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The White Rose of Wutai (2/3) By Badfurson -- Report

Lamenting the hundred+ lbs. ball of doughy fat that hung down past her knees, the Wutaian thief trudged onward. The warm impact of her legs struggling to operate behind the enormity of her midsection feeding her growing ire right alongside the exertion of actually mobilizing her newfound heft. Contrary to her intention, while the majority of her extremities remained the same after her betrayal-the bulk of her meal did not, in fact go anywhere, instead staying exactly where she initially put it; her tummy.

The otherwise petite girl looked rather silly; short of stature, with a lithe physique of thin limbs and an unimpressive bust-you’d assume her to be unremarkable, if not for the bare display of flesh spanning more than that of her original bodyweight, obstructing most of her lower body from sight at any given time. Her appearance the antithesis of her ninja heritage, Yuffie groaned and forced herself onwards through the wilderness at hand. The humid climate of the jungle had previously aided her digestion, but now punished the opportunistic thief for her gluttony; rivulets of salt trailed down the massive arc of her stomach and threw themselves into the dirt, shadowed by her midsection.

Halted in her gait, the unfortunate teenager stewed in ignominy for a while longer. She had just wanted a small boost to her proportions! Ditching the fat cow whose every twitch and wiggle of her udders mocked her, and the less bombastic-but equally infuriating-entourage of groupies was just supposed to be a bonus. Neither had occurred, with her assets increasing only enough to make her clothing fit uncomfortably around her waist, and leave the entire party stuck riding along her middle for what would likely be the rest of her natural life; Gaining weight is apparently very easy, but something told her this gut would stubbornly stick to her now matter how much time she threw into working it off.

Setting off again, another gust of exhaust blew past her lips leaving a sour taste in her mouth and reminding her of the extended indigestion that had plagued her after the contents of her stomach had finally been battered into a chunky mulch that the Ninja could force her overworked tummy to begin funneling into her intestines. Even attempting to soothe her gut prematurely had unleashed a fury of kicks and punches into her aching stomach walls, the raging meals within unwilling to digest peacefully had left Yuffie exhausted and sore, and terrified for the ordeal of passing even a fraction of her stomach's volume once they were finally beaten into submission.

She knew, more than anything, that the expanse of flab was nothing more than the weight of consequence finally come to bear against her; sadly, she also knew that even if the knowledge of this outcome had been presented to her-she would have still carried out her actions without change, purely out of stubborn denial of anyone who thought they knew better than the princess of Wutai. While she DEEPLY regretted the changes to her physique, she couldn't bring herself to renounce the decisions that had lead to it-and even the thought of the Materia that she had unwittingly digested did little to dissuade her petulant point of view.

Rather than accept realization that this was all the product of her poor decision making, Yuffie vowed to simply redouble her efforts; she'd become stronger, so strong that the gut that currently outweighed her would be little more than a feather; she would become so stealthy that the near-constant jostling and lurid gurgles emanating from her belly would blend seamlessly into any environment in which she hid; and she would most certainly figure out how to walk straight WITHOUT waddling like a drunkard, pregnant with octuplets!

Satisfying herself with a heated nod, Yuffie huffed angrily and heaved; her bow-legged posture only just allowing her to rest the weight of her stomach atop her thighs in aide of her grasping fingers. Leaning back far enough that she would topple if not for the counter-balance of her belly, she started off once more-determined to travel more than a hundred meters before inevitably tiring, or toppling over a tree root that escaped her notice behind the veil of flesh beneath her gaze...

Hmm, I'm not so sure she's got the right image for the throne anymore-though, I'm certain she'd KILL for a seat right about now~

I'll admit, this is one of my absolute favorite sets I've gotten from Grinda; Yuffie's my favorite (female) FF7 character-I have to give the top slot to Zack, in actuality-and I've wanted to get something like this for a LONG time now. Playing into the idea of her being stuck with a huge gut )permanently) and not much else for her efforts is something I love equally as much, especially with her being supremely inconvenienced by it and still unrepentant of her life choices~ I'm definitely going to be getting more images of her lamenting weight she's gained, given that the rest of her body remains comparatively thin and poorly suited towards lugging around a 300+ ball of pure fat. I'll also write more snippets, if I can compile anything better than 'Ooh, I'm fat now and it SUCKS!'

Oh! And, in case it wasn't obvious-she ate pretty much every member of the party, except a very select few.

Grinda is responsible for this loveliness, go check them out:

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Posted by GreenJester 1 month ago Report

God damn this is fantastic


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Super glad you like! I’m very happy with how the sequence turned out~