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Necromancer Noms By Cowrie -- Report

An image of my new necromancer character, Kiomira Boneweaver after swallowing some unfortunate fellow human. Kiomira hails from my new fantasy setting of Limartis, which is heavily inspired by the late, great Duamutef's universe of Ishara. As in Ishara, all living things on Limartis are on a reproductive level a single species, with plants, animals, and sapient creatures producing mutually compatible spores that exchange genetic information before taking root and growing into either a plant or an egg, with creatures hatching from such eggs fully grown and and possessing basic knowledge and capabilities for survival, including things such as language and a genetically determined "birth class" in the case of sapient beings. Males are completely nonexistent on Limartis, but most "species" do have both female and hermaphrodite forms.

Another similarity is that almost all animals and sapient beings, as well as plenty of plant varieties, are capable of swallowing relatively large prey whole, though many typically "herbivorous" animals are limited to creatures that are still considerably smaller than themselves. For example, an average horse from Limartis would be unable to swallow anything much larger than a domestic cat. Additionally, many creatures, including most non-human sapient species, require regular meals of live prey.

One difference from Ishara that is worth mentioning is the fact that, rather than being an entire universe with countless worlds, Limartis is just a single planet. Additionally, in some regards, Limartis takes more inspiration from typical sword and sorcery settings. In addition to monster girls like nagas and harpies, sapient races include more traditional fantasy humanoids like elves and dwarves. Death by means other than digestion is still relatively common, though most forms disease are still rare or nonexistent. On that note, undead threats are much more numerous and diverse, with necromancers like Kiomira animating corpses and skeletons as servants and foot soldiers with no free will, and other undead with their own volition including ghouls, vampires and wraiths as well as ghosts.

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