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The famous hero Rychard has done hundreds of quests and has killed several dragons and was well on his way to slaying the demon king. Rychard has brown hair, green eyes, a muscular build, 6'3, and has a high combat level. Rychard was on his way to finally duel the demon king and was going through a forest during the day without a worry as all monsters were nothing to him. Also in the forest is a low level succubus named Rami. Rami is only level one with shoulder length blonde hair, c cup boobs, a skinny middle, a semi fat ass, and 5'1. The only clothes she had on was a white cloth wrap around her boobs, a white thong and purple boots. 
 "Ugh I'm so hungry..being low level sucks it's so hard to find food!" Said Rami
 Rami pouted while rubbing her flat belly as it was begging for food. It's been a few days since she has eaten so Rami was pretty hungry and was stumbling through the forest. Rami came out onto the main road and fell face first onto the dirt path. She groaned and heard some metal clank next to her. Rami looked up and a handsome bulking hero was looking at her. Rami blinked and could feel immense power coming from him. Rychard looked at the cute low level succubus and didn't even bother killing her since there was no reason. Instead he just talked to her.
 "Um, are you okay?" Asked Rychard 
 Rychard held his hand out and she gulped nervously and took his hand. Rami stood up and was about to talk when her belly groaned again. Rychard looked down and smiled a little thinking it was a little funny. Rami finally recognized the face as the famous hero. But then she wondered if she could convince him to be her food. 
 "Actually I'm starving since I haven't eaten anything in a few days...would you mind letting me eat you?" Asked Rami
 Rami acted all cute and shy like but Rychard wasn't buying it.
 "Haha hilarious I can give you some food but I have a demon king to slay right now." Said Rychard
 Rychard walked past Rami and a part of her felt she just failed as a succubus low level or not. Rami turned and looked at the hero's back and blinked, not believing he just said no. 
But her belly wanted food so she had to go to more extreme methods. Rami leaped at Rychard and fell back to the ground but she got a hold of the hero's ankles with her hands. Rychard stopped feeling Rami hold onto him and turned back to look at her. 
 Rami cried while kicking her legs against the ground and all Rychard could think of was a child having a tantrum. He did admit though that the succubus was definitely super cute but being digested by her would mean the mission would fail. But that wasn't to say the idea wasn't at least a little enticing. Rychard though held back and started to move even with Rami strapped onto his leg.
 Rychard kept going and really Rami wasn't hard to drag around but he knew she would become a hindrance later. Rychard sighed and stopped before turning around which made Rami unhand the ankles and sat on her knees looking up at him with tears in her eyes. Rychard found Rami unbelievably cute and started to think more about the idea of being her food. Rami just sniffled and pouted at Rychard but she could tell that he was thinking about something but didn't know what. In Rychard's mind the entire scenario of being eaten was being tossed around his head. He could see himself slowly being swallowed into the small body of the succubus. The walls softly grind against him as he melts into mush within her body. Even the final part of his body being pooped out played in his mind.
 "Um hero? What are you thinking about?" Asked Rami
 Rami looked down at the crotch and could see the bulge of a boner. Rychard was actually super turned out and loved the idea of being food for a low level succubus but he couldn't just abandon his duty. Rami, having finally caught wind of what he was thinking, smiled as she could use his bizzare fetish. Rami grabs her boobs and squishes them together. 
 "Oh ho? Does the thought of being eaten by a cute succubus like me turn you on? I can see little mr wood likes the idea so how about you let me!" Said Rami her voice being a little more seductive and a more smug look replaced her pout
 Rychard felt a tingle go about his spine hearing Rami actually talk about eating him and some sweat started to run down his face. He gulped nervously and wasn't sure what to say but the temptation to let her eat him was large. 
 "W-what eat me? You think I-I want to be eaten? How funny!" Said Rychard trying his best to play it off even though Rami had already figured it out
 "Well how about I pleasure you? I'm sure a hero like yourself doesn't have time to go play around with women…I can give you the time of your life before swallowing, during swallowing and even after you are in my belly I can make you cum constantly!" Said Rami
 Rychard couldn't believe what he was hearing as she was right. Women and even some men offer themselves to him but with training and quests he never has time. All his sexual frustration had only built up and someone here offering during some down time was just too perfect of timing. Rychard tugged at his collar completely conflicted on what he should do.
 "Come on let me you...sit in my stomach and let my belly digest you and have my guts pump and absorb you into these nice pair of breasts." Said Rami
 "Gah shit...I don't know how much I can hold back!" Thought Rychard 
 Rami could tell he was about to crack and just needed that extra push. Her little devil tail wagged around before she got on all fours and crawled over to Rychard. A little giggle escaped her lips as she rubbed her hand over the bulge of Rychard's hard member and instantly it reached its peak hardening up completely and finally hit it eight inch length.
 "Fufu what a nice long rod you got there...I can make it feel all nice and good if you let me devour you!" Said Rami
 Rami cupped the balls in her hand and rubbed her soft cheek over the tented pants against the side of Rychard's cock. 
 "I-I...I can't say no..the words aren't coming out! I need to let this succubus have it's way with me!" Thought Rychard 
 Rychard couldn't help it anymore and as Rami rubbed her cheek further on the bulge Rychard finally spoke up.
 "Okay...pleasure me and then you can eat me whole!" Said Rychard out loud
 Rami was so happy that she was able to seduce the hero even if she accidentally guessed his little fetish and well everything else was just a guess. Rami stood up and went next to his ear.
 "Well first let's get that hulking armor off you." Whispered Rami
 Rychard tingled in excitement and both of them started take the metal armor off. His broad chest and his muscly body came into view and Rami happily removed the pants and everything on his lower half. The hard schlong was there out in the open making Rami giggle. Rami stood up again and pushed herself up against his body only really getting a little over half up his body. Her head was against his chest and her c cup chest squished into his belly. Rami finally had him as she spit on her head and then grasped onto the hard member.
 "Now make sure you let me know when you are going to cum..I don't want one drop going on the ground!" said Rami
 Rychard nodded his head, feeling the wet hand on his dick. With him fully complying Rami started to slowly stroke back and forth while standing. Rychard felt pleasure fill his whole body as the amazing hand motions of the cute succubus. Rami sped up a little making sure Rychard could hear the wet noises of his cock being stroked. Rychard started to moan, unable to hold any sounds back. But since it's been so long he was about to cum already.
 "Fuck...I'm going to cum!" Moaned Rychard 
 Rami giggled and moved her tail back after the tip opened up and wrapped around the cock head. Rychard couldn't hold back and his toes curled as a fat wad of cum squirted out into the succubus tail.
Softly the tail sucked up and gulped all of the seed that had come out of Rychard and Rami absorbed it all into her body. Cum didn't really help her appetite as she was still starving. Rychard felt a little woozy as he hadn't orgasmed in so long and ended up losing all the strength in his legs. Rychard fell back and hit the ground with a thud. His dick had some slime on the tip from Rami's tail and saliva was still coating it and a little ran down to his balls.
 "F-fuck that was amazing..I haven't felt his way in so long!" Said Rychard 
 Rychard breathed heavily and Rami looked down at the big strong hero and she knew for sure she had him wrapped around her little finger. Rami giggled and stepped over the hero's body before turning her ass toward him and sat down. Rami planted her plump butt directly onto Rychard's face. The ass cheeks wrapped around his face and Rami made sure to not let her thong get in the way. The wet pussy of Rami was touching Rychard's lips and Rami moved her ass around on Rychard's face until her asshole opened up and his nose was forced inside. Rami blushed and moaned a little, enjoying having her asshole opened up a little. It made her horny enough for some pussy juices to gush out a little onto Rychard's lips. He happily opened his mouth and consumed the succubus's juices. 
 "Fufu are you drinking my fluids? How pervy of you but I guess that's only natural when you are at the mercy of a succubus hehe!" Said Rami
 Rychard could smell the insides of Rami's bowels and it actually smelled horrible. The smell of shit and gas was all built up inside the anus and most people would gag but Rychard weirdly enough enjoyed huffing Rami's bowel smell. Rami giggled and moved her tail over while planting her hands against the hard chest. Rychard's cock was still super hard and ready to go so Rami was going to absorb all the cum and mana she could. The tail tip opened up again and this time she consumed the whole penis into her tail. Then like a piston she started to pump the penis getting mana absorbed into her while she gave Rychard the best tail job of his entire life.
 "Here you go mr hero...a pleasant tail job while you sniff up my ass! If anything you've only gotten harder since I've sat on your face...pervy hero!" Giggled the succubus
 The tail made wet sloppy noises as it pumped around the cock. Rychard moaned louder and louder feeling the soft insides of her tail going the extra mile on his member. It felt even better than the amazing handjob he just had. What made it even better for Rychard was the fact the smell of shit inside Rami's colon reminded him of his coming fate. The fate of being squeezed out the smelly asshole onto the ground made him even harder and Rychard was minutes away from cumming again. 
 "Come on hero! Give me another big load of cum and mana! Give it all to me!" Yelled Rami
 Rychard wanted to feel more good things but he couldn't hold back as once again his toes curled and a yelp of pleasure escaped his mouth. Almost half of his balls were emptied and the same went for his mana supply. All of it thrown into the succubus tail.
The purple tail had a couple of balls of cum go through it and Rami absorbed it all. She moaned feeling the massive amount of power flow into her. Some femcum gushed out of her pussy and Rychard slurped it all up. With her tail still on the cock she felt it start to soften up a little so she removed her tail and looked back at his face.
 "Well it looks like I emptied you out mr hero...that means it's time for you to become my food!" Said Rami 
 Rami looked back at the cock with a smug look happy that she was going to finally fill her belly but to her surprise the cock was back up even harder than before. Rami figured it was from her calling him food.
 "Wow mr hero I knew you had a fetish of being eaten from her conversation a couple minutes ago but...all I did was mention you being food and look how hard you are! Looks like I have so much more to drain hehe! Said Rami
 Rami giggled and went right back to it and decided she could use her mouth this time. She bent forward on top of Rychard and let his nose finally have a break. Rychard got a fresh breath of air and looked forward. A perfect view of Rami's pink puckering asshoe was in view and the thought of his shitty remains being dumped out of her cute butt just made him even harder. Rami giggled and licked her lips. Rami wrapped her soft lips against the top of the cock and promptly went down deep throating the eight inch cock. Her throat bulged out as she easily was able to suck on the massive schlong. 
Rami went to town using her wet warm mouth and tongue to pleasure the cock. Rychard moaned and squirmed weakly, loving the feeling of her masterful mouth. Rami moaned a little and was very pleased with the cocks taste. Rychard couldn't hold back and immediately shot a massive glob of cum down Rami's throat. The yummy jizz filled her mouth and she sucked the cock clean before taking her mouth off. She swished the cum around and touched her throat before swallowing.
All of Rychard's seed went down inside of her and her body immediately absorbed it all and even more mana had been drained. Rami just continued to lay on Rychard as she let her tail come back and finish the job. Rychard's balls were getting smaller each time he came and at this point it only took a few pumps from Rami's tail. Most of his mana was gone and Rychard could barely even feel his dick anymore. Rami had him cum three more times inside of her tail and his balls were practically empty and all his mana had been drained. 
 "Phew to think you actually had so much...I'm sure you enjoyed those final moments since now it's finally time for you to go in my belly!" Said Rami
 Rami looked at the cock but this time it didn't harden. Rychard couldn't get up anymore and wanted to be eaten up. Rami finally got off of Rychard and turned him over onto his stomach. Drool was seeping down her mouth at the large hunk of meat laying in front of her. Rami slipped her hands under into Rychard's armpits and heaved him up close to her face. She grunted as Rychard was pretty heavy for her but Rami still managed to get him close. 
 "Finally! After a few days I got a nice yummy meal!" Said Rami
 Rami's soft lips parted open and Rychard groaned as he looked up to see the open maw. The pink slimy tongue that was moments ago sliding over his cock and the warm mouth that made basically a cock sleeve for him. All of it was in full view and Rychard just smiled before putting his head back down. Rami wrapped her lips around the top of Rychard's head and moaned a little slowly pushing and licking the face of Rychard. Massive blasts of yummy flavor filled her maw and the hero's face slid across the tongue and his head touched the back of Rami's throat. Her pale cheeks were puffed out with the large meal and Rami could finally swallow. 
It took Rami two powerful gulps to actually fit the head of Rychard into her slimy gullet. It was definitely going to be hard to get his whole body but for all the meat she was getting Rami found it completely worth it. Her lips stretched and her jaw widened as she reached his broad shoulders. They slipped in with moderate difficulty but Rami managed. She stopped for a second and took some deep breaths before continuing on. Rami lapped her tongue over the hard chest and moaned a little at the delicious flavor. Rychard could hear the soft groans of the succubus's starving gut and smiled as he got closer.
A couple more powerful gulps expanded her gullet finally getting the whole frame down into her throat. Rami figured it would be a little bit easier now so she relaxed a little and slowly swallowed some more in. The hard pecs were victims to Rami's curious tongue as they poked and licked them enjoying their juicy flavor. Rami giggled still thinking it was funny how the most famous and strongest hero was giving up his life to just be food for her. 
Down went the pecs into the slick tight throat. Rami felt her insides shifting around and her gullet expanded out to fit the form of Rychard. Rami slid her hands down and put them on her meal's waist and aided her throat by lightly pulling him. Rychard moaned as he was inches away from the stomach now. The groans had gotten louder and the heat from the bubbly acid was so close he could practically taste it.
Two more powerful gulps came as she started on his abbed middle and those gulps were all it took for Rychard to start entering the stomach. Heat blasted it on his face and he got a perfect view of the humid area. The red walls moved around and a pool of green liquid sloshed around. Rychard could see what looked like another entrance and figured that was probably where his melted remains were going to flow through. Seeing and feeling the belly against his face made Rychard horny again. 
Rami pretty much was able to finish off the upper half with the delicious belly button brushing past her lips but a problem had arrived. Rami could see that his cock was once again hard and from experience when that thing was hard it was starting hard until it was dealt with. Rami sighed and thought Rychard really was just a perv getting off on being eaten. His happy face was making a clear bulge in her middle and Rami patted it to let him know she would satisfy the beast of a cock. Before moving on Rami grabbed a hold of the now erect penis and started to give the hero another handjob. Rychard moaned inside the stomach and Rami found it funny that he was enjoying himself so much.
The wet sounds of the hand and cock together sounded and were much louder than Rychard's muffled moans. Rami was able to deal with the cock no problem and put the open tail end against the tip before he came. Rychard's body twitched inside her gullet and the warm cock spunk slid into the tail and she absorbed whatever cum was left inside of his balls. The cock softened up and Rami went back to it swallowing the waist into her maw and the soft penis brushed against her chin.
Rychard's face went into the acid and it stung a little. Rychard winced a little and wasn't expecting any pain at all. That small amount of pain started to place some doubt in his mind. His soft cock slid into her mouth and Rychard even though he was starting to regret his decision somehow still had a little bit of cum left and squirted the last bit into Rami's mouth. 
 "Hey wait succubus I've changed my mind I can't die yet let me out!" Yelled Rychard 
 Rami giggled at the sudden unwillingness and slurped up the cum as she had her tongue dance against the cock. Rychard squirmed inside the slowly growing stomach trying to upset the gut. The slimy gullet took hold of his dick as a massive swallow was able to chug the pecker down. The imprint of a small penis slid down Rami's throat before disappearing behind her chest. Rami rubbed her growing belly as it finally was filling up with meat.
Rami felt overjoyed that her hunger was finally being satisfied. Her belly groaned happily as she swallowed in the thighs. The muscly legs were just as delicious as Rami thought as more yummy meat flavor blasted her taste buds. As Rami swallowed again, Rychard got his hands into the stomach and pushed the walls around not wanting to accept the fate as succubus food. Little drops of stomach acid dropped on his body.
 "Succubus stop! Let me out, I don't want to die like this!" Said Rychard 
Rami pushed the feet with her index finger while the feet wiggled around all the way until the toes were the only thing outside of her mouth. Rami's tongue came out and she licked up the toes before slurping them in. With her mouth shut she swished the feet around a little happily enjoying the last bit of the hero in her mouth.
One final large gulp sounded as Rami finished the hero off. She traced the moving bulge past her squishy tits down to her massive stomach that ended up being bigger than her. Rychard was forced into a ball and he moved around the stomach so his head was on top away from the pool of stomach acids. Rychard breathed slowly as the air in the tight succubus stomach was very little. The walls clung to his body tightly barely letting him move if not at all. It was a much worse fate than Rychard once thought. Rami stroked her belly and knew from Rychard's size it probably didn't feel very good inside.
A massive belch blew out of Rami and the happy full succubus gave her gut a pats. Her boobs rested on the head and face bulge of her large meal making her giggle.
 "Fufu it looks like you finally realized that this wasn't a pleasant fate...I found it very funny when you let me eat you!" Said Rami
 Rami's finger twirled around the gut and she poked at the open mouth bulge. Rychard couldn't even really move. The most he could do was move his sides back and forth but the slick walls really held him down. The small pool of gastric juices were bubbling at his bottom and was starting to soften his skin up. The acid all around him was doing the same as drops of acid dripped all over his body coating him completely. 
Rami's belly was slowly kicking into gear as the groans of digestion were starting to get louder. Rami was using both her hands to rub her big belly. She knew it was going to be a while until she could move again. Rychard felt a slight sting come over his entire body and it didn't really hurt but it was irritating.
 "Come on! Succubus release me this instant!" Said Rychard
 "Nope! Once food is in my belly it's all mine! So just shut up and stew inside me hehe!" Giggled Rami
 Rychard was being mocked but there was nothing he could do about it. The red walls pressed his body into an uncomfortable fetal position and gave no room to move. 
Rami's belly made some sexy noises for her and she blushed a little thinking about how her, a low level succubus was able to snag the strongest hero as a meal. Rami's stomach acid was working well making Rychard's skin all soft and more liquid like. He looked down to see his feet that were submerged basically melt away into bones. It was a grim sight that didn't make him feel very good. The acid already coating his body was working well making all of his skin gross. The rising green acid seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for each part of his body. 
Rychard's legs and butt were dissolving fast with all the meat melting off and showing his bones. 
 "Gah...shit I don't have much time! I have to escape!" Stated Rychard 
 Rychard pushed his face up and Rami giggled seeing his face was planted nicely in between her boobs. Rami giggled and slid her hands under her boobs and lifted them up before letting them plop on the face bulge. The bottom of Rami's belly was all smooth looking with some bone bulges. Her big meal was dissolving so easily in her gut that Rami thought Rychard was just giving up and letting it happen. But the walls were just too tight for Rychard to move around. The bubbly acid had reached his body and the skin was melting away showing his ribs. Rychard groaned, feeling light headed and weird. Rychard pushed his slowly dissolving middle and the bulges of his ribs pushed out her gut. 
 "Wow! Most of all your meat is all mushed up! I'm actually shocked you are still alive." Said Rami
 Rychard was having a tough time believing that as well as he was pretty sure most of his organs were gone. Rychard didn't even know if his heart was still intact but he did his best. With most of his body basically a skeleton and the mush that used to be the rest of him just sloshing around him Rychard was pretty much out of hope. The gut was almost full of acid and he had about one last desperate attempt left. Rychard moved his head up and begged the succubus. Rami giggled and looked at the face. She was pleasantly surprised seeing Rychard's face starting to melt and turn into just a skull. Rychard finally died as all of his body was reduced to a skeleton. Rami smiled seeing her boobs growing bigger as well with the skull just staring at them. The skull was being covered by the fatter boobs and Rami could only see a glimpse of it between her tits. The skull bulge buried under Rami's boobs started to go down as the bones were softening up. 
The bones alone couldn't keep a form and they were softening so the walls collapsed in and several were snapping. Rychard's skeleton was breaking more and more with most of the belly now round. The bones floating around as the skeleton came to a full end. Only bone and mush soup was left inside of the hungry succubus. Rami laughed and let herself fall on her gut snapping a few more bones.
Rami happily rubbed her soft belly listening to it deal with the rest of Rychard's body. Her soft hand stroked her groaning belly as she hummed until a loud groan came and she blinked before looking down. The gut was all finished up and ready to pump his leftovers into her intestines. The guts opened up and massive lumps of digested Rychard were being poured into the intestines. Not much of him was left as most of the bones were all gone. Rami moaned as her soft belly was starting to shrink down and the fat was being pounded into her body.
 "Mmm yes mister hero become one with fufufu!" Moaned Rami
 She could feel all the necessary nutrients being absorbed into her and she finally started to feel fantastic and energized. The skull and left overs bones went with the mush as well and were discarded with any useless items heading straight to her bowels. Rami's boobs went from c cups to g cups after the belly was done. They were big and floppy with them almost bursting out of her white cloth but they stayed. A nice amount of fat was added to her rump making her white thong go even more into her ass. Soon enough she was left with a small pot belly and a smile.
 "So much added to my assets! This should make being a succubus so much easier! Thanks Mister Hero!" Said Rami
 Rami though even though she sucked in all that mana and even absorbed the heros body she didn't go up any levels making her a little disappointed. Rami sighed and wiped off some grass and dirt from her thickened thighs before a wet gurgle came from her middle and then the need to shit hit Rami like a truck. Rami held her belly and quickly dived into the forest and found herself a spot to dump the hero's remains. 
 "Alright Hero the fate you wanted! Becoming cute succubus poop is finally here!" Said Rami
 Rami removed her thong and tossed it to the side and squatted down on the ground and grabbed one of her ass cheeks. She pointed her tail up and grunted. The soft warm remains of Rychard were heading to her asshole rapidly and a little moan escaped her lips with a brown log starting to exit her bowels. It snaked out of her tight asshole and steam immediately started to come off of it. The poop slipped out of her anus and plopped down onto the soft grass. That was only the first of many as Rami grunted pushing more turds out of her anus. Most of Rychard's bones had been melted away but some stray specks and some large bones remained.
Rami blushed a little hearing the wet noises of the hero piling up under her. Rami slowly had to stand up as the massive pile was getting closer to her rear. A half melted spinal cord popped out of her butt and she yelped a little as it scratched her anus. It plopped down and some sloppy logs buried the bone completely. A few snapped bones came out but for the most part it was all dark brown creamy poop. 
 "Jeez hero I knew you were a big guy but there is sure a lot of you left!" Complained Rami
 Rami was having trouble with some larger, more solid logs as the rib cage she mocked not too long ago was giving her anus a hard time. Rami wiped the sweat off her forehead as she pushed hard until the log that was the size of a small tree trunk was squeezed out with the rib cage pretty rib buried inside it.
The pile hit four feet tall as Rami finally started to feel somewhat empty. But another blockage came and she squeezed hard again as the big skull of Rychard was squeezing out. Rami yelped in a little pain before the skull popped out and plopped on top of the pile. A wet log slipped out of her anus and splat on the skull's head. Rami felt some pee needed to come out and so she pushed and a golden stream of piss flew out and splattered on the skull and pile. Rami was all empty and she felt so much better. Rami smiled and wiped her ass with some leaves. She slipped on her thong and slapped her ass making it jiggle before turning to her shit.
 "Fufufu you look so gross hero! You smell awful as well haha! Well bye bye thanks for filling me up!" Said Rami with a smile 
 Rami left the pile and went to the armor and Rychard's belongings. Rami picked up a plate of armor as that was all she could carry and figured a trophy of her triumphant achievement was needed. 
 Days Later
 Rami went to a bar after she sold the armor but it didn't get her very much since it was a small piece. The first thing she tried to brag about was the fact she ate the hero but no one believed her and just laughed at Rami. In the end Rami was still just a low level succubus with no money and no food. 
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Low Level Succubus Wins By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission made for soyaegg
Word Count: 5500
Art by Unknown

A very fun commission about a cute Succubus with the personality of Aqua.

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Posted by hernextmeal 1 year ago Report

Can I be next?


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Lol Rami is a cute pred how could anyone say no


Posted by WoreHouse 1 year ago Report

I have been following your work for a long time, and looking at your first works and this one, I can confidently say that your writing skills have grown significantly. Good job!)


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much! I hope you continue to reading my work!


Posted by devoureroftime 1 year ago Report

If only i could be some cute low grade succubus food in monster girl quest


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Same though


Posted by TheHumanPred 1 year ago Report

Amazing, love the male prey !


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Female and male are awesome


Posted by Sora 10 months ago Report

That was a nice read! Well done