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Sitting on the couch in the middle of the class 1-A dorms was the teen Mineta. The short boy with the quirk to use balls that stick to anything was annoyed. Bakugo has been a dick like usual so Mineta has been in a sour mood all day. No one else was at the dorms as they were either out having fun with their friends or studying in the library leaving Mineta alone with his thoughts. 
 "Stupid Bakugo and his dumb loud I want some perfect payback!" Said Mineta 
 That's when he heard a knock on the door which made him curious. Mineta was wearing a blue casual shirt and some purple sweat pants since it was a day off. Mineta went over and opened the door and his eyes practically popped out of his skull. Standing there was the very definition of a milf. Short blonde spiky hair, a cute mature face, big breasts and a curvy bottom. 
 "Um hello I'm Katsuki's mom, Mitsuki." Introduced Mitsuki 
 Mineta was a little stunned at the hot mom but hearing that it was Bakugo's mom made Mineta have a little idea.
 "Is my son here? I was supposed to meet him here but I ended up coming way too early." Said Mitsuki
 "Sorry he's not here right now but I can take you to his room!" Said Mineta with a smile
 "Oh thank you!" Exclaimed Mitsuki
 Mineta let Mitsuki inside and started to lead her to the second floor. But Mineta was indeed not leading her to her son's room instead he was heading to his own. Mineta had a perfect plan to get revenge as he tapped his flat belly and licked his lips. Mineta and Mitsuki reached the room and the milf didn't bother looking at the room name, completely trusting her son's classmate. Mineta opened the door and let Mitsuki inside the dark room. Mitsuki turned the light on and was stunned to see the walls covered in posters of half naked women and to her right were photos of what looked to be girls in Katsuki's class.
 ""What the fuck!! My boy is a total perv. There is no way I raised him to be like this!" Yelled Mitsuki shocked
 Then Mitsuki heard the door shut and lock which made her turn around to see the small highschooler smirking at her.
 "Hehe you are right about you not raising Bakugo to be a perv. This is my room not his and I'm getting my revenge on him using you!" Said Mineta with a pervy smirk
 Mitsuki had a disgusted look on her face as the perv started to go toward her. Mitsuki threw her purse at Mineta and he smacked it away. As Mitsuki was about to use her quirk Mineta took some of the balls off his head and threw them at the milfs feet. They stuck to the tip of her shoes and the floor. Mitsuki yelped and fell back hitting her head on the ground. She groaned in pain but it didn't knock her out. Mineta laughed evilly before walking over to Mitsuki's head.
 "Have fun in my gut! Can't wait to see Bakugo's face when he finds out his mom is missing!" Said Mineta
 Mitsuki's eyes widened in terror as she was lifted up onto her butt and the purple balls came off of her feet. Saliva dripped on her blonde hair and a blood curdling scream escaped her mouth but it didn't matter since no one was there. The boy's lips wrapped around the top of her head and more spit ran down her face. Mineta sucked on Mitsuki's head and enjoyed the delicious flavor of the screaming milf. Mitsuki struggled for her life swinging her arms around and kicking her feet against the ground. Mitsuki's screams were finally muffled as her entire head puffed out Mineta's cheeks. His slimy tongue slapped across her face and even went in her mouth for a second.
Mitsuki screamed even louder as her head was brought into the highschooler's tight throat. It clung to her face and head tightly and Mitsuki found it super uncomfortable.
 Mineta laughed at her begging and looked to see her boobs jiggling. Mineta went ahead and started to grope them before he melted them into mush. He grabbed and squeezed the nice milkers making Mitsuki feel violated and even more uncomfortable. Mitsuki just whimpered as he touched her boobs.
Mineta moved on getting her solid frame inside his mouth and gulped it down letting the fat tits slap against his face. It was like a pillowy soft heaven against his face but Mineta wasn't trying to get a feel and just wanted to eat. Mineta pushed the fat breasts down and Mitsuki winced in pain as another gulp brought her boobs into the slimy mouth.
Mineta swallowed the boobs of his meal and Mitsuki was inches away from hot steamy stomach. Mineta grabbed his milf meals waist and pulled her back swallowing her yummy toned middle. After a couple gulps Mitsuki was pushed into the stomach and whimpered as her face was pressed against the warm acid at the bottom. Mineta's belly was getting bigger and it started to push his blue shirt out.
Mineta managed to swallow up the entire upper half and his lips wrapped around the milfs hips. Mineta grabbed a hold of Mitsuki's ass and lifted her up while tilting his head back and started to slowly lower her inside. The nice thick ass slid past his lips and Mineta wanted to tongue her asshole but the pencil skirt was in the way. So he let the ass make a big bulge in his neck. Gulp after gulp sounded as Mineta filled his gut with milf meat. Finally his lips were sealed shut with the shoes and feet in his mouth.
Mineta swallowed one last time and felt the entire mom spill into his belly. Immediately a desperate face pushed the skin out and her pair of fat tits made some nice curvy imprints.
Her muffled voice was barely understandable to the teenage boy as he patted his belly and even squeezed the tit imprints. 
 "Haha there we go! You look amazing as a few curvy bulges!" Laughed Mineta
 Mineta's gut was much bigger than him but all the hero training allowed him to carry it around with not too much effort. Mineta was able to crawl on his bed even with the massive squirming tummy. Mineta laid down letting his belly point up to the ceiling. He laughed while stroking all the curvy bulge of his big meal. Mineta felt something coming up and covered his mouth but it didn't matter.
Mineta belched loudly and out came a white pair of panties covered completely in gastric juices. The panties splat on the belly and Mineta smiled, taking the wet panties off his belly. Even though it had stomach acids on them he sniffed the panties and past his own juices he could smell the pussy and ass that rubbed against the panties. All that stimulation of feeling up Mitsuki while eating her and the smell of her panties made Mineta hard. The purple pants had a massive tent and Mineta smirked.
 "Well well well looks like he came out to play...oh I'm going to enjoy this!" Said Mineta
 Mineta pulled his pants down letting his fat cock free. It was a solid six inches and it pressed up against his gut. Mineta grabbed his lotion and put some on his hand before grasping on his hard member. A little chill went up his spine before he started to jerk off. Mineta moaned softly and with his free hand he squeezed the butt bulge of his meal.
His stomach was getting loud as digestion was working on Mitsuki in full power. Inside the boy's gut Mitsuki was struggling for her life. Half her body was exposed to the stomach juices as her clothes were being melted away. Mitsuki felt warm but nothing burned away even as her skin was all soft looking.
 She could feel the hand grabbing her thick naked ass and couldn't move enough to stop it. The tears fell down her face and dissolved into the pool of acid. The walls started to push against Mitsuki more, shoving her knees into her tits and her face was buried into her boobs as well. Mitsuki whimpered as nothing she did helped her situation. Mineta started to masturbate faster and faster, feeling that nice meaty ass until his climax was about to reach. A yelp of pleasure escaped his mouth and a big glob of jizz shot up out of his cock onto the belly. Mineta just patted the belly a little and went limp.
The stomach made wet noises as the slowly softening woman was starting to lose her shape. The acid was halfway up her body and she has lost all feeling in her legs that have been pretty much churned to bone.
 "" muttered Mitsuki
 Mitsuki watched the bubbly acids continue to rise until the entire chamber was full and she was no more.
Mitsuki made no other movements and Mineta just patted his belly as the large slab of milf meat was starting to come apart. The once curvy bulges started to round out and the body was broken down more and more. Bones melted and snapped until Mitsuki became pretty much an unrecognizable slurry inside Mineta. 
Mineta had just a nice big soft belly and Mitsuki's skull pushed the middle of the gut out. Mineta pushed it back in and let his belly finish processing the rest of its meat. An hour later the belly was complete and all that mushed up milf started to pump through his guts. Mineta moaned as the once large gut he had started to shrink down and was making his body more plump. His thighs and butt grew out in his pants and overall he became a little fatter. The only belly he had left was a small pot belly. 
 "Hehe it's hard to believe Bakugo's mom is just some fat now!" Said Mineta
 Mineta felt his bowels fill up with her remains so Mineta went out of his room to the boys bathroom in the dorm. Mineta pulled his pants down and plopped himself up on the toilet before feeling the remains rushing to his asshole. Mineta grunted and the tip of a turd made its way out before the middle of the fat bone speckled turd came out. It splashed into the toilet and Mineta could feel much more inside of him. Another squeezed and a turd with light blue fabric of Mitsuki's clothes started to mix in with the massive dump. 
Mitsuki's melted spine fell out of Mineta's asshole and was buried in the creamy scat. More fabric and bones unloaded out of his anus and the toilet was filling up nicely. The broken rib cage splat out into the massive scat pile and Mineta was forced to stand on the toilet as it was almost to his butt. The long logs of wet crap came out and one had a shiny object in it. Mitsuki's wedding ring survived digestion and was mixed in with the poop. Mineta had a blockage and was pushing hard. A fat turd with both shoes in the log was coming out. 
 "Damn I should've taken her shoes off before eating her." Said Mineta annoyed 
 But after some rough squeezing the log with the shoes came out and splat in the toilet. Mineta was able to squeeze the lifeless shit covered skull and it was all over. Mineta hopped off the toilet and saw the ring. His greedy side kicked in and he yanked it out of his shit. Mineta had a hard on and quickly took his dick out and started masturbating to the skull looking at him. Mineta furiously beat his dick for a solid ten minutes before another load of cum came out and splattered all over the skull. Mineta laughed and flushed the toilet. All the scat and bones were thrown into the sewers and the tight pipes smashed the skull into pieces and the toilet was empty. Mineta pulled his pants up and cleaned the ring off so now he had two trophies. 
 2 Hours Later
 Mineta was back on the couch but had a smirk on his face. Most of the others have come home now including Bakugo. Bakugo went up to Mineta and asked him a question. 
 "Hey did my mom pop by?" Asked Bakugo
 "No one did." Said Mineta shrugging
 Bakugo sighed and stormed off saying she had to be close by. Mineta laughed and pinched the fat on his side.
 "She's close by...a lot closer than you think." Whispered Mineta laughing to himself.
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Pervy Boy And The Milf By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission made for BATTLEBRO
Word Count: 2100
Art by Unknown

I really don't do too much male vore but once in awhile is fine

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Posted by Battelbro 11 months ago Report

Big thanks to you for doing this appreciate it


Posted by Coolwoman 11 months ago Report

It was a fun story! I love milfs as prey so it was just a fun write!


Posted by thicceater 11 months ago Report

I love Mineta pred, but adding MILF prey in the mix just makes it even better (especially a hot bimbo like Mitsuki)
Plus making a cruel Mineta is just the cherry on top <3


Posted by Coolwoman 11 months ago Report

Lol glad you loved it!


Posted by NovemberNights 11 months ago Report

Milf prey and cruel pred, one of my favorite combinations. This story was awesome! Loved Mitsuki as prey


Posted by Coolwoman 11 months ago Report

Glad you liked it! Mitsuki makes an awesome pred and prey


Posted by Xenophage17 11 months ago Report

Adore aggressive pred Mineta and that was some great disposal.