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Pet snake eats pet dog
Life has been looking up ever since John started his little website where he posted footage of his beloved pet. He has been living on his grandparents’ old farmhouse, struggling to keep the buildings in order, the patch of land he did not sell off from growing over and maintaining a day job as well. It has been a struggle. At first and when he found it hard to cover the bills racked up by his reticulated python and her ever growing appetite for prey, he came up with the brilliant idea of asking the internet for help. A little website was set up rather quickly and sure enough people were interested enough in watching rats, rabbits and chickens turn into temporary bulges in his pet. At first he was happy to just get the snake fed regularly just from the donations of his viewers but soon it started to become an interesting stream of revenue.
When more money came in, John first spent it towards more frequent and bigger meals for his pet. After all she deserved it. But eventually, after maybe half a year of running the site, he made enough to keep her full and happy at all times and still have some left over.
About every two weeks his snake Sophia was fed a variety of prey and over a hundred thousand people often tuned in to watch her turn some chickens into a few lumps inside her vast body. The streams showing her relaxing under her heat lamp and slowly digesting her meals were supposedly stuff people had on their spare monitor as background imagery while mulling over exam prep or doing their taxes. One of the most popular parts of the site were the stat sheets showing the reports of every single meal Sophia had devoured since the site went life. 28 Chickens, 7 feeder rabbits, one very unlucky roaming cat and 62 rats have been recorded as consumed and digested whole, adding to the tally and to the graph showing her increase in weight.
Today was special however. Sophia made her 100.000th video click and John had promised to do a sort of reward thing. He was close to quitting his job in lieu of becoming a full time manager of Sophia’s appetite and the attention it attracted. So, he thought it would be fun to ask the comment section on her most recent video, what sort of meal they all wanted to see her swallow. To John’s bad luck and probably Sophia’s delight, if she knew, one of her most devoted donors requested a video of her swallowing a still living dog. Weird comments were frequent, creepy ones not rare either but in this case John was under pressure to deliver, especially seeing that this comment outclassed the second one - taking her for a hunt in a forest - by ten to one in terms of likes. He needed to get this to work in case he wanted to actually make a living of this.
He had had several weeks to plan this while Sophia metabolised her latest meal. Between updating her weight chart and showing those who were interested how little remained of her prey when her body was all done with it, John cooked up a plan to satisfy his many viewers. For the first time since he started the snek streams, he had to get a little creative with the law. He decided to feed Sophia a neighbour’s dog. He had seen them jog past his porch a few times. It was a lovely deep black labrador no pup but far from big enough to give Sophia any trouble, ten maybe fifteen kilos of canine. He would be her first dog too, but she had picked up on the cats really fast and the shape was similar enough.
One weekend, he hid Sophia in her cozy shed in the middle of her fenced off “garden” on his property. Recently he had added a nice big pet door to the shed, setting it up so it only opened from the outside so the snake stayed inside but prey was free to wander in. John’s plan hinged on the dog going in there on his own and meeting his fate inside his pet snake. He even put down a little bowl with treats and dog food to create a scent lure. In order to get the dog there at all, he had invited the neighbours to a dinner party. Said he wanted to introduce himself to the neighbourhood a little better now that he was not busy resizing and refinishing the old farm. He had cooked a nice dinner and was all in all covering them in pleasant pointless small talk, listening very carefully to even the most mundane stories, giving the two pets in his garden time to get acquainted.
By now the small snake shed was bristling with cameras, showing every angle possible. One of them even caught the inscription of the lab’s collar. “Jake” was laser engraved on a small steel slab which dangled from his hardened leather collar, providing the eventual video with a nice title already. The dog was curious, drawn in by the scent of food and something exotic and foreign to him. He had caught traces of this scent before when walking past the farmhouse but never been able to place it properly. And now he was tilting his head, looking confusedly at easily seven times his weight in hungry python.
Sophia already knew this dog, at least from a distance, recognizing the dark pelt and the taste he left in the air. Now it was more intense than ever before and the snake’s long empty stomach was slowly moving into gear, telling her reptilian mind that this was her next prey. She needed that cute sleek big eyed tail wagging pile of nutrients. She spent a few more seconds flicking her tongue, staring at the canine who just looked back in curious confusion. But as she did not do much at all, he eventually focussed on the bowl with snacks and turned away. That was what triggered the python’s attack, making the snake’s jaws gape and shoot towards the young canine’s head. her teeth hooked into his snout and chin, clamping his jaws shut as he was pulled off his feet and wrapped up in thick muscular coils. Sophia was just holding him though, giving herself a good purchase on her meal and allowing her to push him down her throat where she wanted and needed him. Jake was completely conscious when the jaws unhinged and pushed over his forehead and neck, engulfing him one bit at a time. At first the snake had to use her teeth a lot, dragging her whining and kicking prey deeper into the greedy chute to her stomach, but once the head was well past her jaws and started to bulge out her form, she could swallow properly and pull him deeper.
Inside the house the dinner was proceeding, food and wine was passed around and as the bottle emptied the stories of his neighbours became more bearable. But when he was in the kitchen to fetch more, John checked on the camera footage via his phone and had to bite his tongue to not gasp as he saw Sophia already swallowing their pet dog, seeing her jaws ‘walk’ over the canine’s shoulders. “Good girl.” he whispered to himself when he noticed the dog was still violently kicking when another swallow dragged him deeper and Sophia’s snout reached his belly already. She was making really quick work of the dog.
As his owners were inside making polite conversation with the owner of his predator, Jake was running out of air. His torso still convulsed in panicked spasms, but with his hips in the grip of a thick coil and his chest about to fully slide into the lukewarm slimy gullet of a hungry python, he was not doing anything other than providing good entertainment to the people who would watch him die on his way to the snake’s stomach. Air was replaced with saliva and convulsing flesh as he continued to be pulled deeper. The teeth hardly graced him anymore, the jaws open at a wide angle to push him into the wet funnel of the snake’s throat. Slowly but surely his struggles turned into twitches and eventually, as the wet maw engulfed his hips, these too became less frequent and eventually stopped around the time when his hind paws were forced close together and pulled from the outside right into the throat of his predator. One last yawn and he was gone, a beloved pet reduced to an occasionally spasming deformation in another pet’s scaly hide.
Sophia felt so accomplished, finally getting to taste a new kind of prey again. She was used to feeding almost exclusively on chickens and rodents but this, this was exciting even more so then the cats. Her canine prey had struggled and provided a fun challenge to the hungry python, without ever really causing any problems. Right now her meal was settling down inside her stomach, nicely bulging her out, letting the cameras capture the distinctly dog shaped deformation in her midsection with the large head, long neck and distinct wide shoulders and hips of her meal. She coiled up tightly under the heat lamp in the corner, letting it bake down on her smooth scales and heat up her stomach, allowing it to dissolve the pet dog particularly fast. Within a day he would grow soft, in two he would be just some unrecognizable bulge and in three more days, nothing visible would remain. At least not inside of her.
Her sleep was only interrupted when the dinner had ended and the neighbours were very noisily looking for her current stomach contents. Luckily her owner had been smart enough to unlock the front gate and make it seem as if their pet had ran off or been taken by some mean person. The snake noticed nothing of it, simply enjoying the sensation of a still warm labrador corpse starting to soak in her stomach acids.
Seeing the dread on his neighbours’ faces made John feel pretty terrible for some time. He did not technically kill their pet but he had orchestrated a chain of events which lead to natural predation which he had very much intended to happen. Still once they were gone and he calmed down he visited his snake, finding her sleeping soundly and looking simply gorgeous with the single large bulge in her middle. His mood changed a lot, seeing her so full and happy. How could it be wrong to make his lovely snake happy?
Besides his ambiguous feelings about feeding her a pet of all things, there was the matter of his online success. His comment section exploded and after some angry dog lovers tried to shame him online, only more people wanted to see his footage. The demise of Jake was his first million view upload and people were clamouring for updates as he weighed Sophia and measured and photographed her bulge daily.
1 day of digestion
The bulge was even larger than before. The features of the dog inside were less sharp as the digestive tract filled with liquids and the softening flesh swelled up some. The ripples of peristalsis are even visible from the outside on occasion.
2 days of digestion
The bulge started to get a little smaller. Sophia is still very sleepy and hardly moves. She is not even drinking much, getting all her liquids from her prey as it finally starts falling apart. This meal will last her two weeks probably.
3 days of digestion
Distinct change in shape and position of the bulge. It is rounder and shorter now. Much of the muscles on that lab are dissolved by this point and nothing is holding the skeleton together. Everything is bunched up near the lower end of her stomach. Also Sophia seems to move occasionally now. She is a very cuddly snake when full and happy.
4 days of digestion
The stomach contains mostly bones by now, all the useful stuff is further down in her intestines or bunching up in her colon waiting to come back out. The lower end of her tail is growing thicker as it fills with the firm remains of the former dog.
5 days of digestion
The stomach looks smooth again, as if nothing ever happened. Next to the massive snake the photo shows a shovel containing a few round, fur laced logs of snake shit, one showing just a glint of metal where the small engraved name plate of Jake the snake food had made it all the way through Sophia’s body.
From all the donations pouring in after this feeding, it seemed that even buying her fresh dogs twice a month would be a viable business case. One of the viewers was so enthralled that he offered to drop by and deliver his own old dog to send her off the natural way instead of having her euthanised by the vet. But one person really took the cake. Following a handsome donation the user wrote: “I will happily pay for it if she digests nothing but dogs from here on out.”
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Some random stuff I wrote about pet eating reptiles.

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Posted by ApolloMC 2 months ago Report

Great short story. I would love to read more of Sophia and her dog eating habit or even the story of the wandering cat. keep up the great work.


Posted by Fischie 2 months ago Report

Thanks. I might have a few more of those flying about. I will just have to dig them up.

What was your favourite part?


Posted by SnakeEyes 2 months ago Report

Damn this was dark, I enjoyed that more than I should have