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Lucoa's Little Snack By daisypink71 -- Report

After a long night of Drinking Lucoa craved something small and sweet to eat. Kanna poked her head around the door to see the drunk busty dragon lady stumbling towards her.

Kanna is small and sweet, she thought! Without any hesitation the little dragon was snatched up and stuffed down the dark maw of her 'friend'.

**Edit: I kinda messed this picture up a bit, the second panel was supposed to be Kanna getting squished by the walls of Lucoas stomach. But people seem to think its Shouta instead. In hindsight shading her hair with a purple was kind of a silly move on my end but ahh well. ^_^ I'll keep this in mind for future images!

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Posted by MysticSummoner 1 month ago Report

That's a good belly right there!


Posted by daisypink71 1 month ago Report

Thank you!!


Posted by thicceater 1 month ago Report

Hot daym you make a good Lucoa
Round and full of prey is a good look for her
Oh yee the second panel does kinda look like her boy is in there, I could see why there’d be confusion lol, if Shouta was in there though, it be kinda like Lucoa has two stomachs, which is quite the pleasant idea heheh


Posted by daisypink71 1 month ago Report

I can see dragons having 2 stomachs in all honesty XD