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White Knight By Cowrie -- Report

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Another image from my Wonderland setting. This time, the pred is a chesswoman of the knight caste from White Chessland that has a mostly-digested pawn from the rival nation Red Chessland in her belly.

Chesswomen are a species with two distinct "races", red and white, and six biological castes: pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, kings (only occurring as hermaphrodites) and queens (only occurring as females). Physically, chesswomen have a lower body resembling a chess piece, as well as some form of ornamentation on their head that indicates their caste. Their skin glossy and smooth, either ivory-colored with metallic gold details or blood-red with black detailing. Chesswomen have two forms of movement, both reliant on the elastic, pliable "foot" at the bottom of their body. They can move fairly slowly but with great precision by inching forward on their foot similar to how slugs and snails move, but without needing the aid of slime. However, when greater speed is required, they can arch and flex their foot to jump or bounce.

Wonderland has three major nations of note; White Chessland, Red Chessland, and Heartcarding. In both White Chessland and Red Chessland, chesswomen of the appropriate color make up both the upper echelons of society and the bulk of the army, with the common folk also including members of many other species native to Wonderland. Minority groups of chesswomen of the opposite color also exist in both those nations, and are often highly persecuted. Heartcarding, on the other hand, is politically and militarily dominated by cardgirls. (Full disclosure, I still need to work on a design for that species. While I sort of like the idea of cardgirls being asymmetrically flattened like a flounder or other flatfish, I'm dubious as to whether I'd be able to pull off such a design with my current capabilites and resources.) While those three nations form the most important political powers of Wonderland, there are also considerable regions that aren't under any official rule, where the the only laws inhabitants follow are those unwritten rules enforced by their neighbors. Certain species that chafe at rules are found almost exclusively in such regions, such as bandersnatches and jabberwocks.

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Posted by Bright 1 month ago Report

Some pretty cool ideas.


Posted by Cowrie 1 month ago Report



Posted by Thatonedude3725 1 month ago Report

Love the concept!


Posted by Cowrie 1 month ago Report