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Toriel vore game By Hughoftheskies -- Report

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Views: 9,427

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Resolution: 1280x740

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Windows V1.05

Android V1.05

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Posted by PotatoFarmer 1 month ago Report

Thank you for blessing us with another game d00d!


Posted by somethingsomething2077 1 month ago Report

Toriel gaming


Posted by mmmooo55 1 month ago Report

Toriel gamer


Posted by fancyderp9001 1 month ago Report

I still wish it would actually show the digestion happening. Good work on it though.


Posted by Jacket 1 month ago Report

Trying to talk to Toriel after struggling seems to crash the game.


Posted by Hughoftheskies 1 month ago Report

Fixed it. 1.02 v would no longer have the issue


Posted by FalcortheWolf 1 month ago Report

Any way you could write this for iPhone?


Posted by anema_sesuna 1 month ago Report

This is amazing


Posted by Night5Gaming 1 month ago Report

I think some dialogue is getting repeated aswell as replacing important dialogue


Posted by booleanTrue 1 month ago Report

This is overall wonderful and a true treat to indulge in. The game crashed after trying to talk after being swallowed though.


Posted by Hughoftheskies 1 month ago Report



Posted by CABEZILLA142DXD 1 month ago Report

NGL, it's pretty amazing!


Posted by Anonymousfan20 1 month ago Report

I’m trying to run it but can’t figure out how. How exactly do you open it?


Posted by silenttowers147 1 month ago Report

yah i cant figure it out either


Posted by JeebyHeebies 1 month ago Report

Normally I'm really happy to see more of these from you, but Toriel isn't really my thing. I don't really like mother/son vore.


Posted by Zapor 1 month ago Report

but i worry what some buttons should be hide\end when vore part is start + i want see monster donuts in toriel`s stomach)


Posted by Baz 1 month ago Report

Yes! Seeing the stuff we've fed in there would be <3


Posted by Hughoftheskies 1 month ago Report



Posted by Zapor 1 month ago Report

Great update! But i still think you dont hide unactive icons and layouts (like after escape Toriel`s stomach i still see acids and another eated stuff in low of screen). Same about candy button, it doesnt hide after starting vore part.

Also! Food in stomach is should be alot bigger because normally we seen it outside, but in stomach we surrounded but this stuff and it definitely closer to our view so we tecnically will see this stuff a bigger (and darker).

And one problem - after play on any ending we still hear music and all sounds like gurgle etc, which feel super hilarious on replay!

it a still super funny game and i really love it! Really inspiring, and i even want try something simular (but probably on different engine)

Thank you for updates btw!


Posted by Bright 1 month ago Report

Both the torial and gardevoir were very entertaining.


Posted by Night5Gaming 1 month ago Report

I think some of the missing dialogue is when you peek into the kitchen, it repeats the same line four times


Posted by Junogray 1 month ago Report

Quite fantastic stuff, I normally don't even like Pov all that much
note: I have noticed that the sounds keep playing from the belly when it starts over


Posted by Dooot 1 month ago Report

You did a great job with this one.


Posted by mover 1 month ago Report

Just wow! An interesting game, I played on my phone and I liked it.


Posted by mover 1 month ago Report

And to be honest I would like to see more Maffet


Posted by Deathska0 1 month ago Report

So if this is like a part 2 for the Gardevoir game is there gonna be more parts with even more preds


Posted by MisterAlexShark 1 month ago Report

Love this!


Posted by MisterAlexShark 1 month ago Report

If you ever make another one featuring Toriel having gentle stuff would be fun too!


Posted by Prancer 1 month ago Report

F yes


Posted by Elicia 1 month ago Report

Thank you for going the extra mile to set this up for android amazing work


Posted by alf949 1 month ago Report

Love IT, but sorry for sounding demanding or greedy, but will it be added more preds later on or is this just a one time thing ?


Posted by RoTheHuman 1 month ago Report

That was a lot of fun!


Posted by RoTheHuman 1 month ago Report

although I did have to pick dialog choices that made me less enthusiastic about being eaten than I really was :-D


Posted by BuckleYourPants 1 month ago Report

Great game!i had plenty of fun while playing it ,hope we get more great content soon.


Posted by xnovusalpha001 1 month ago Report

I love it! This is the most enjoyable vore game that I have played to date. I know this would probably be annoying to add (depending on if you have to make or commission new assets as well as potentially having to create new code logic / scripting for the game). It would be interesting to see episodic experiences with Toriel and Gardevoir, but they may be asking too much effort and time than it would be worth.
I like how when struggling after being eaten by Toriel that dialogue with her is automatically prompted as if reacting to the player's liveliness. Although, I wish this was applied to Gardevoir as well. In addition, seeing slightly larger bellies depending on how much is fed to Toriel or Gardevoir would be an interesting detail but may not be worth the effort for something relatively minor.

My only complaint, as with a lot of vore games, is the lack of an endosoma/non-fatal/non-digestion option where it is implied that you are not digested instead of vice versa. I guess with Gardevoir that is technically true but is left ambiguous, which I don't mind; however, with Toriel, it is nearly explicit that you are digested or going to be completely digested by tomorrow.


Posted by absolute 1 month ago Report

I got the escape ending for toriel! And tonight on shock tv, A RUINS GENOCIDE RUN!


Posted by nope01 1 month ago Report

Can you make a post digestion shot please?


Posted by mmmooo55 4 weeks ago Report

this is a bit of a late comment;
also props on giving us more undertale content weeks before deltarune part 2 got abruptly dropped on us all.

i think the perspective work in this one is your best yet. the low angle combined with toriels chubby body, large breasts and cute gut work very well! she is also very expressive and that really helps sell this whole experience.

thank you for everything you do for us! could you possibly include more endosoma content in the future?