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katara vs azula.... By lewdlemage -- Report

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im sorry, i must confess i have the vore brain......

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Posted by CakePisces 1 year ago Report

as all of us do XD


Posted by Ilove 1 year ago Report

Sorry? There is nothing wrong in the vore brain!

trust me, i'm not totally biased because I have the same brain...


Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 1 year ago Report

Bye bye Azula~~


Posted by minivenom 1 year ago Report

Its okay to have a vore brain, if it gives us stuff like this, the Flannery one or the bowsette piece I'm okay with that, give us more


Posted by Moonlightshadow 1 year ago Report

*pats pats Lewdle*


Posted by GloriatheDevourer 1 year ago Report

I envy you have a brain!


Posted by Bobrocks 1 year ago Report

Sort of feel bad for azula though...


Posted by Apostolos 1 year ago Report

Admittedly Azula had one of the best written but ultimately saddest storylines I’ve seen in a show for a villain in a long time

The K

Posted by The K 1 year ago Report

Wow! Katara is huge.


Posted by Birichino 1 year ago Report

Well, at least you have good taste in shows.
Ty Lee's pretty good at making herself relevant in TLAB vore, isn't she?


Posted by four_fleets 1 year ago Report

Kinda wanna see how Katara survived that.

....Kinda wanna see Azula almost survive this...


Posted by Omega273 1 year ago Report



Posted by SilentViewer 1 year ago Report

Its ok we don't question it


Posted by HungryLion812 1 year ago Report

Don’t worry, we’re all mad here.


Posted by Flocas 1 year ago Report

You're not alone... I'm afraid I have the vore brain as well ;~;


Posted by Ome 1 year ago Report

Well the only diagnosis is to let it run it's course I'm afraid


Posted by Whoishe 1 year ago Report

well she not gonna be in rush hour 3....I mean korra....yeah thats it.


Posted by Litanus 1 year ago Report

You have created the r o u n d


Posted by doomed 1 year ago Report

Is she gonna digest her or sit there stuck lol


Posted by Jurodan 1 year ago Report

The water is still rising...

As someone who is even more interested in breathplay than vore, you have my attention!


Posted by cloud8745 1 year ago Report

God, this one is so amazing.


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 1 year ago Report

She'll be breaking down in a different way in this version


Posted by SumeraPaleema 1 year ago Report

Pretty sure the vast majority of us have it too. No need to worry. :3


Posted by HalfLemon 1 year ago Report

Vore brain is best brain(?


Posted by z3d 1 year ago Report

This is awesome stuff, having a vore mood is always good


Posted by daeway 1 year ago Report

Good ole Katara vore.


Posted by DrakeHillside 1 year ago Report

Well, there's that problem solved. :U