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Housewife and Mother By apitop -- Report

....or perhaps ex-mother, now that yoshiko gobbled her little yukari up, redeeming some seemingly innocuous mother's day coupons for 'free lunch' and 'cleaning up for a day'. Perhaps she didn't redeem them in the way Yukari expected, but nevertheless she seems surprisingly cooperative. What a good daughter!

Long long sequence from my boy  Kainan who really knocked it out of the park!

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Posted by SerenaBlaze 2 months ago Report

Wow! Indeed this is awesome! Sharing it now~ <3


Posted by ShadowSun 2 months ago Report

Knocked it out of the park is an understatement, this is phenomenal.


Posted by GreenJester 2 months ago Report

I'm sure she's gonna catch the eyes of quite a few men and maybe even women!


Posted by denysvision3 2 months ago Report

I mean she's already married, so her husband will be verry happy


Posted by Gorgrath177 2 months ago Report

She gets to give birth to her daughter twice now~


Posted by denysvision3 2 months ago Report

How do we know that it could be a boy this time


Posted by hernextmeal 1 month ago Report

More likely bowel movement than boy


Posted by apitop 1 month ago Report

Quite likely indeed


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 2 months ago Report

Holy milf this is a god piece


Posted by denysvision3 2 months ago Report

If i was Jungorou, il definalty have so much fun with yoshiko <3


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

Tsk , tsk , this is why you always have another child ready to replace the first


Posted by denysvision3 2 months ago Report

Exactly!, is a good way that her husband will have so much fun with her taht they will make another one


Posted by linthia 2 months ago Report

Wow... Yeah I'm sure her father would love that help ! And that's what every child would have to do~


Posted by Shraq 2 months ago Report

How do Mother's Day coupons work?


Posted by Nic386 2 months ago Report

damn, tank autismo got got


Posted by apitop 2 months ago Report

that she did


Posted by Kelly 1 month ago Report

AMazing löove it HHH