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Inside a warehouse Agent Reyna has decided whoever doesn't join her and let the radiants take over the world is nothing more than fodder. Tied up in front of Reyna were all eight female agents. Sage, Jett, Astra, Raze, Skye, Viper, Killjoy, and new recruit Lua. The Mexican girl with black hair and purple tips smirked at all the girls and pointed at them.
 "None of you are worthy!..I shall dispose of you all and make you a part of something better!" Proclaimed Reyna
 "YOU BITCH LET US GO!" Screamed Viper
 The girls agreed and kept yelling at Reyna so she decided she needed to have all these bitches know she was serious. Reyna looked over at the new recruit Lua Kitsune, a girl in her early twenties who has only been an agent for a month. She has black hair in a long ponytail with red tips and on top of her head a cute pair of fox ears sat there and behind her a fluffy fox tail. Lua noticed Reyna was starting to look her way and Reyna's eyes met with Lua's red and blue ones. Reyna smirked and walked over to the cute fox girl and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt. Reyna pulled the girl up and forced her into a passionate kiss with tongues intertwined and everything. Reyna pulled back leaving Lua absolutely shocked before Reyna looked at the other girls.
 "Now watch me devour this girl whole and know all your fates will be similar!" Yelled Reyna
 Lua was a little confused but then Reyna giggled and looked back at Lua before her lips parted. Lua was able to stare into a dark abyss and blinked a couple times. But she didn't have to stare from a distance as Reyna slid her hand up behind Lua's head and pushed it inside. Lua yelped as her head was placed into the slimy area. 
 "Ehhhh wait, don't eat me! Please, I just joined. I'm not food!" Cried Lua
 Reyna just ignored her and pushed the girl's head down her throat and swallowed. Lua's terrified face pushed the gullet out and Reyna looked to see the other girls and all of them had a similar reaction of fear painted across their faces.
Reyna gulped hard, getting the frame of Lua inside her mouth and felt the pair of d cup boobs fit inside her mouth. They were nice and meaty, making Reyna moan. She lapped her tongue and pushed them around in her maw teasing her meal. Lua had tears in her eyes feeling the tight gross tube pull her down more and more. 
The massive boobs made a big bulge in Reyna's throat and she giggled from it. Reyna slid her hands under the nice butt and felt the fox tail as well making her giggle. She slurped and gulped the middle, licking every inch of Lua. Lua yelped as her head was pushed into the tight stomach and it started to stretch and expand to fit her body.
Reyna lifted Lua's lower half off the ground and tilted her head back pushing the big thick ass into her mouth and gulped it down. The legs and tail were all that remained. Reyna started to slurp the lower half down like some instant noodles. Her skin tight suit expanded out more and more until finally a loud rip sounded and a dark skinned belly popped out and it was easier to see poor Lua's outline. 
The sickening sound of gulps came to an abrupt end as Lua's feet slid in and were swiftly swallowed. Reyna smiled and traced the fox girl's movements to her big belly. Reyna licked her lips getting the final taste of her first meal and patted her big belly.
 "Mmmm, absolutely delicious! that you've seen that I'm serious go ahead and beg as I eat the rest of you!" Yelled Reyna
 She laughed as the girls squirmed in their restraints trying to escape their fate as food. Reyna then started to look over at the girls trying to decide who she wanted to eat next  and her eyes settled on the black haired girl named Sage. The Chinese girl realized she was next and went onto her stomach and tried to crawl away. Reyna giggled and went to where Sage's feet were. She removed the shoes.
 "Wait wait wait I'll join your team just let me go I don't want to be eaten!" Begged Sage
 Reyna giggled and grabbed a hold of Sage's ankles before opening her mouth and sucked on the feet. Sage yelped as the tongue lathered over her feet and they were pulled back into Reyna's throat.
Sage's lower legs were swallowed up and she screamed before looking over at the other girls and begged for their help. The tied up agents just looked away not wanting to see another one being eaten. Reyna slobbered over Sage's thighs but was disappointed since the black pants were in the way.
The meaty thighs of Sage disappeared down Reyna's throat and Sage started to cry. She didn't want to die yet she had so much to live for. But Reyna didn't care as she slurped the fat juicy ass into her mouth and then lifted the upper half of Sage into the air. The feet and legs were being pushed into the stomach against the whimpering Lua. Reyna put her hands on Sage's shoulders and started to push the girl down, swallowing in the slim middle. 
 Reyna giggled a little as the boobs entered her mouth and swiftly went down her throat bulging out for the other six to see. Sage felt a hand go on her face and she screamed for a couple more seconds until Reyna pushed the girl into her mouth. Reyna licked Sage's face and then used her tongue to push her all the way down.
Sage was officially victim number two as the screaming face disappeared behind Reyna's chest and the big dark belly grew once again as the second girl filled it. Reyna moaned while rubbing her big belly, feeling the girls inside squirming to get out.
 "Fuck it feels so good...squirm more for me you pathetic yummy fodder!" Said Reyna
 Reyna rubbed her belly some more and wondered if she could get some girls in her stomach another way. Reyna then ripped her pants off letting her dark ass free and surprised the girls with a large cock. Reyna looked at the smallest agent, Jett , a small South Korean girl with white hair.
 "With your size I think you should be a perfect test subject." Said Reyna with a smile.
 Jett's eyes widened as the big bellied girl went over to her and instead of picking her up Reyna instead turned around showing her fat dark ass to Jett. Reyna then giggled and sat on top of the snow colored head and pushed her anus down. An immediate moan escaped Reyna's lips as the force opened up her asshole and Jett's head was shoved into the smelly bowels. She screamed and squirmed as Reyna forced her ass further down making it expand over the small frame.
 "Ohhh fffuckkkk that's it right there!..get up my asshole you fucking gut slut!" Moaned Reyna
 Poor Jett was ready to be swallowed whole only to be inside Reyna's colon. The smell was horrid, making her gag and disgusting slime covered her face. Seeing Jett being sucked up the anus was worse than watching the other two being swallowed. Jett's chest was squished down into the slimy bowels making her gasp for air as she was being squeezed tightly. 
Reyna belched and happily slammed her ass down harder making it suck Jett's belly up. Reyna was happy she decided to try eating someone with her ass out. Feeling the small agent squirming in her tight asshole made Reyna horny and her cock got hard. Reyna started to breathe heavily with her tongue sticking out and saliva dripped off the tip and splat on the ground. The anus wrapped around Jett's hips and Reyna was officially at the halfway point.
Reyna moaned and fell forward laying on her belly pressing the girls inside against the ground. Jett's lower half stuck out of the asshole and the legs moved a little but not very much because of the rope. Reyna's asshole started to pull in Jett's thick meaty booty slowly pressing it down until it was fully inside her. 
 "So close! So fucking close!" Moaned Reyna
 Jett's ass was gone and the asshole slurped in the thick short legs until the shoes just fell off her feet. The feet slid inside and the asshole shut with a little bit of juice dripping out. Reyna was in pleasure heaven and felt Jett sliding through her intestines squirming the whole time before joining Lua and Sage in the digestive chamber. Reyna finally got off of her belly which was now much bigger and desperately wanted to get another one in her asshole. But she was feeling full and figured only one girl would fit. Reyna just grabbed Astra, a black girl from Ghana with short black hair who was just sitting next to Jett. 
 "Whoa wait stop-mmmpphhh-!" Yelled Astra
 Astra was cut off as immediately Reyna just shoved the girl's head into her asshole and moaned again, getting to feel her anus stretching out once again. It felt so good and Astra was squirming around even more. Reyna licked her lips and let go of Astra and went back to laying on her big gut. Reyna reached back and grabbed her fat asscheeks and squeezed them as her asshole stretched over Astra's shoulders and gobbled them up.
Astra was hyperventilating as she too had to experience the tight stinky bowels of Reyna. She called for help but the other girls were desperately trying to get out of their restraints not wanting to be shoved into Reyna's asshole. 
 "That's right in my ass you go!...Ffuucckkk stretch my asshole out even more you fucking whore!" Moaned Reyna
 Reyna spanked her own ass making it jiggle as the anus went over Astra's breasts. The asshole ate and ate slurping in the skinny middle of Astra. Reyna squished down even further making the ones in her stomach squirm more and scream. She slapped her belly getting some painful screams but she just giggled loving the movement in her asshole and belly. 
Astra's wide hips pushed the asshole out and Reyna moaned as she finished the upper half of Astra. Astra's big juicy ass slapped against the cheeks of Reyna and she thought maybe her ass was too big. But it wasn't and after a second Reyna's asshole expanded over the massive butt cheeks and Astra cried out with only her legs sticking out. The long legs of Astra swiftly disappeared and the boots fell off her feet and then she was gone. Astra was sucked into the nasty asshole of the horny Reyna and she cried as the tight guts clung to her body and forced her through the gross tubes until she was piled in with the other three.
Reyna belched and some rope she used to tie the girls came out and splat on the ground. She giggled and sat back up onto her own legs and rubbed her massive squirming belly.
 "Oh man-HWARRRPPP-ive filled my stomach to the max but I still have you all left...don't worry I have some other special places to put you all fufufu!" Teased Reyna
 Reyna then with one hand grabbed her left tit and the other grabbed her massive hard on. The last four girls were getting worried that their fates were going to be worse than the four in the stomach. Reyna licked her lips and figured her tits could fill up first. Reyna made sure to switch digestion off for now so she could feel all of it at the same time. Reyna then looked at Skye and giggled.
 "You know...I think my left breast is kind of empty-HWAARRRRPPP-you mind filling it?" Asked Reyna with a smirk 
 Reyna grabbed the pale red headed Australian and ripped her clothes off completely getting Skye naked. Reyna stripped as well, wanting all of her clothes off her body. Reyna then looked over at Raze, a Brazilian girl and grabbed her as well. With a girl for each breast Reyna figured it was time to fill them up. Reyna pushed against their heads and the girls yelped as their faces were pushed into the fat pair of Reyna's tits. Reyna moaned and licked her lips feeling as her nipples started to slowly expand over the girls faces. Skye and Raze were muffled by the insides of the chest sacks. The boobs ate the girls' heads and wrapped around their necks. The dark boobs moved around and the faces of the girls pushed the skin out but there was no escape.
The boobs wetly slurped on the shoulders of the girls, easily eating them whole. The ravenous tits pushed the meal's boobs down and slurped them inside. 
 "OH YES! Get into my tits you fucking whores!" Moaned Reyna
 Reyna grabbed a hold of the asscheeks of both girls and pushed them further into her bloated breasts. Their slim tummies were gobbled up and only half of them remained. The boobs started to sag down and lay on the belly squashing the girls inside her stomach even more. Reyna squeezed and played with the nice butts of her tit food before pushing the hips in. The boobs were leaking some milk and it dripped on the belly. Reyna giggled, feeling her belly getting moist from the breast milk. The girls in the chest sacks were being drenched in milk as their lower halves were being eaten. Their asses sucked into the tits and the girls were being forced to curl inside the tight squishy area. They tried begging Reyna but she simply wasn't listening to any of her food.
The legs were all that remained for both girls so Reyna removed their shoes and pushed against their feet until her nipples wrapped around her finger. Reyna moaned, taking her finger out and some breast milk was on it. She licked her finger clean and giggled thinking it tasted pretty good. Her tits were massive full of squirming women who cried and begged to be let out. 
 "Looks like you two are all-HWARRRPPPP-thats guys just might have the worst fate of them all." Teased Reyna
 Reyna was able to lift herself off the ground even with all that weight. She moaned, making her cock massive to the point it could suck someone inside.
 " not there!" Pleaded Killjoy
 Reyna giggled going over to the final girls and first she grabbed Killjoy. The dark skinned German yelped as the soft fat cock got super hard and pushed against her face. She begged Viper to help her but as the cock pushed into her face it ended up opening and engulfing her head. Viper looked away from the foul sight next to her and just tried to ignore it. Reyna moaned as the tip of her dick expanded over Killjoy's shoulders. The squirming girl cried as she was sliding into the shaft. It smelt like cum and piss making her gag. The massive cock started bulging with her crying face and frame being inserted into the shaft. Killjoy's movement made Reyna super horny and she wanted to blast a load of jizz all over her cock snack but she decided to wait for now.
Viper could hear Killjoy's screams and the wet noises of the ravenous penis. Killjoy's boobs made an imprint in the shaft and the fat cock slurped in the first half of the girl. The stench of cum was getting stronger as Killjoy approached the balls. Her hips were slurped in and the cock made no reservations with her ass simply slipping it inside the slimy shaft.
 "Noooo I don't want to be cum!" Cried Killjoy
 Killjoy's legs were swiftly sucked into the fat cock and the tip sealed shut and the entire form of Killjoy was stuck in the cock. Reyna had a huge smile on her face as she stroked the curvy bulge before giggling. She loosened the insides of her shaft and Killjoy screamed as she dropped into the left testicle splashing into a pool of warm sticky cum. Reyna's balls were massive and were touching the ground.
 "One filled...only one slut left!" Moaned Reyna
 Viper terrified fell on her belly and tried to do the same thing Sage did but this time the cock got a hold of her feet. She begged Reyna to stop as her lower legs started to be slurped in. The American girl cried out feeling the slimy insides going up her legs with no trouble at all. 
 "Yesss get in my balls you cunt! Become a cum shot!" Moaned Reyna
 Reyna found sucking girls into her cock felt just as good as sucking them into her ass. Viper's ass was slurped into the hungry cock and her perfect lower body made a sexy curvy bulge on the veiny cock. Viper bawled her eyes out as the cock went up her stomach with ease. She looked back to see Killjoy squirming inside the fat nuts screaming her head off. The grim fate of turning into cum was getting closer and closer. Viper cried out as her tits were slurped in and the stench of cum was getting closer. 
 "Nooooo-mmmpphhhhh-" Screamed Viper before getting cut off
 The cock shut around Viper's face and Reyna had her little fun with her second cock meal before dropping her into the right testicle. Reyna's cock went back to normal but her nuts were absolutely massive making her smile. Reyna was finally full of all eight women so she went ahead and allowed digestion to start everywhere. Green fluids started to fill up in the stomach covering the four inside. Inside the boobs the milk started slosh around and the girls felt tingly. Same thing inside the balls. Skye and Raze were the first to feel the pain. The milk around them started to boil, practically burning their skin. 
 "AHHHHHH I BURNS!!" Cried Skye
 The girl's skin was turning red and peeling off, melting into the delicious breast milk. The pain of burning alive with the tit walls squeezing their bodies was unbearable. They begged for their lives and Reyna simply ignored them and rubbed her breasts aiding in their painful deaths. Raze felt horrible all over and tried pushing the walls back but her arm was so weak that she felt it snap in half. A blood curdling scream escaped her lips and she thrashed around wildly. The boob started to collapse on Skye and Raze.
Their screams were getting louder as more and more of their bodies were mangled. But then their necks snapped and they were dead. The still corpses of both girls started to melt away with all their bones and innards melting into milk.
 "Awww good….yummy milk for me!" Said Reyna
 Reyna poked her full boobs and nothing was left. No bones, no blood, and no clothes, only milk remained. Her nipples were dripping with milk making her giggle. Reyna licked her lips and placed her hand under one of her fat full jugs and positioned her nipple toward her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Reyna squeezed her tit and milk poured into her mouth. She moaned at the delicious taste and started to gulp it down.
Tons of milk went down her throat and squirted all over the girls inside the stomach. They yelped at the warm white feeling of milk drenching their bodies and mixing with the acid. After half draining her right boob she stopped drinking and let her boob lay on her belly. She wiped her lips clean of milk and smiled 
 "Fuck how tasty...who knew breast milk made of out of cute girls would taste so damn good hehe!" Giggled Reyna
 Reyna decided to focus on melting the girls in her balls next. Viper and Killjoy were basically swimming in cum but it started to get worse. The pain of burning spread across their bodies and they started to squirm for their lives. The unbearable pain of melting alive caused them to scream. Viper pushed the walls with her face and hands desperately wanting to survive but as the cum burned more and more her hope started to dwindle away. Killjoy smacked the walls but she could feel her bones were about to break. But she didn't stop and all of sudden both arms fell off leaving her arm less. Killjoy bawled her eyes out seeing her arms melt into cum right before. Viper felt her lower half melting away so she started to sink. 
 "NOOOO FUCK HELP ME!!!" Cried Viper
 Viper screamed but as she did cum sloshed and started to go down her throat. She violently thrashed around as she drowned in the sticky liquid. Her screaming made some cum spill out of her mouth but it just wasn't enough. She was melting from the inside now. Viper's eyes rolled back and she sank under never to be seen again as a human. Killjoy cried as her glasses fell off and she too was sinking down. Her legs were nothing but jizz now and she felt her innards melting away.
 "" Muttered Killjoy
 Killjoy groaned as she went under the cum and all her bones melted away and nothing remained. Reyna rubbed her full nuts as the girls were reduced to cum. 
 "This cum shot is going to be huge...fuck I can't wait to splatter you all over place!" Moaned Reyna
 The cum sloshed and bubbled in her balls practically begging to be squirted out but Reyna held back focusing on the mass of meat squirming around in her belly. Reyna rubbed her belly with her tongue out dripping saliva on her massive tits.
Digestion got super loud in her gut and the moving around got more wild and desperate. She giggled poking at the curves of her struggling meals.
 "Yesss...move as I melt you into shit…I can't wait to feel your shitty remains sliding out of my ass!!" Moaned Reyna loudly 
 The faces and hands pushed the dark skin of her belly with a muffled scream coming from the bulges. Reyna moaned, pushing their pathetic looking faces down into the gurgling mass. Inside the stomach it was a hellish experience of Sage, Lua, Jett, and Astra pushed together in a wet tangled mess. They cried out in pain feeling the acid melting their skin. The bubbly acid sloshed around and splashed all over the mass of meat. Poor Lua was at the bottom being squished under the other four. With the acid churning her body into a soft mess and the girls on top of her she felt like she was going to snap in half. It only got worse as the acid was spilling into her mouth a little. Lus reached her hand out into the other girls feeling Astra's boobs and gasped for air. But with all the girls squirming around, putting her soft arm in the middle was a mistake.
Lua's arm broke and she screamed but all that did was pour acid down her throat. She started to shake and thrash uncontrollably before going limp. The weight of the other three smashed and crushed Lua into a mangled mess. She was practically unrecognizable after half an hour. All her skin was gone and only bones and mush remained.
 "AHAHAH NOOO IT BURNS!!...I'M MELTING!!!" Screamed Sage
 Sage was next on the chopping block as her skin boiled and peeled off showing some of her muscle. The morbid sight was ignored by Astra and Jett who continued trying to escape their grim doom. Sage just begged and begged for their help. No one paid attention to her as her legs dissolved and the stomach squeezed, breaking some of her lips. She screamed loudly and tears ran down her eyes. Sage couldn't even feel Lua anymore and she turned back to see the mass of meat that used to be the rookie agent. Lua's skull and snapped spine was floating and Sage couldn't help but pass out. The girl then sank under into the mass of the digested girl and became a part of it. The stomach ripped Sage apart and she was nothing more than mush to be absorbed.
Reyna was getting off to the nasty morbid sounds of girls breaking down in her stomach. She wanted to cum all over the place so bad but still held back.
 "Fuck hurry up and melt you useless cunts! Just melt already!" Yelled Reyna
 Reyna then slammed her fist into her belly which took Jett out snapping her neck. Jett's limp body slid down into the mush and she was ripped to shreds leaving only Astra left. The black girl cried and begged practically swimming in mush.
 But Reyna just groaned and waited for the final death. Astra just cried as the mush went past her neck and filled the entire chamber. Her body was crushed and turned into mush while she was still alive. But that didn't last long and Asta was no more. The belly crew were all gone sloshing around waiting to be absorbed. Reyna felt so much better pushing her hands into her squishy stomach full of bones. 
Reyna's stomach loudly groaned and she moaned as all the mush and bones started to pump into her guts. It felt so good to feel as she gained tons of fat. Her already massive full tits were getting bigger and bigger eventually becoming almost k cups. Reyna couldn't believe how massive her tits were but she smiled and giggled loving every last second of it. But not only did her boobs grow but her ass became absolutely massive. The giant dark ass cheeks grew bigger and bigger. Reyna turned back and slapped her growing ass cheeks and watched them jiggle around. Her thighs became just as big as her ass and Reyna was more than satisfied with her super thick body. A big belly remained full of waste that needed to be dumped, making her smile. 
 "Yes...YESSSS..all you worthless bitches are not worthless anymore you are all a part of something much! Said Reyna
 Reyna giggled continuing to grope herself and some milk squirted out of her boobs but finally the need to shit came. Reyna squatted down right on the ground and grabbed her fat asscheeks and spresd them apart. Reyna breathed heavily and moaned as she squeezed. Her asshole was pushed open as the tip of a turd made itself known. The massive tree trunk sized log pushed out filled with hair and bones. Reyna couldn't believe the sheer girth of the massive turd coming out of her. Steam was coming off the turd before it even touched the ground and a rib cage was sticking out of the slimy brown mass. It took a solid five minutes of squeezing but the turd plopped down and Reyna looked back to see the morbid turd. She giggled and went right back to it.
Warm slimy turds plopped down on top of each other and the smell was absolutely horrid. Snapped bones and more hair was pushed into the logs. Even a skull finally came out and Reyna figured it was the rookie Lua's. 
 "Ffcukkk yesss come out of my asshole….fuckk soo gooodd!" Moaned Reyna
 Reyna loved it even more than sucking girls up her asshole. The pile was five feet tall already. Only two skulls have shown up so far and the fat turds just seemed to be endless. But then Reyna had a blockage and grunted. The turd was refusing to come out and she pouted pushing and pushing. It took forever just to have its head come out. But instead two skulls pushed together in a massive turd crowned and pushed out. Reyna screamed in extreme pleasure as the final log unloaded out and finally it dropped down topping the pile off. Reyna breathed heavily and rubbed her poor ass and smiled, turning back to the pile. Reyna was so happy that she could finally cum. Reyna spit on her hand and grabbed her hard cock. She moaned stroking her dick back and forth.
 "Yes..yes come out and cover this pile!" Moaned Reyna
 The cum sloshed around getting ready to come out. Reyna was simply so horny it only took a couple minutes before the cum climbed up her shaft and was ready to go. She moaned and the cum squirted out. Fat ropes of white jizz flew out of the tip and splattered on the smelly brown pile. Reyna couldn't believe all the cum was out already. Gallons of cum were squirting out in massive globs all over the pile and even on the floor. Killjoy's beanie was covered in cum splat on the ground and soon after that Viper's mask came out as well. Reyna smiled seeing the remains of the girls and laughed. Reyna's balls shriveled up to half the size when she was finally finished. 
 "Wow...I did it...they are all gone..fuck yeah!" Said Reyna
 Reyna stood straight up and wiped her ass clean and cock clean using her own clothes and smirked at the white and brown pile. She slapped her jiggly ass and walked out of the warehouse leaving the horrid smelling pile to stink the place up.
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Agents Taken Down By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission made for Luakitsune
Word Count: 5000
Art by Frenxir

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