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1. Intro
There were still three animals in the open top enclosure, although only one was moving. Even as the second dog was still creeping down her slick gullet, the snake was already moving from the dark corner she had caught her second meal in over to that rock in the middle she loved to sunbathe on. She had grown up on a diet of dead chickens and the occasional wild bird or stray cat, but half a year ago her caretakers had started releasing dogs in her confined home. The snake had been able to gorge on them back to back ever since, getting another pair of delicious canines to devour every time she showed the least signs of hunger. During the past six months she had not only grown in length more quickly than ever but her girth had increased even more. Apparently digesting a third of her weight in pets per month on average had made her one fat, happy reptile. By now she was catching and swallowing the dogs with apparent experience, taking less time and showing more confidence even with larger specimens as she had figured out how to best grab them or at what angles to walk her jaws over their bodies. When she was tossed a smaller breed she did not even bother constricting them by now, simply engulfing them in her jaws and swallowing until their bodies were just tiny wiggling lumps travelling down to her stomach. Today she had been fed some larger mixed breeds, filling her midsection with a pleasant gentle swell. The thick layer of fat on her coils hid the nature of her meal so well, that no one who had not watched her feed could guess what it even was. And soon her stomach acids were making sure no one ever could.
As she coiled up on her rock, warming her cold blood in the baking sun, she had no idea that she was already melting dogs eleven and twelve right now. She was probably the best fed snake in the world by now and had no issues with that whatsoever. Even her digestive cycle seems to have adapted to her new living circumstances, getting a tiny bit faster at processing someone’s dogs each time she ingested and processed another pair. There were always two until now, so there would be a visible bulge at all in her massive frame. If she continued to grow at this rate, two would be too few in just a year.
2. Backwards small dog
The snake never noticed the small blinking light of the camera to her side, always too busy with a meal whenever it ran. Right now her caretaker was holding the lower half of an adult dog, her first meal in three weeks. The second half was already beyond her jaws and spread her scaly body into a nice distinct bulge, showing the canine’s head, neck and shoulder almost in detail. Once the dog will enter her thicker midsection the shape of the bulge will shift towards a very toned down swelling, something one might overlook when walking past her. The way she digested those large animals could almost be described as casual by now, thanks to the power and steadily increasing experience of her usually busy stomach.
Already she felt a little exhausted from working her jaws over the chest of her canine prey since her body was already devoting a lot of energy to flooding her stomach with acids and digestive enzymes in preparation of the twenty odd kilos of meat she was currently wolfing down. Still the amount of preparation her body undertook was a bit much even for a large dog like this one. The reason for that was that there always was more. It has never been just one dog ever since her caretakers started feeding them to her. So whichever excess juices her stomach produced, there was certainly going to be another prey to soak them up in the end.
Whoever owned the dog before her caretaker picked it up and turned it into snake food had fed and exercised it well. As a result it took some genuine effort for a change to get that last obstacle of her meal into her gullet where it belonged. Already she was gazing at her next treat, the next dog, while the current one’s feet were still dangling from her jaws, slowly being pulled in with slow, firm gulps. The next one was not even half the current one’s size and due to her laziness and to the delight of her unknown admirer who would receive all the footage of that camera, she was going to eat it alive.
Her caretaker was holding the small dog, bound up in leather stips like usual to prevent it from agitating her insides in case something went wrong. The dog was decorated with a small leather collar which would digest as easily as the strips or the dog itself and attached to it was a small copper name plate which would make it through the snake’s body at some point. The small metal piece read “Snuffles” which was going to be the cutest name a pile of snake shit will ever have been labelled with.
She gaped wide, ready to take in the whining little thing’s head like she had done a dozen times before. But this time, when she opened her jaws and lost sight of the dog, the man feeding her twisted it around and pushed the second dog’s hind legs between those of the first, funnelling the noisy, struggling prey into her pre-stretched gullet. She swallowed hard, trying to pull the first dog down to her stomach and then deal with the wrong way her second meal was placed inside her maw. feeling the fur going against the direction of her swallows was odd and slightly irritating but in the wake of a dog several times as heavy, the small whiny thing almost fell into her throat. When the first dog was fully in the embrace of her firmly clenching gullet, the second one was so deeply lodged in her jaws already that the snake resigned and decided it was easier to just carry on and devour it that way. She had no idea that this minor discomfort on her part was part of a scheme to get a certain view for the camera recording her every feeding. As she swallowed her second meal tail first, she was accidentally keeping it alive much longer than usual. The dog tried to kick and whine, but barely anything came from its frightened shivering body other than the shakes and kicks of its useless struggles. It could still see the outside world, framed in slowly advancing serpentine jaws as its hind paws made discernable imprints in the snake’s gullet, showing exactly where the dead do ended and the very much alive one started. All this wiggling soon started to even help the snake eating it as she lifted her head, letting gravity and the constant shaking help her in her efforts to pull that lively dog down to her stomach so she could melt it down. Unfortunately for her and a lot more so for the dog she was eating, the way it was facing in her gullet did not only make it harder to swallow but its own body was stretching her throat in such a way that the elastic flesh was not closing tightly around its snout. This created a small air pocket which travelled down her meter and a half of throat before the dog was emptied into her stomach. For the whole minute it took the dog to get there after the snake closed her jaws around its head, id had whined and kicked, both things the camera recorded for someone far away to enjoy. Small bulges of paws or a shaking head were visible here and there, growing more and more diffuse as the meal progressed. Once the dog was forced into the stomach, the whines were inaudible, completely shielded off by the thick layers of stomach, muscles and fat between it and the outside world. But even then a few kicks were still seen, to the apparent confusion of the snake, which stared at her slightly undulating midsection just as the camera did.
The little experiment was a success and the snake would get used to this style of feeding eventually. After all, practice makes perfect.
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SOme very short very simple snake on dog vore stuff I wrote to calm myself when the train I was riding in drove me crazy

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Posted by Tesuma 2 months ago Report

Love it. Love dog prey.


Posted by Fischie 2 months ago Report

They do make nice bulges