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Belly pose By Nalzindar -- Report

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I had a lot to do this week, and with several projects with some friends here and things going on in RL, I had to make a simple picture with no action and a minimum of details and background. Therefore, I went for a same-size vore this time, in contrast to my more elaborate creature vore from last week. A picture like this only takes some hours now, and I have finally discovered a way to fast and easy give colors to the black drawing lines. But I got a question for those who read this and have watched my pictures for a while:
Do you prefer black lines like those I (mostly) have used up until now, or do you think it looks better with colored lines?

Please leave a comment below and tell me^^


Min let her hands slide through her golden hair, enjoying the warm sunshine while she took a well-deserved rest from patrolling the area. She was a forest-elf by birth and proud of it. Her job was to keep the forest realm free from dangerous creatures and enemies, and like her colleagues, she had certain routes and places on her patrol-list to watch.

Her hands moved down to her stomach, letting them slide up and down the enormously enlarged belly, taking delight in caressing and squeezing the few corners and bumps she could find on the otherwise round surface. It didn’t take long before she got a reaction, a muffled voice from the inside and a groan from the belly itself.

“Oh, keep quiet in there,” she said nonchalant, “or else you will cause a….”


The sound of her loud belch, echoed through the forest, causing the birds in a nearby tree to take flight.

“…make me burp!” she finished and slapped a hand playfully on the belly, hoping that no one would come to investigate the sound.

Min had a strange fetish, one that probably would cause her friends and fellow elves to question her moral or even sanity. But honestly, sometimes you had to follow your instincts and do things your way, regardless of customs and traditions if you wanted to be at peace with yourself. She liked men, human males to be exact, at least that was how Min thought it was.

Her belly squirmed again and she cupped it with both hands, feeling hands and feet move around inside. She had opened her long elven dress since it was designed for her slim, yet curvaceous body and not a gut filled with an entire person!

As she stood there, relaxing in the sun, she thought back at how it started some years ago:
Min had been on a patrol when a group of orcs had ambushed and captured her. She knew what kind of fate she would suffer at their hands, after they had their fun with her, but despite her formidable fighting skills and attempts to escape, her immediate future had looked bleak. It was at this point that a human ranger attacked!

Never had she seen such agility and mastery of a sword. The man managed to defeat and kill the orcs all by himself, Min had to swallow her elven pride at that moment, he had saved her from a really tight spot at that moment! True, humans and elves rarely mingled, but where united in their dislikes for the orcs who were a constant threat to their people. And just like the elves, the humans also had their guards, or rangers to keep the orcs in check. Min had never seen this man on her patrols before. He was tall, had shoulder-long dark hair, sported a beard, probably a week old (Min wasn’t familiar with facial hair, so it was a guess from her side) and had a handsome yet mysterious look. As it also turned out, he was a man of few words. After freeing her, he had politely asked if she was wounded or in need for any help. Beside from a wounded pride, she was relatively unhurt, able to withstand far more than amortal man.

Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to want to stay and ogle at her, which was her experience from most of her meetings with men, instead he quickly dried off his sword and let her be. This of course, triggered her curiosity, and for the rest of the day, they patrolled together and took out another group of orcs before their path turned in different directions.

Since then, Min had with irregular intervals, met this ranger again. His good-look, mysterious personality and often regal composure felt too alluring to simply ignore. She didn’t know much about this man as he rarely spoke about himself, but rather conversed on topics preferred by most elves or professional ones, like where to find orcs.

Her amusement had only increased after one time she had spied on him while he took a bath in a warm spring. Hidden in a tree, she had secretly been watching him as he washed himself, something which also had been a positive turn on. The man was just as handsome without his clothes, as when he was fully dressed. His muscles were both visible and powerful, but not ridiculous in size, suiting him perfectly, and when she was graced with the sight of his male equipment, Min smiled satisfied. His size was probably between that of an elf and an orc!

She sat there, merging with the green environment until he finished got up from the water and dressed. He took his sweet time, but when he was finished and ready to leave, he had turned around, one last time and stared directly at where she was hiding and said, “I’m finished. If you are waiting for a bath, then it is ready for you.”
He had been aware of her presence the whole time!

Another muffled sound emerged from her belly, bringing her thoughts back to the precent. It was well-known among humans that elves liked to snack on them from time to time, but it was no big topic since going to war over a missing farmer or a local traveler was bound to take precious attention away from their common enemy. Unlike humans, elves could force meals of an impossible big size down their hatch, Min and her friends had occasionally eaten humans before when their rations had gone low or if the opportunity had been too good to miss. She burped again. The ranger in her belly may have been a colleague, or maybe even a friend of the other guy, but from the outside, such a thing would be impossible to tell if the handsome man found her like this. Besides, she had accidentally lost his clothes and equipment in a bush where it was unlikely they would be found. Her mysterious ranger had actually seen her with a squirming belly before, but politely ignored it while they walked through the forest together.

Min was really curious about this man, knowing only his name and his fighting skills, but she had promised herself that one day, she would find out who he really was. He was no mere ranger, and if it would come down to the two of them sharing bed… well, her friends could keep their opinions to themselves, they wouldn’t know what they missed!

Comment on Belly pose


Posted by ig00r 2 months ago Report

Nice story and pic! It is fitting that the ranger did keep his composure and did not turn into a drooling fool when in the company of that hot elf.

Lets hope she does just want to get into his pants and not have him in her belly, too. Unless this is some kind of master plan he has ...

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 2 months ago Report

Thank you :P
The ranger is a clever one and the elf is honest enough with her feelings, so if he doesn't screw up somehow, he might get into her bed before long. But not even I know if this some kind of master plan of his, or if the ranger just is being himself:3

[ Reply ]


Posted by DrakentheBlack 2 months ago Report

Though I do still enjoy the black lines, the colored ones do look more natural by comparison, so you should probably try to do this more often.

Also was not expecting the story for this one. I guess eating people gets her to start thinking about men she likes?

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 2 months ago Report

I'd figured out I should try to post this version and see what other people think, but I'm not sure if they actually will take notice of it!
I made up the story in a hurry today, so it became rather simple and straight forward, but yes, the elf seems to start thinking of men. Perhaps she has gotten a taste for (human) men...

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Posted by carlj 2 months ago Report

Amazingly done! ^^

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 2 months ago Report

Thanks :3

[ Reply ]


Posted by Jacquelope 2 months ago Report

So who's in her belly? Food or a companion? lol

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 2 months ago Report

The guy in her belly is just a random and unfortunate ranger she caught, but who knows where her special mysterious friend eventually will end up, her bed or belly?

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Posted by gullvy 1 month ago Report

Ah, this is very lovely~! Aside from the obvious sexy elf, the background is great, too.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 1 month ago Report

Thanks a lot, I'm happy to hear you like the elf : )

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