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MGfHALM 4 - Page 52-b "Video" (reup'd) By Debolte -- Report

Uploaded: 2 months ago

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EDIT: Reuploaded video in correct format =)

"poor guy" :^)

I want to address all the kind words on the previous piece and say 'thank you'. Appreciated :'3 Indeed quite happy to be back and to draw again. Hopefully I can keep up the pace... I'm confident tbh, been managing my health well lately.

Page 52-b of 55.
Now only one more panel to go, for page 52...

Video version because... NO MORE FLASH D: but also because the GIF ended up being too big to handle >.< Figured I'd upload the full size version for best quality, but yeah, that size can be awkward to handle...

EDIT: Alt Versions with unobfuscated view of foot because why not:

EDIT And still frames of all versions* for those who want:

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Posted by Anon2727 2 months ago Report

We love to see you back! <3


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 2 months ago Report

Love to see you back!


Posted by Gimlet 2 months ago Report

Definitely, welcome back (belatedly) Glad to see you in a good place again. And your work is still great! Me personally the animated GIFs work better for this, but not sure about everyone else.
One thing the very beginning of MGfHALM 4 seems to be missing now, the meeting where the deal with the giantess is proposed. Did that get lost or something? Or am I just not seeing it?


Posted by Debolte 2 months ago Report

Hi, thanks :)
There's a Gif version in description, and I assume you're browsing from the gif folder. Since it was originally the alt versions, it's missing every static page. The beginning is there if you browse through the main folder, with the (now defunct) Flash versions:
I should reorganize to swap those around. Make Gifs the main ones to follow along the static ones. Probably should remove the flash ones, maybe replace them all with some form of video format? The big problem with Gifs is it's very very lossy, and the file size doesn't reflect that. For instance this animation up here is 260 MB in gif format (best gif quality: still grainy with very limited colors), but in mp4 I was able to get a whopping 4 MB all while keeping mostly raw quality. I belive I've seen that this site can display video that loops, I'll have to look into that later when I'm up and awake.


Posted by Gimlet 2 months ago Report

Yeah, GIFs do have low to no file compression. I get that. Now a days though for such relatively small files it matters less than it used to, but I get that it's a pain, especially with a lot to go into.

As to the series start, I thought I looked through both flash and normal, and there weren't any images of the very start? Maybe I missed it, I'll take another look.


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 2 months ago Report

You're alive