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Salamence Girl Trouble By DrakentheBlack -- Report

This week is another Gijinkamon from me, and this time it's my favorite Dragon-Type, Salamence! Of course there is an accompanying story! Where Pokemon Trainer Hilda finds it's not so easy to get along with these beautiful Pokemon as what one might think.


Hilda was preparing herself to battle Clay. She stocked up on potions, and was glad that she wouldn’t likely be facing any status conditions in the upcoming gym. Unfortunately, she did not have any party members that were super effective against ground types, meaning she’d have to either catch and train something, or something much quicker, she could phone a friend and temporarily trade for a better pokemon.

She pulled out her phone, and gave a call to her pen-pal Hilbert.

“Hello Hilbert!”

“How did you get this number?”

“*Giggle* That’s not important. Listen, I’m about to face a ground type gym, got any way to help me out.”

“Clay’s gym. Yeah, just have Dewott spam razor shell over and over, it’s no challenge.”

“I don’t have a Dewott, I chose Tepig.”

“You mean Pignite?”

“No it’s still a Tepig. It’s cuter this way.”

“Right… Well do you have a bug type?”

“No, bugs are creepy!”

“You’re gonna hate the next cave.”


“Nevermind. Listen, I can let you borrow a flying type that I have. I just evolved her, she’s really strong, and Clay’s team won’t be able to touch her.”

“Great thanks!”

“Yeah, sure. Now to change my number again… *mumble grumble*”

Hilda found a machine for trading over long distances, and knowing Tepig, as usual, was going to be of no use in the next gym, she decided to send her starter over for this temporary trade. She watched as the pokeball glowed and then vanished into the network. Seconds later, a new ball appeared. This one was pink and had hearts on it, and Hilda wondered what could be inside.

“Maybe there’s a Pidove? They have hearts on their chests. But Hilbert said it just evolved, so maybe it’s a Swanna! I just have to see it!” She tossed the love ball, and it opened to release the Pokemon housed inside.

What emerged from the ball was certainly not what she expected. This didn’t exactly look like a Pokemon, as it rather looked like a busty, red-haired woman. Granted she was three times Hilda’s height, had patches of blue scales around her body, bore horns on her head, a tail from her rear, and wings on her back.

“What the fuck did Hilbert send me!?” Hilda exclaimed, and checked the pokedex for information. The Pokedex was clearly just as confused as she was, as it had to go to the Hoenn files to pull up information on a fearsome blue dragon called Salamence.

“This is not a Salamence.” Hilda protested.

“Yes I am.” The tall woman stated, walking closer. She bent over to sniff Hilda, her tail swaying a bit as she raised an eyebrow and questioned, “Are you the trainer I’m supposed to help? How many badges do you have?”

“Four badges.”
The ‘Salamence’ chuckled at that. “A rather pitiful number. Not to worry, I’ll get you a couple more rookie.” The dragon-girl pat the trainer on the head, but the girl did not appreciate being berated.

“I think you’ll find I’m plenty capable of dealing with gyms. So you better stop talking down to me.”

Salamence stood upright, looking away and saying, “Nah, I don’t think so.”

“Well I do think so!” Hilda demanded, becoming increasingly agitated.

The dragon-girl fluttered her wings and mocked, “Hilbert already told me why I was here. You can’t beat the gym yourself because you’re a lousy trainer. He would know. He raised me, helped me get my wings! He almost became Champion, and for being such a great trainer, every night I rock his world! You clearly aren’t worth a modicum of that respect.”

“Listen, Salamence, you’re the Pokemon, and I’m your master. That means you’re going to do what I tell you until I send you back to Hilbert. Got it!?”

The Salamence suddenly threw out her hand, wrapping her claws around the much smaller girl’s neck to lift her into the air. Another talon found her shirt, and with a quick yank, Hilda’s shirt and vest were torn away, exposing her round breasts. “What are you doing!?” The girl choked as her assailant painfully ripped off her shorts and panties.

Salamence hissed, “You clearly don’t understand your position here.” The poke-girl then opened her mouth, showing her long fangs, and her forked, pink tongue which had a thick thread of saliva clinging between it and her pallet.

Hilda wanted to ask what Salamence was doing, even though the answer was already plenty obvious, she just didn’t want to believe it. Deny it all she want, she found herself plunged face-first into the mouth, the lips closing around her neck as her whole head fit inside this much larger girl’s mouth. Sharp teeth brushed her head uncomfortably, while a wiggling tongue slapped saliva all over her face. Her situation was about to become much worse though, as the flesh in front of her parted to envelope her as she was forced further in. The dragon-girl was swallowing her whole!

Hilda flailed her arms and legs about as she was crammed into the mouth which expanded to accommodate her. Even her breasts had no trouble squeezing in, though it did cause her to have an even more difficult time breathing than she was already having within the smothering throat flesh. As if to add insult to injury, she could feel teeth chewing on her breasts while the tongue explored every inch of her lovely orbs.

Her arms were pinned to her sides by the pokemon’s cheeks, so she could do nothing but kick her legs as she tried to leverage herself free. Salamence caught her by the ankles, then pulled off her boots and socks to leave her completely naked. The realization caused her to blush, and squeal in protest. The next noise to leave her mouth was a scream as Salamence jammed her claws into Hilda’s virgin pussy. She was unsure if the pain in her loins was from the prick of sharp claws, or from the fact that her hymen had popped from the sudden invasion, but she soon found the pain overshadowed by pleasure as her devourer finger fucked her. She realized too late that this had only been an optimal place of leverage to force her deeper into the mouth, leaving only her legs outside.

As useless as it was, Hilda continued to kick until she had been devoured past her knees, and then she could only wiggle her feet before they too were consumed by the hot, slimy interior of Salamence’s mouth and throat.

The throat pulled the girl down without any friction, aided by a layer of saliva and mucus that had coated Hilda’s nude body, and soon she was deposited inside her Pokemon’s stomach. In spite of being forced to curl up, she punched, kicked, and pushed against the walls as she demanded to be let out. Her fleshy prison bounced as a hand slapped it from the outside, and the Salamence mocked, “Look at you. You’ve made my belly as round as a ball. I think that means I’ve caught you, don’t you agree?”

“What are you getting at?” the trainer asked, not liking where this was going.

“You’re clearly a terrible trainer, I think you’ll do much better in a role of servitude. Seeing as I am the lucky Pokemon who caught you, that makes me your new master according to the rules!”

“That’s crazy! I’m not going to be your slave!”

“Suit yourself. I suppose digesting you will be easier anyway.”

“Digest me? I… Oh shit!” How could she have forgotten not only where she was, but what this particular organ could do to her. “You can’t digest me!”

“On the contrary, I can. You’ll know it soon enough, though you’ll be shit-covered bones before I can ask you about a change of mind.”

The stomach was starting to compress quite a bit more firmly, in spite of her efforts to push it back. Not only that, but the fluids secreted from the walls that were scrubbed onto her body were starting to make her skin burn. Seeing only one way out of this, Hilda said, “Alright! You’ve made your point! You can be my master; just let me out!”

“Nah, you’re just saying what I want to here. Now shut up and digest like a good lump of meat.”

Angered, Hilda resumed her struggling more desperately, but her actions only caused Salamence to let out moans of pleasure, while at the same time wearing her out. Once she was too tired to fight any longer, Hilda felt the stomach come back at her and threaten to crush her bones, while the sting of acid was causing her to scream in pain.

“Please let me out! I’ll do anything! Anything!”

The stomach squeezed even tighter, and a moment before her limbs snapped, the passage to the throat loosened, and she was pushed back up the esophagus to the mouth, and finally spewed into open air to land in the soft grass.

Hilda’s body was covered with slime, and steam rose off her as she spat some of the foul liquid from her mouth and nose. She barely had time to catch her breath before a talon set down heavily on her chest, and she winced from the Pokemon standing on her. “That’s what I wanted to hear. You’d better do everything I tell you from now on, or I’ll put you back in your ‘ball’, and I don’t know when I’ll let you out again. Understand.”

Hilda nodded her head, “Yes… master.”

“Hmm, I don’t think I like ‘master’. Mistress will be fine.” Salamence took her foot off of the human to cuddle the her in her hands, wiping the wet hair out of her face before forcing a kiss on the lips. “We’re going to have so much fun together.” Salamence purred. “Oh, and don’t worry about your clothes; you won’t be needing those ever again.” She grinned devilishly, then laid on her back and spread her legs before ordering, “Now come here and give my nethers a good licking. You’d better get that tongue nice and deep and make sure I enjoy it!”

“Yes mistress.” Hilda wimpered, crawling forward and dipping her face into the wet, smelly pussy of the dragon-girl. A familiar talon set down on her back, and Salamence moaned, “Good girl.” The Pokemon relaxed to the feeling of licks and slurps on her womanhood, and said, “I guess it will take a while for me to go back to Hilbert. Afterall, I need some time to train my new pet.”

Tears streamed down Hilda’s face, feeling like she might throw up, and dreading that this was only the first day of her life as a Poke-girl’s slave.

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Posted by Randomman29 2 months ago Report

I hope you do more with this. I do like the thought that there had been a threesome before.


Posted by DrakentheBlack 2 months ago Report

Who would this threesome be between?


Posted by Randomman29 2 months ago Report

Hilbert, Salamence, and the one she ate.


Posted by Nalzindar 2 months ago Report

I guess Hilda should have been a little more humble at the start, especially upon seeing this particular pokemon XD Though, I would love to be Hilbert each time she "rocks" his night, I presume those two have a VERY close bonding practice!
What more, Hilda being "caught" in Salamence's "ball was fun, the pokegirl, clearly has high thoughts about herself and know how to take advantage of it ; )
I wonder whether Hilda will be inside or outside of her new misstress "pokeball" when Hilbert gets his pokegirl back!
Very nice story, sexy, fun and vorish.