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Violet’s Brain Food (GIF) By SirEdwardthe3rd -- Report

Here we have Violet Parr being questioned as to where her brother disappeared to. I’m sure she’s telling the truth! No doubt in my mind.
Just decided to make this one a bit if a gif to spice things up a bit. Let me know if you like it!
Btw, a good friend of mine did a story for this! You can check it out here!:

Violet and Helen Parr belong to The Incredibles / Disney

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Posted by moonpunch101 1 month ago Report

Well, she already has invisibility and shields. With how crazy Jack Jack is, it seemed like only a matter of time before the gene pool pulled another surprise out and had her inherit her mother's stretch ability.


Posted by SearKahn 1 month ago Report

Looks great. Hope to see more gifs


Posted by ShinMegamiDerpy 1 month ago Report

Needs an internal view.


Posted by Firebird22 1 month ago Report

Well, Violet didn't inherit her mom's figure, so she has to try and catch up Somehow!

Also the GIF worked well.


Posted by ArrowversePreds 1 month ago Report

This is awesome! Tempted to write a story for it, if you'd want one?


Posted by SirEdwardthe3rd 1 month ago Report

Hey, man! Be my guest! As long as it isn’t too mich trouble on your half, that’d be awesome!


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

and this is why dash learned how to run on liquids.


Posted by ElJorro 1 month ago Report

I do not know entirely why but I have always enjoyed hiding the belly under a desk when it came up.


Posted by BlueIce 1 month ago Report

If she melts her brother, she could gain his powers....maybe


Posted by Bloodhawk757 1 month ago Report

So sexy! Time to write a story for it!