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Raising the Dung (WARNING - SCAT) By Cowrie -- Report

A follow-up to Necromancer Noms. While most people from Limartis are quite capable of digesting bones, Kiomira possesses a genetic quirk that means bone pass through her digestive tract almost completely undamaged. While many individuals would find that inconvenient, as a necromancer, Kiomira is able to use it to her advantage, raising her meals from the dead as skeletal servitors after she "deposits" their remains. It is quite common for her to just shit out what's left of her humanoid meals wherever she happens to be when they reach the end of the line. As seen here, she just has the new undead slave clean up the mess.

On Limartis, while many spellcasting birth classes are capable of casting some necromantic spells, the dedicated necromancer class is relatively rare in most gene pools. However, when a necromancer hatches out, it is common for them to be born quite powerful compared to more general spellcasters and only rise in ability from there. Therefore, many necromancers, Kiomira herself included, end up climbing to positions of great political power in their area, using zombies and animated skeletons for many simpler tasks, and recruiting free-willed undead such as ghouls and wraiths, as well as the less-powerful necromancers that tend to be born in the vicinity of a skillful necromancer ruler, as advisors and officers. It should be noted that, while ghouls and wraiths are capable of acting of their own volition, many powerful necromancers can impose their will on such creatures with effort, albeit not as completely as they have control over the lesser undead races.

Due to her habit of raising the skeletons of her meals from the dead, the vast majority of Kiomira's undead followers are skeletons rather than fleshy zombies.

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Posted by Gorgrath177 1 month ago Report

Reuse, reduce, recycle


Posted by Cowrie 1 month ago Report

Heh, nice!


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

her undead should be called ass slaves


Posted by Cowrie 1 month ago Report

Nah, not crazy about that name, myself. Thanks, though!


Posted by carlj 1 month ago Report

"Being her undead servant? It's a crappy job, but someone has to do it."