey, and caught the moment when they passed the threshold of the crop, sliding into the stomach. Houston's eyes rolled back into his head as the quartet of teens filled him up fully and struggled hopelessly inside.
"I can't believe he did it. There's FOUR live teenagers in there!"
"Yeah, it's a tight fit, but he managed. They're still movin', too." The cameraman zoomed in on the upper portion of Houston, centering the shot on a bulge that seemed to be bumping rhythmically.
"He's gulping air for them. I'll bet they need it with all of that struggling going on." The back of the giant frog was moving up and down about twice a second. As Bill watched, the tempo of the struggles increased a bit. Soon the frog was pulsing at about three times a second - Bill wondered if that was him breathing, or... Suddenly Houston seemed to snap out of his food coma, turned a bit, and made a small hop for the shoreline of the pond. He hopped again, further this time, but nowhere near the speed he had attained when hunting due to the more than 500 pounds of hot live meat inside him. The bulge was still in motion, pausing briefly when Houston landed but continuing between hops. Finally Houston reached the pond and dove into it with a splash, his belly sagging like a hammock in the water. As he swam, Bill noticed his mouth open slightly as he gulped another big breath of air into his stomach, keeping his prey fresh and alive as the digestion process began.
Justin had a difficult time finding a comfortable position to slide in and out of Natsuko when he was in the belly - it felt like a pit full of slimy wet pillows - but the japanese girl seemed to finally find footing and brace, and Justin remounted her from above, trying not to put too much pressure on Brittany, who was moaning quietly. They fucked hard and fast, slamming down into the stomach as Houston hopped, carrying his mating meal into the water to digest it. When they entered the water the huge amphibian relaxed and let them hang suspended underneath them as he floated and lazily kicked his way toward the center of the pond. Justin used the rythmic motions of the water to time his thrusts, bumping his rear up and down as fast as he could, moving Houston up and down like an enormous fishing bobber.
"Icu! Icu!" shouted Natsuko, quivering and squealing in orgasm. Her contractions on his dick sent Justin over the edge - he lost control, cried out in pleasure, pushed deep into Natsuko and CAME. He held her tightly, filling her up with shot after shot of seed. They cradled each other for a while and panted, grateful at this moment for another rush of cool air generously provided by the amphibian predator.
"You - you cum in me," observed Natsuko, as Justin pulled out.
"Well, I don't think you have to worry about getting pregnant," said Justin, his dry humor showing even in this situation.
"I can't believe you guys - AH!" exclaimed Brittany.
"You might as well." Justin shook his head. Simon had remounted HIS date now, from behind and from the side, holding her hips in both hands.
"No, not there! Dammit Simon, that's my ASS!" Brittany tried to squirm away, but her position didn't allow her to move, and Simon pushed against her and yelped with lust as he slid his slender penis between her ample butt cheeks, found the tight hole, and forced his way in.
"Nnnnngh! Aaaaaa!" the teen girl yelled as Simon began to thrust rapidly into her anus, soon finding his rhythm and humping her as hard as he did by the waterfall. The big frog began to bounce slightly in the water again, but ignored it and kept swimming lazily, just enjoying the cool water and room to move, and the feeling of a full, wriggling belly. The bouncing soon reached a crescendo and then abruptly faded as Simon had finally orgasmed, shooting his load into Brittany's butt and then slowly pulled out, totally spent.
"Well, I think that about wraps it up," said the cameraman. "Them frogs sure seem to like the habitat, AND the snacks - although Houston hogged them all for himself!"
"Yes, we'll have to send someone in there on an errand in a bit and make sure they meet up with Jimmy or Kermit." Bill was just pulling out his chair in the control room when he happened to look at one of the feeds on a monitor above them and saw - a door open. The outside double doors!
"What the - who the hell is that?"
"Oh, shit... let's get a closer look." The cameraman rolled his wheeled office chair back to the control board, moving the cameras again and zooming them in. "Hey, it's those exchange students, in their uniforms and all! Must be looking for their friend, that black-haired beauty that just served dinner to Houston." The cameraman chuckled. "Hey, the others might get a feed after all!"
The four japanese girls walked in a group, sneaking cutely and making no noise. They were obviously amazed by the habitat, and soon they had cameras out, snapping pics of all the landforms and plant arrangements. Deciding it was safe, they soon headed for the large pond area. Houston seemed to have mnade himself scarce, finding a quiet pool somewhere to digest, but the other frogs were lurking in the shallows with just their heads visible. Presently, one of the girls did something that made Bill shake his head in disbelief.
"Are you seriously thinking of - look at that! Wow, we barely have to interfere at all to get these kids to feed themselves to the frogs. Yep, they are actually GOING SWIMMING!" The japanese girl was giggling and stripping out of her clothes, and the others quickly followed suit.
"Wow, look at those cutie pies!" quipped the cameraman, zooming in voyeuristically on one girl's behind as she peeled her panties off. "Hope the frogs like japanese food, 'cause that's quite a helping!"
"I think we can safely say they are willing to try it. Here comes Kermie!"
The frogs had been quick to notice any creature entering the pond, and the giggling and splashing that the four nude girls were now doing was as good as a dinner bell to the hungry Ranae Hominimanducare. Kermit wasted no time, swimming quickly straight at them from the reeds at the shoreline. The lights were dim now in the habitat, and the girls were having too much fun frolicking in the water, going in up to their shoulders, to notice the quietly approaching amphibians. Bill adjusted the first camera angle, and saw that Jimmy was approaching from the land - seeming to want to cut off their escape route back to the shoreline; but the frogs weren't that smart, Bill thought - it must have just been a coincidence.
Finally one of girls noticed Kermit, and squealed. The others were still splashing about and one was swimming underwater, so it took several seconds for her to alert her friends, and by the time they all noticed the frog, he was almost on top of them. Human-eating frogs can swim quite fast for a predator their size, and as the girls all began to scream and dove in to swim, he quickly closed the distance between them, selected the one he wanted, and agressively CHOMPED down on her legs from behind as she swam. She wailed in japanese, calling for her friends to help her, and one of the girls turned back as he chomped again on the flailing teen, getting her up to her thighs now as she splashed and screamed. Bill watched his camera feed as the tallest of the girls swam to the rescue of the imperiled teen, and began to attempt to pull he out of Kermit's mouth. However, doing so in water up to her shoulders was not easy, and Kermit was very reluctant to let go - she tried punching at him, but he just rolled his eyes into the back of his head and flailed with his big sticky forelegs, totally focused on feeding and ignoring the assault. Then the tall teen tried bracing her feet against Kermit's jaws to pull her friend to safety - BIG mistake. Kermit felt the pressure on his lips as her bare feet tried to find purchase on the slippery frog, and he suddenly LUNGED in the water, pusing off with both feet in a powerful stroke while opening his jaws impossibly wide, and then clamping them back down - and when the frantic splashing subsided Bill saw that Kermie now had TWO japanese girls in his mouth - the first girl up to her waist now, and the tall teen caught by her long legs. She wasn't done fighting, however - she pulled herself closer to Kermit, trying again to gouge his eyes or do anything that would make him let go. Bill was impressed - he had never seen prey fight like this againstone of the frogs - but just as he thought she might be getting the upper hand, Jimmy started a vicious series of chomps, each one starting with a forward lunge, and managed to get the first girl completely into his mouth and the second (who was now facedown) up to her breasts. Bill shook his head - it was over. And just as he thought, seconds later Kermie worked the girls into his crop and closed his mouth over them despite their frantic protests and wriggling.
The remaining two girls were swimming for the shoreline as fast as they could paddle. Standing in their way in the shallow water, they found a very hungry Jimmy, who immediately hopped straight at them. They looked at each other for a split second - and dove in seperate directions! Jimmy went for the girl on his left, hopping into swimming-deep water and kicking with his powerful feet until he was on her. She was a smaller, delicate girl, and Jimmy made it look easy. He seized her by her feet and chomped her up to her calves, and when she turned on him to resist he lunged powerfully and took the whole girl in one bite, eating her quickly and easily and immediately going for the swallow as she wriggled desperately inside his crop - and getting it, sending her from nude and swimming in the water to curled up and wriggling in his stomach in just under five seconds, Bill noted - he had counted.
Did you see that one go down?"
"Yep! Jimmy knows what he's doin'. We got one straggler though - she made it to land."
"That she did. Gonna be an interesting walk back to her dorm without her clothes - hey, wait, is that Matilda?"
"I'll be - I was wonderin' where she went! She's been waitin' for this one!"
The last girl was just stumbling out of the water, breathless and panting, when Matilda appeared at the shoreline to meet her. Bill was sure she would run, and stood a good chance of escape if she did so... but instead, she sobbed and squatted down, holding her knees to her chest and shivering as the cold water dripped off of her.
"Is she - "
"Assuming the position? Kinda looks like it. Doesn't she know exchange students don't have to submit to getting eaten, even in class?"
It might have been the fear and shock of the whole ordeal, but the young girl was frozen in place, and Matilda hopped over to investigate. She sized up the girl, decided she was edible and of acceptable size - and seized her. She shrieked in terror, which only encouraged the big female frog that she was indeed prey, and suddenly found herself gently transferred to Matilda's crop in her fetal position and, in a smooth practiced motion, swallowed with a smooth, brisk gulp.
"Down she goes! Yum!" laughed the cameraman. "Matilda LOVES girls that go quietly like that!"
"Shame all of them didn't line up in front of her - I would have liked to see how many she could eat."
"Wellp, what'll we tell Japan?"
"The truth - with your video records to prove it! They went for a swim after hours in the habitat, and got eaten!"
"Yeah, actually, they'll probably be happy to get some videos - ANY videos - of the inside of the habitat - I heard a rumor that those girls were told to spy on the construction crew. I saw 'em snappin' pics when they first got in."
"I guess we had better go collect their things."
The two men left the control room, heading out into the enclosure to retrieve the clothes and possession of the students eaten that evening. It had been quite a day, and Bill was glad that Justin had - for once - finished all of his planting tasks before he ended up in Houston's stomach with his friends. It wouldn't be long before the Habitat was fully up and running, and it was going to revolutionize the way the school was run. Just as the cameraman had said, they found cameras in all five of the japanese students belongings - Natsuko's having the most material on it. He removed the memory cards before bagging the cameras with the clothes of each girl, and took special pleasure in disassembling the "love nest" that Justin had made, tossing the sweaty clothes into the black garbage bag and celebrating that he wouldn't have to deal with Justin's BS ever again. There were a couple of other students on his short list lately also, and he couldn't wait to give them some "errands" that might just end with a trip down a frog's throat. As the two headed out and dimmed the maintenance lights to their nighttime level, Bill looked back at the pond and saw Houston swimming again lazily across it.
"Bye, Justin! Have a good time in there, and I hope you end up fertilizing some of those shore reeds that I had to get in last week when you were out messing around!" Bill closed the door with a smile on his face.
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My second story in the Conservation School Frog Vore series! I'm planning on writing at least one more. A work-dodging student invites some friends for a fun-filled evening, but they get a bit more than they bargained for.

The original story that established this canon was written by DarkSideoftheSun and can be found here:
And the first follow-up by Decius here:

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Posted by Bolg 3 months ago Report

Very nice story! It was a bit of a fake out how there were 4 frogs and 4 students in the enclosure, figuring 1 meal for each. So it was a surprise when Houston piggishly swallowed all of them! But it was then yet another surprise when the rest of those cutie exchange students came in to help feed these remaining neglected froggies. I especially liked the last girl who could have gotten away, but instead offered herself to the frog to be eaten. That was pretty tasty!


Posted by Fallenfox 3 months ago Report

Thanks! Glad you liked it, I always try to throw in a twist or two to keep it feeling fresh and somewhat realistic.


Posted by grz01 3 months ago Report

I love the teasing when the valve opens, trying to tempt them to drop down into the belly - mmm such imagery!