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No more heroes, only gurgles! By GreenJester -- Report

Jessie and Rudy went out on a little trip together, much to Rudy's annoyance.
They came out to the beach at the bar only to be faced with the whole Hero group together in one place.
The tension was pretty high, but Jessie had come up with a genious level idea!
She knew Rudy was a light drinker and would get drunk as shit after one whole bottle, so she ordered the biggest one.
After emptying out the whole thing Rudy was red as fuck and decided to use him as her little "bin chute" for the goody-goody-two-shoes.
Rudy went out on a drunken vore raid as he gobbled up one after the other of the good guys and stuffed them into his large belly that only expanded without any issue, and it only grew bigger and bigger with each one!
9 people later and Rudy sealed all the Hero's in his belly as Jessie sat on her friends big belly, holding her reward in her hands, realizing that no one could stop them!

Made this for a certain someone. :3c

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