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Nursery Rhyme's Eli Brave Adventure By sachinon -- Report

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Alice was sitting at the inn when she was approached by the crimson heroine, Elizabeth Brave, and asked if she would help her complete a quest. Elizabeth told her that she had been on a quest to find and return a powerful artifact, but there was one little problem: she had swallowed the quest item for safe keeping. After a bit of preparation and convincing, a shrunken Alice stood on her tongue, tightening a rope around her uvula. She was about to descend into the depths of the dragon on a quest of her own. With one end of the rope tied around her waist and another part grasped firmly in her hands, she began her descent. It wasn’t long before the girl’s throat muscles took over, taking her in a firm grip and squeezing her as she was pulled down into the belly of the beast. Upon her entrance into the girl’s belly, she was immediately hit by the fiery temperature of the dragon’s stomach and she knew that she had to find what she was looking for and fast. Unfortunately, it seemed that Elizabeth had a habit of swallowing all sorts of shiny things that she came across on her adventures. Not only was her stomach scorching hot, but it was also cramped with much of the loot, mostly weapons and armors, that she had plundered. Alice had been desperately searching through the piles of treasure when she suddenly felt the rope that was tied around her waist loosen up. When she looked down to see what had happened, she found that the rope now dangled at her side. The rope had been eroded by the scalding liquids that dripped and churned in the dragon’s belly. She now realized that it was only because of her metallic doll limbs that she had been able to hold out this long, but the human parts of her body would prove to be her downfall. Alice tried to find some sort of magic item among the debris that might save her, but In the end, she became yet another treasure added to the dragon’s hoard.

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Posted by sachinon 2 months ago Report

Chibi is from official Riyo manga.


Posted by Mannoumi 2 months ago Report

Now that's a dungeon that I'd like to explore. Unlike Nursery, I'm smart enough to bring my Cool Drinks.


Posted by TryMeIke 2 months ago Report

would love a story based on this, where brave eli swallows gudako and makes her her belly pet. not fatal, of course.


Posted by Mannoumi 2 months ago Report

Not on my watch.


Posted by TryMeIke 2 months ago Report

? is something wrong with the idea?


Posted by Garber09 2 months ago Report

Wow, that ia a real good one! The throat panel is awesome and the 3rd panel is very good <3


Posted by BroTato 2 months ago Report

Oh no, we have to send an expedition team explore that cave

I'll volunteer, and if the reports show promise, we'll send an entire army to loot it for all it's treasures