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Stubborn Skull By doomfister -- Report

Her name had been Jennifer, not like Bug had bothered to ask the startled woman in the short time it had taken the predatory pony to gulp down the gorgeous geography teacher. The startled woman vanishing fast, as in a few short seconds the thrashing tutor rapidly made the tight transition down the throbbing throat as a bawling bulge. Bug’s moist maw falling over the brown-eyed beauty’s head in a saliva-soaked surge, causing Jennifer to yelp in fright as the equine eating her efficiently slurped her out of her wrapper like a curvy clam with a few strong swallows. Bug’s practised hands easily easing the straps of Jennifer’s dress off her shoulders, allowing the earth pony to peel the woman from her tasteless garment in a gulping glide.

Bug savouring every slither of silky skin, as the milky morsel succulently slid over the pony’s peckish palate in a sucking sequence of gradual glugs. Bra and panties following suit as the pony progressed, as the equine effortlessly stripped her mewling meal of her modesty in a series of lavish licks. The predatory pony only pausing for a moment to briskly remove Jennifer’s stilettos, lest she be stabbed by the stylish shoes once her struggling snack was safely secured in her snug stomach. The whimpering woman’s lip-framed feet then giving one last little wave, before with an audible glurp Bug sent Jennifer’s twitching toes down to join the rest of the worming woman bunched up in her belly.

A ruckus soon rising from Bug’s bloated barrel, as no sooner had Jennifer been deposited within the digestive depths, did the packed away woman begin to protest her predicament as prey. The high-strung human refusing to settle in to stew; not like the engorged earth pony cared about the feelings of her food, as in the mardy muncher’s mind, the woman was at this point just another turd she would be pinching off with her ponut come morning. A wet belch ending the bitches bickering, and after a few spasming seconds Jennifer slumped against the stomach and succumbed to the stewing space with a cringing convulsion. This outcome was inevitable for her feisty food, as smart as she was, Jennifer had to breathe eventually, and with a definitive burp she was reduced to just another dinner to digest.

The thrashing treat tucked away in Bug’s tummy soon growing silent, as the squirming woman swiftly suffocated within the smothering snare of the stale space. Jennifer tensing and trembling before slacking off, as the woman reluctantly resigning her entire life to just a bundle of mature meat within the churning chamber that had clamped down to claim her as calories. The jiggling bulge in Bug’s belly slowly squirming to a stop, leaving just the gurgle of flowing stomach acid, as the gut got to work on the neatly folded female flesh it had been graciously given.

Bug letting out a satisfied sigh as she felt the fidgeting frame flounder within her, letting her know the contained cunt had lost her annoying argument with Bug’s better biology. The mardy mare’s appetite appeased as the demands of her gluttonous gastric tract set to work sluicing the slab of shapely sustenance currently curled up in its caustic clutches. Nature taking its course, as now free of Jennifer’s jibbering Bug set about digesting her mute meal just like any other predatory partaking, as in the end, Jennifer was just a pretty standard snarfing for the dour devourer.


That had been several hours ago, and now the majority of the melted woman was a formless female faecal fudge festering in Bug’s bowels. Bug feeling the butt brownies brewing in her inflated intestines, leaving a familiar knock on the dark side of her soon to be ajar arsehole. The slightly paunchier pony picking through her prey’s purse as she felt the shit stir in her crammed colon, as Jennifer begged to be let out as a brown bowel movement. A fetid fart heralding the foul flow of former female, as Bug quickly searched for one last tip from her turdified treat as a reward for putting in the effort of eating her. A few notes and a drivers licence soon surfacing giving Bug a name for her long-liquidized lady lunch.

“Huh, thanks Jennifer, I always appreciate it when my dinner dates give me a little extra,” chuckled Bug as she put her hand on her pudgy potbelly, as she addressed the reconstituted remains of the hapless human contained within her colon. The lingering logs Jennifer’s lasting legacy, as Bug already planned to fertilize her flowers with the large load of sloppy scat that would soon be scraping over her shivering sphincter. The mare smiling as she felt the slimy shite slot into the perfect position to pass, and with a grunt, she hiked up her tail and began to push out the plentiful poop with a strenuous squeeze.

The peachy primate passing pleasantly at first, as the scatty sludge crept along Bug’s colon with a couple of coasting clenches, allowing the rectal residue to slither smoothly through the straightened sigmoidal before reaching the rectum ready for its dirty departure. Bug not used to human prey, but their tempting soft tissues seemed to digest like any other, but in a few moments the mare would rudely reminded of one of the unique quirks of indulging in a bipedal banquet.

She felt it shift like a stone, as the stubborn skull shape designed to hold a big brain made its tumbling trip towards her tail star. The crap coated cranium smooth and round, giving the impression of laying an egg as it edged ever closer to Bug’s nibbling log cutter. The reluctant rosebud slowly blooming around the awkward calcium casemate as it crowned, forcing the starfish to spread in a shuddering scream. The lack of a convenient muzzle to wedge open the orifice leading to the acid-pitted dome dilating the dunghole into a groaning gape, as the elastic exit unhinged in an attempt to birth the bung-like bone.

Bug gritting her teeth, a sweat flooding onto her brow as she strained to shift the stuck scat pressing against her trembling tail hole. The backdoor birthing failing to clear the clogging collagen cork, leaving Bug’s sphincter to sheepishly suckle upon the stern segment of the woman’s mostly smashed skeleton. This constipated conundrum lasting for over a minute, before with a crushing clench the brainbox buckled with a crisp crunch and fell free of the sore shitter to the tune of a pleasant plop.

“You’re far from the first brunette blockage I have had, but jeez Jennifer, I thought you would never crack,” panted Bug as with a final flex she imploded the irritating indigestible and let the lodged loaf trickle out of her tail end in a greasy glide. Bug’s steamy breathing settled as her poop chute cleared with a crackling caress against her chubby cheeks. The mare biting her lip as the textured turds crept out of her corn hole with strumming tingles, giving hints at the identity of the well-utilized individual she had ingested. The poo peppered with scattered shards of shimmering silver, as Bug had neglected to remove Jennifer’s jewellery, leaving the untarnished precious metals to twinkle in the muddy mess the rest of their owner had made after her digestive dip.

Bug just mulling muffled moans, as what felt like the parts of a broken necklace shuffle over her tender turd-cutter with stimulating strokes. Jennifer’s clay-like constitution continuing to chug out of her chocolate canal like a thick taffy, leaving Bug red in the face as the educator exited as a coiling crap of intermingled indigestibles. The dump turning rather compliant leaving the mushy much to tumble out of her tooter with tempting thrums. Jennifer all and all an enjoyable experience to excrete, as the good girl had tucked her head in and died without too much fuss, so it was little surprised that soon Bug’s blinking brown eye was easing out the last lump of lysed lady with a soft shunt. The mare shaking her rump lightly as the final soil sausage fell away to join the mountain of manure Bug had raised below her bubbly buttocks.

Bug wiping her raw chrysanthemum clean with her dinner’s designer dress, as she felt the battered bunghole calmly begin to zip itself up with a few puckered pulses. The earth pony purring slightly as she looked back at her hazel handiwork, before she allowed her saluting tail to relax and she rose to leave the fresh fondue to cool. Her first steps a little slow and clumsy, as she adjusted for no longer carrying for two, but after a few steps the pony was plodding away like nothing had happened, regardless of the extra pounds padding her plump plot…


Regardless of form Bug is a gluttonous gal; pony, human, anthro, all are fair game if they are within swallowing distance of the moody mare. This a cruel fact Jennifer learned too late as the unfortunate woman was sent on a one way trip through Bug's tubing...

This is a piece of gift art done by Nomi, who did a lovely piece of Bug passing her processed prey. Hopefully, you prefer Jennifer's fate more than the human turned horseapples ;)

I also now have a patreon, if you would like to support me, it can be found here:

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Posted by Yanaginagi 1 month ago Report

God damn..


Posted by doomfister 1 month ago Report

Indeed, poor Jen made a scatty spectacular once Bug birthed that mound of buttery brown. XD