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Sirenic Sustenance By doomfister -- Report

Adagio had not known what had hit her, as with a barging butt her simple stroll swiftly spiralled into a frantic fight for survival. The woman yelping, as a broad snout striking her photogenic posterior with more than enough force to send the stylish siren floundering to the floor. Her bruised bottom taking the brunt of the blow as she collapsed to the ground in an ungainly heap, completely stunned by the sudden shove that had blindsided her. Adagio’s soft hands failing to catch herself, leaving her to land hard to what sounded like a cracked rib, goading a wheezing whine out of the wounded woman.

The sound of her squeal only seeming to spur on Adagio’s attacker, as her with a wheezing hiss her aggressive amphibian assailant lunged upon its prone prey eager to claim it’s pretty prize. The bounding beasts brutish bulk moving like lightning, as galvanised by its gluttonous appetite it immediately set its sights on swallowing down the surprised singer.

The disorientated Dazzling powerless to prevent this assertive action, as she wavered in the wake of her chest’s painful collision with concrete. The careening creature capitalizing on the winded woman’s moment of weakness, as the thuggish tetrapod fell upon the flat-out female mouth agape to devour its disorientated dinner. Adagio only able to let out a wobbly wail as she felt the caress of leathery lips wrap around her lavish legs like a clamping cuddle. A limber tongue curling up her curves like a wet worm, before like a noose the muscular appendage tightened around her waist like a restrictive rope. The biological bondage restraining the woman long enough for a sudden jerk to pull her backwards as the gollox securely seized the squirming siren betwixt its toothless gums with a charging chomp. The momentum of its peckish pounce thrusting its fidgeting food into its oversized oral opening allowing the animal to begin feeding Adagio feet first into its throbbing throat.

Adagio instinctually cringing at the claustrophobic cuddle of the creatures ‘clammy insides, causing her to groan out a confused squawk, still unsure exactly what was happening. A sudden swallow snapping her from her stupefied stance, as the soggy surge skirted up her feminine frame’s sensuous contours like a chugging wave. The woman met with the horrific revelation that some slimy monster was attempting to swallow her whole, causing the siren to squeal like a stuck sow, as with another gulp the gargantuan galoot effortlessly set about gliding the girl to its gut. Her hands pushing back against its moist hide, in an ineffectual attempt to slip free of the slurping suction sloppily slithering over her skin. Adagio behaving like a snared animal, writhing and whimpering as she desperately howled for help against the cretinous creature casually consuming her.

The gollox responding to the feeling of its food’s feebly flailing by expediating the eating process, as though its grub’s gurning was frail, the fat frog was not willing to risk the minute possibility of its meaty morsel escaping. The patter of adagio’s fists thumping off its thick epidermis barely bothering the beast, as it just continued to thread its thrashing treat into the short chute to its sizable stomach. The woman was taller than it, but just as snakes were longer than it, she would curl up neatly once she was contained in the churning chamber like any other massive meal. Adagio doing her best to fight against this fate, but with everything happening so fast she didn’t have the right to a say in her snarfing. The fact of the matter was the coddling care of domestic living had left her completely unprepared for the possibility of being made a meal, leaving the woman with a hopeless handicap now that the rule of the jungle had risen to ruin her day.

The pink predator oblivious to the plight of its soon to be packed-away prey, as according to its simple skull the worming woman was as good as a bulge in its belly at this point. The Gollox’s gaping gob advancing like a wolfing wall, as in a matter of seconds it smoothly slipped over Adagio’s struggling sternum as it easily wolfed down the wriggling woman. Its distraught Dazzling dinner grimacing as her luscious locks were matted down with a copious lubrication of seeping spittle, oiling her for her oscillating trip down the oesophagus. The sticky slap of saliva claggily clinging to her shivering skin like a humid hug, as Adagio saw her entire world framed by the monsters’ massive mandibles.

The sight shocking, as in a matter of seconds her entire life had been inhaled by the ingrate vertabrate, as it claimed her no differently than a bullfrog might a cricket. Its long tongue wrapping around her lazily as it tried to push its complaining chow past the back of the throat in a persistent series of needy nudges. Adagio’s arm reaching out as though her hand might grasp some none existent handhold and hold off her digestive descent. The gollox savouring the sad shudders of its snack, before it cut off her shrill screaming with a rolling gulp, closing its monstrous mouth as it confidently claimed its bawling breakfast.

Adagio’s muffled meeps audible from within the closed mouth, before with a powerful blink and a final gulp she was sent down to stew. Her bucking body clearly visible through its strained skin as it transitioned down the tight tunnel, before coming to a rest as a bouncing bump in the beast’s belly. Adagio’s frame forced to fold uncomfortably as she was unceremoniously crammed into the cramped cauldron that served as the creature’s cavernous gut. Her fingers immediately starting to claw at the stomach lining in a drunken dance, as she clumsily convulsed against the suffocating sleeve surrounding her in search of salvation. The gollox unbothered as it knew its food’s fuss was fleeting, as experience had taught it that soon enough the shaking swelling would still, as its tucked away treat tired of her tummy tantrum and compliantly digest just like any other twitching thing the terrifying toad had devoured…


Adagio's morning walk takes a tragic turn, as in a matter of moments the confident siren is reduced to a mere meal for a particularly greedy gollox...

My forty-second sketch from  Silent_E 's patreon.

This fantastic image coloured by my friend  plaguetyranno

I also now have a patreon, if you would like to support me, it can be found here:

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