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A Matter of Principle By VortexFoodsTM -- Report

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Paige, Dylan and Jordan are part of a group of political activists who decide to attack a Vortex processing centre, with the aim of sabotaging their machines and saving thousands of people from being eaten. Things appear to go well at first, but then they run into problems...

This is a soft vore story (F/fm, fatal, unwilling) and contains very explicit descriptions of digestion and disposal scenes.

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Posted by Krauser 3 weeks ago Report

god damn, now thats some writing, you really are on fire! I was hoping that Hannah might turn out to show some mercy. She changed so fast and was acting almost as if there was something external affecting her.... or I'm just paranoid. Great story


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 3 weeks ago Report

Thank you! I am always going for an atmosphere of paranoia in these stories, so I am glad to see that is working out as intended :D


Posted by Jamie263 3 weeks ago Report

That was incredible. I really enjoyed reading that. Nice work!


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 3 weeks ago Report

Thank you very much! :)


Posted by Jamie263 3 weeks ago Report

I loved how descriptive the digestion was


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 3 weeks ago Report

I actually ended up not writing as many details as I originally intended because the story got so long already. But there will be at least one story in the future that will go into even more details.


Posted by TinyHunter 3 weeks ago Report

Finally some good f/f content from you! This story perfectly scratched so many itches of mine.


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks! Yup, it was time for some proper F/f. There will be more of that in the future, even though I still prefer F/m a little more myself ;)


Posted by zobabu 3 weeks ago Report

This would have to be amongst my favorite stories on this site so far, kudos!

The sheer size of that thing is impressive in itself but you've managed to make the story interesting to read through a good pacing, nice visualizations and some humor here and there. Even without the vore that's a solid piece of literature.

The vore was certainly there though. I love the sexy descriptions of the preds’ bodies, giving a nice foreshadow of where the prey will end up sooner or later. Also, the carefree and sometimes teasing attitude of Ashley and Rachel is a delight, whether it be while they’re chatting with one another or during lunch.

My favorite part of the story would have to be how Hannah gets ‘corrupted’ into eating tinies and she even thinks she’ll be doing society a favor while doing so. Something about Vortex getting away with the whole thing and the sheer ‘unfairness’ of Paige’s fate make this all the better in my opinion.

I think I should dip back into writing myself with so much inspiration at hand.


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 3 weeks ago Report

Wow, that is high praise indeed! Thank you for your kind words!

Carefree and teasing preds are still my absolute favourite, but I also enjoyed writing Hannah's part since she is a bit different from my usual preds. My plan is to make Ashley, Rachel and Hannah recurring preds like the German girls in my other stories, so there will be more of them! :D

I agree 100%, I just love it when vore is really unfair on the prey, and Paige certainly didn't deserve what happened to her. She's the most moral character in the story, and yet ends up suffering the most as well.

Very glad that you enjoyed the story and very honoured to hear that I might have inspired you to write again too! :)


Posted by Brenden1k 3 weeks ago Report

I wonder how Hannah would react if she learned the truth of what going on, now I have a image of her eating the vortex food ceo in my head.


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 3 weeks ago Report

Well, she ended up discovering her dark side for at least a couple of moments, though she still is trying to justify her actions towards herself at the end of this story. We shall see how she develops in the future ;)


Posted by AlbertKwon9182 2 weeks ago Report

I was very glad to see Ashley again in this story. Loved the reference of her checking a german tiny just in case. She remembers, huh? Haha. Hannah's growth(?) was also great to see here. It really was a refreshing story to read. Awesome job!


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 2 weeks ago Report

Same here! And glad some people noticed the nod to the previous story as well ;) I have more stories planned featuring Ashley, Rachel and Hannah.


Posted by MrDave 2 weeks ago Report

Paige and her friends deserved it, I mean, it's quite arrogant to think to change the world with such a fragile plan. :)
As others already mentioned, I especially like the descriptions of the fit preds bodies: From outside, they have really athletic and nice bodies, which certainly some man would appreciate, but the inside proves to be a much harsher environment :)

Keep it up! :)


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 2 weeks ago Report

They did take a risk there, and paid a high price for it :D Thanks, there's more to come!


Posted by vorefanatic314 13 days ago Report

Amazing story! Quick question, at one point Ashley remarks that she once had a tiny that wanted her to eat him. Is that a reference to a previous story of yours? I tried searching but didn't see anything. If not, that could be a great story as well! Keep up the great work!


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 12 days ago Report

Thanks! No, it doesn't refer to anything I've written before, but I've had the same idea! ;) That might be featured in a shorter story at some point because I also like the scenario.


Posted by vorefanatic314 11 days ago Report

I was really excited to go and find that story, so you definitely have my vote on writing one along those lines! Could be a unique one!


Posted by Veriden 6 days ago Report

I have just read everything and i love it all.


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 5 days ago Report

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.