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thats not allowed!!! By lewdlemage -- Report

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we cant just eat our way through the elite four!!!!!

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Posted by usersp 2 months ago Report

lmao she is adorable <3


Posted by theunknownspy 2 months ago Report

Yes we can!


Posted by Tanookicatoon 2 months ago Report

This is super cute!! XD


Posted by TavTheBored26 2 months ago Report

Phoebe straight up doesn't care.


Posted by Dhman 2 months ago Report

Love the way you draw her


Posted by nope01 2 months ago Report

One does not simply eat the elite four


Posted by SuperSpaceZone 2 months ago Report

I appreciate that all the elite four trainers are just weirdos


Posted by SVWriter 2 months ago Report

Honestly, an admirable trainer if they're trying to accepting their loss instead of just going through with this :P


Posted by PINGASsien 11 days ago Report

Yeah, that's pretty nice !


Posted by Horserax 2 months ago Report

This is making me act up i love it so much


Posted by Birichino 2 months ago Report

At least Phoebe's taking it well. What's surprising is Gardevoir had the energy after being KOed...


Posted by SlickDratini 2 months ago Report

Bad predator, bad! Spit her out... no, pred, STOP DIGESTING HER FASTER- darn it, there goes the death-gurgle. I swear, this happens *every* time...


Posted by Bright 2 months ago Report

She seems rather okay with it, or perhaps she is in shock :p


Posted by ClarAya 2 months ago Report

Plot twist, Phoebe was actually upset that she won, but ended up in Gardevoir's belly anyway so it was a win/win for her


Posted by neversurrender21 2 months ago Report

Well why not!


Posted by Naganommer 2 months ago Report

I love how into it Phoebe is.
I also really like how Gardevoir's breasts are noticeably bigger from pic to pic. This is clearly a recurring problem with her.


Posted by Assassinmaster62 2 months ago Report

I mean....


Posted by Gorgrath177 2 months ago Report

She obviously doesn’t let her food out most of the time lol


Posted by carlj 2 months ago Report

Lovely ^^
Quite optimistic the girl, isn't she? XD


Posted by Darkatio 2 months ago Report

Next meal...I Challengue Glacia xD


Posted by testuser 2 months ago Report

But maybe this is a new way for pokemon to get EXP and level up!.


Posted by JeebyHeebies 2 months ago Report

She's a soir loser


Posted by Badfurson 2 months ago Report

She’s certainly gotten bigger after their battle with May~♥️


Posted by PickleSurprise 2 months ago Report

Nice to see Phoebe taking her potential doom so well!


Posted by TheAkkoDimensio 2 months ago Report

I love it when there's a character whose just normal in these and demands for someone to be let out, its pretty unique~. I also love the prey whose super into it and probably doesn't want to be let out, its pretty funny~!