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Glutonia 1st draft By PotatoFarmer -- Report

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A WIP of the first chapter of the vore fetishy tale I be writing.

It's a new passion project of mine that I want to make into a long haul of a tale, featuring the two main characters, Tear and Melody from the WIPS I have, in addition to a Third protagonist later in the story who'll I'll leave ambiguous for now. Though I reckon about anyone can guess who she'll be once I post her ref eventually.

Also while this is seemingly, mostly done if there isn't a typo every other sentence. The first chapter posted here is only half done. I'll update, and delete this draft once I do some edits on what's posted here + the latter half. If you have any thoughts on how to characterize Tear and Melody, feel free to say so.

Currently, the idea I have with Tear is that she's a Naive college girl, who has a bit of a rough time trying to get through college, and being able to afford housing. But is seen as an outcast by most due to her refusal to eat mimics, a humanoid artificial being made to be food for the masses to consume on a daily basis. I want her main conflict to be her trying to stand on her own two feet, despite her family pressuring her to come back home and work in their business.

TLDR a naive rich girl trying to make it on her own in the world.

With Melody on the other hand, she's a mimic who's able to become self-aware thanks to Tear's tampering with her. But due to the chains still shackled to her psyche, she isn't able to emote very well, and barely even able to talk early on. Tear believes she's a full person, while everyone else believes that Tear's gone off the deep end by essentially trying to make them believe that their sex doll and or food is alive.

TLDR a puppet who Tear deems to be a real person

With the third protagonist, I want them to have much of the same theme as Tear, but instead of being born into a rich family who's running a big business, instead they're born in a ghetto and has seen the worst of what society has to offer. Making have a hatred towards anyone who's upper class, due to her considering them as the 'lucky ones' and especially Tear who had the opportunity to live the easy life but instead decided to be, "a complete idiot and throw it all away"

TLDR a bitter person who hates Tear, and dosen't become all that important till later.

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