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The class was on a field trip to the river, where a large changing room cabin was located in the woods. Currently in the girls locker room, most of the girls had left, leaving only two behind. One being Rikka Takarada, a girl with long glossy black hair, a small chest and nice thick thighs. The other is Akane Shinjo, a thick girl in both areas with short pink hair. The pair were getting changed into their swimsuits with Rikka in a blue and white bikini while Akane had just a plain white one that barely fit her breasts. Rikka moved the lower half of her swimsuit around letting the fabric slap against her butt before Akane walked up to her.
 "Rikka, you mind putting this on me?" Akane asked, handing out the sunscreen.
 Rikka gulped as she wondered if this would make her deep urges to overload. Rikka has had the urge to eat Akane practically the first time they met and the urge only has gotten slowly worse. Even though they were friends, Rikka could only think of eating her. Seeing Akane in revealing clothing letting her bare pale body out for the world to see made Rikka's mouth watering.
 "Um Rikka...You’re drooling." said Akane
 "Oh um...Sorry about that, yeah I'll put some on you" Rikka responded in slight embarrassment.
 Rikka took the bottle from Akane and Akane sat on the bench and showed Rikka her back. Akane had some alternative motives to be alone with Rikka as she wanted to confirm the identity of Gridman and she knew Rikka had that information, She could finally crush him. Rikka gulped nervously and squirted the white cream onto her hand and started to apply on Akane's soft skin. Akane yelped a little at the cold touch and smiled, feeling the hands rub against her back. Akane started to talk about what she needed about the Gridman, but Rikka was off on her own little world. Feeling Akane and being in the locker room alone knowing no one will be coming back here for awhile. The opportunity was just too perfect. Drool was seeping out of her mouth that drops onto the ground. Rikka tried holding back her urges but she just couldn't take it anymore.
 "So Rikka, what do you have to say about that?" Akane finished her Gridman drilling not knowing Rikka didn't hear a single thing from her.
 Rikka rubbed her hands up Akane's shoulders and down to the nice pair of boobs Akane had. Akane yelped, feeling the cold hands that still had sunscreen on them groping and squeezing her boobs.
 "R-Rikka what are you doing...? Ah~ Q-Quit groping my boobs, I-I need to know about Gridman!" moaned Akane.
 Rikka licked Akane's cheek and went right over the pink head and some drool dripped down, making the hair a little moist. Rikka's lips parted and she wrapped them around the top of Akane's head. Akane moaned and couldn't really see what was happening above her but she felt her head in a warm tight space. Akane was so focused on her boobs being fondled that she didn't notice what was happening until her entire head had been engulfed. Rikka managed to fit all of Akane's head in her mouth and moaned at the most delicious meat she has ever had. Rikka didn't stop fondling her meal who was now struggling and screaming.
Rikka swallowed Akane's head, feeling her neck bulge out with Akane's screaming face. Akane tried pushing back but as her shoulders were swallowed she couldn't really do anything. Rikka didn't like the taste of the sunscreen but the hint of flesh was enough to keep her going. Rikka's mouth had saliva running down the curvy body of her meal. Rikka swallowed Akane’s large tits and slobbered all over them, licking and sucking on the meat sacks before swallowing them down into her gullet. Rikka was grabbing and squeezing her meals thighs now and found them to be just as thick.
 "Rikka, stop this shit right now! I'm a fucking god! You can't eat me! This makes no sense! How is this possible!?! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" screamed Akane.
 Everything Akane said just flew right over the ravenous Rikka's head as she slurped in the middle with ease, licking the belly button as she finally reached the halfway mark. Akane found herself being slammed into the stomach where a green pool of acid was waiting for her. Akane screamed in anger as she was shoved face first into the liquid as her hips got swallowed. Rikka lifted Akane up, grabbing the girl's ass to help lift her.
Rikka's middle was expanding out as she swallowed in the butt, feeling the cheeks with her tongue. Rikka licked them and had as much fun savoring them as with her boobs. As she finished her fun with Akane's firm ass. Rikka let it slip down her gullet and held her slowly growing belly as she gulped in Akane’s meaty thighs. The legs didn't last long at all with the hungry Rikka slurping them down like they were nothing.
Rikka let out a pleasurable sigh and rested her hand on the top of her large belly as Akane filled it up fully with her curvy body making a nice tight bulge. Rikka was having trouble carrying the weight of an entire person so she plopped herself on the bench letting her full belly hang down.
 "Finally, I've eaten Akane. I've wanted this for so feel her in my belly squirming around as I slowly turn her into my thigh fat...Yessss~" moaned Rikka.
Rikka belched and burped out a slimy white bra that splat against the lockers and slowly slid down to the ground. Rikka giggled and rubbed her belly as her meal squirmed around. Akane was having the opposite of a good time being tightly compacted into a sack with slimy stomach walls gripping at her entire body. The stomach acid was making her skin tingle as digestion was slowly starting up.
 "No no no! This is my world and I'm not going to be some fucking tit fat!" Akane yelled furiously.
 But despite her defiant remark, Akane had no plan to escape so Akane was just stuck in the stomach chamber. Rikka was blushing heavily breathing as her horny meters were off the charts. She couldn't help but reach under her belly and move the bottom half of her swimsuit and start to pleasure herself. Rikka kept thrusting her fingers inside her privates, moaned as juices leaked out of her pussy and dripped onto the ground. With the belly and the pussy being rubbed passionately, Rikka was in pleasure heaven.
Rikka belched and used her other hand to rub the large gut. Akane felt the acid getting worse and worse, feeling her skin burning up. She tried to swipe the acid off her but it just spread further all over her body. The burning was getting to the point where the pain was practically unbearable. Akane then screamed in pain and started to wildly thrash around inside the fleshy prison. Rikka moaned even louder as the struggling was getting more intense.
 "Oh fuck Akane! That's right, squirm inside me as I melt you into fat-HHWARPPP!-digest for me f-fuuuccckkk~" moaned Rikka.
 Rikka had her fingers deep into her pussy while pushing at her belly as she masturbated.
Akane teared up and bawled her eyes out from the intense pain. The bubbly acid kept rising higher and higher sloshing against her boobs as she squirmed as much as possible.
 “Yes! YES! Beg for me, Akane! Ah! Keep doing that~” Rikka moaned loudly.
 Rikka simply enjoyed her squirming and begging meal even more. But the orgasm was nearing, making Rikka's eyes twitch and her toes curl. Akane was getting super soft and felt the walls collapsing in on her making the experience worse.
 "I'm...a god...being possible." Akane blurted out under her breath.
 “Ah! Oh! Ahh~! That’s right! You’re mine now, Akane! M-Melt for me! You’ll be nothing but fat on my sexy new body and ugly shit in the sewer! Gasp!” Rikka exclaimed in loud ecstacy.
 Finally Rikka orgasmed squirting all over her belly but at the same time the gut squeezed tight enough to break several bones of Akane, making the girl yelp and go limp.
Rikka breathed out and patted her immobile belly as the dead mass of meat inside churned away and was melted into a nutritious soup.
 "That was even better than I ever would have expected...Mmm was that as good for you as it was for me?" teased Rikka.
 Rikka poked her belly feeling the soft meat move around making her giggle. The curves of Akane all rounded out as she melted away. Some bones replaced the bulges pushing the belly out as the time to absorb the former girl came closer. A loud groan came from the belly and Rikka moaned feeling as gallons of mush and several solid objects pushed into her guts. Her thighs grew bigger and her chest got so big her bra was on the verge of snapping. With only a round soft belly remaining, Rikka poked it and looked down giggling.
 "You really pushed my assets to the max…I'm not sure how I'm going to explain this all but that's okay" said Rikka with a satisfying smile.
 But all of sudden the feeling of pressure swelled in her bowels making Rikka smirk even more. Rikka stood up and grabbed her panties slowly pulling them down before squatting down on the ground and opening up her asscheeks. Rikka squeezed and felt the poop coming to the exit. Her tight pink asshole opened up and the tip of a brown log made itself known. Rikka winced in pain a little as the log kept stretching her asshole out. The massive turd slowly came out until it fell down and splat on the ground with slight steam coming off it. Rikka turned back to see the single log and saw teeth and pink hair mixed in.
 "Akane is really just my shit...She was a friend I've known for years and I digested her into nothing but my shit..So- nghhh! -fucking hot!" moaned Rikka.
 Rikka grunted as another massive log this time with pink hair and bones stuffed in. A finger and snapped leg bone scratched at her insides a little as she pushed the foul smelling turd out. It plopped down and some more soft serve easy crap slid out in massive heaps stuffed with more bones. Rikka had a blockage and she pushed with all her might spreading her ass as far as she could until a rib cage came out. It popped out into the morbid pile making her sigh in relief and resumed her shitting.
The pile was becoming just massive and Rikka was forced to pinch her nose shut from the overwhelming disgusting smell. Akane's lower half of her swimsuit coiled out stained and wrapped in shit. It plopped down and Rikka felt almost empty. But she had a final blockage and this one hurts.
 “AAHHGH! Fuck!...Aka-GASP!-ne! Get out of my-OW! A-Ass already! AHhh! You fucking c-cow!” Rikka groaned in constipation, as she struggled to push out Rikka’s large skull out of her asshole.
 Rikka pushed and pushed for a solid ten minutes screaming in pain as a skull crowned out and slowly squeezed out. A pop came and the lifeless skull of Akane fell down and some shit plopped on top before Rikka was all done. Rikka wiped the sweat off her forehead and saw Akane's coat and used it to wipe her asshole clean and tossed it away. Rikka stood up and looked down at her mess. The lifeless skull stared right back at her and she giggled before turning around patting her small potbelly.
 "Akane you were so cute and all the boys loved you...But now look at you, all brown and slimy looking...Such a beautiful girl turned into a smelly pile of turds, how pathetic!" giggled Rikka
 Rikka giggled and hoped she could do that again. Before she left Rikka noticed she was still all sweaty and figured maybe she should shower first. Rikka went over to the shower and removed her swimsuit showing her new curves off. She turned the warm water on and some steam came from the hot water. Rikka stepped inside feeling the water hit her thick body. Rikka used soap and lathered her new big bouncy boobs up and slowly covered herself in it. Her naked ass and thighs jiggled with every movement.
 "Akane made me so thick...Whenever I move, my thighs jiggle around..Hehe I think I'm falling in love with my own body!" said Rikka
 Rikka gripped her ass and squeezed it before cleaning it in the shower. Rikka took her sweet time until she was all clean. Rikka dried herself off and smiled at her massive boobs. Rikka put the swimsuit back on. it barely fit anymore but it did just enough to keep her new assets. Rikka then finally left the locker room admiring her curves.
 "That was so good, Akane was absolutely delicious! But I want more! How am I already hungry again? I can’t just go around eating classmates. Then again, maybe Hibiki would be willing to…" Rikka said to herself, as she slowly walks towards the exit door, while the human-size log of piles were left alone in the empty locker room.
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Rikka's Urges Fulfilled By Coolwoman -- Report

Commission made for cactaur98
Word Count: 1500
Art by dearonnus

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Posted by SwordkingX5 11 months ago Report

You don't see much of any vore for ether SSSS.Gridman or Dynazenon.


Posted by Coolwoman 11 months ago Report

Ikr ive only recently watched the show and seeing the amount of stuff for it is saddening


Posted by roseyred 11 months ago Report

OMG, I absolutely love this!!! My waifu Rikka getting even thicker! Yall are 100% right there is so little Gridman content and literally no Dynazenon! All the characters could work so well for vore it's such an underrated series. QQ


Posted by Coolwoman 11 months ago Report

I hope more Gridman stuff gets made especially Rikka!