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It was Halloween night and in the back alleyway of a suburb was Majin 21. She was hiding behind a metal garage can all dressed up for the spooky or rather candy themed holiday. Majin 21 was in a cute witches outfit with her shoulders and belly exposed. The witches hat happily sat on her white haired head and the black skirt went down to her ankles. With halloween being pretty much just about candy Majin 21 was craving sweets as her mouth was dripping wanting to feast. She had candy but they were for another purpose. Majin 21 swallowed the saliva down and stood up grabbing the sack of candy and started to head to the sidewalk.
 Majin 21 reached the sidewalk holding her belly and looked for some people. To her luck a group of four girl's in costumes were coming her way. One was dressed as a vampire, one was dressed as a ghost, one was a fairy and the last was a superhero. 
Another hungry rumble from her middle sounded and Majin 21 smirked as she was sure these girls around age ten to eleven would be a perfect bunch. The group arrived and Majin 21 quickly stopped them. "Hello girls! How has the night been?" Said Majin 21 trying to spark their attention. They stopped for a moment and looked at each other remembering stranger danger but in the end they still talked. 
"Um yes but who are you?" Asked Rose the ghost with the girls a little wary at the moment
 Majin 21 smiled and showed them the inside of a massive sack of candy. "Hey you girl's want some more candy...I have about four pounds of candy which means a pound for each of you~♡" Said Majin 21 winking at the girls. Rose, Maron the superhero, and Susie the vampire were all intrigued by the candy but Haley the fairy was a little skeptical. "Just follow me back here and I'll give you all this candy at once~♡" Said Majin 21 and immediately Rose, Susie and Maron followed her back with Haley standing back worried this was dangerous and looked around but no one was around. "C'mon Haley!" Called Maron and not wanting to be left behind, Haley gave in and followed. They went to the very back in between two houses which was about thirty feet back and it was dark. With the girl's view obstructed Majin 21 slipped her tail out and wrapped it around all four girls. 
 They yelped and finally Majin 21 was showing her true colors. A pink aura started to surround the sack of candy Majin 21 had and it started to float into the air. "Open up wide girls! It's candy time." Said Majin 21 removing the wrappers of all the candy. All at the same time the girl's mouths were forced open and a pound of candy was being forced down their throats. Majin 21 wanted to fatten her meals up first a bit and candy worked best for that purpose. The girls were powerless to stop Majin 21 and they felt their bellies growing out and becoming all big. Majin 21 giggled when all the candy was gone leaving them with plump bellies and they were stuffed so full and so fast that they fell over on the ground. They wanted to puke and cry out for their moms but Majin 21 just giggled. "Mmmm time to eat!" Said Majin 21 reaching down for Haley, the only one who was hesitant about the whole situation.
 Haley had tears running down her eyes as she was effortlessly picked up by the pink skinned woman. Majin 21 could no longer keep herself from drooling and she opened her mouth wide open and Haley's head and crown from being a fairy were shoved into the hungry maw.
Majin 21 swallowed the crown and felt it fall down her gullet into her stomach with ease. She enjoyed the flavor of the small girl's face and simply pushed her back letting her face get shoved into the back of the gullet.
Majin 21 took in the screaming girl's face and giggled a little as her neck took the shape of her screaming face.
The small frame was nothing to Majin 21 as she forced it down her throat making the other three watch as she devoured Haley whole. The three panicked on the ground crying but their poor bellies hurt so bad they couldn't move away to save themselves. 
The chest of the young girl was gulped up and Haley desperately cried and kicked her legs really doing anything she could not to be eaten but nothing worked. Her pudgy candy filled gut was swallowed up as Majin 21 threw her head and had a super happy look on her face swallowing up the hips. Only half of Haley was left unswallowed but her head was already being pushed into the stomach. "P-urp-...Please...don't." Cried Haley feeling sick
 Majin 21 of course just pushed down on the feet gulping in the legs as they weakly flailed around but it was useless. Majin 21's one closed up over the cute shoes and a finally wet gulp sounded from her neck.
Haley was swallowed and the other three watched in horror seeing the pink middle push out with the curled form of Haley. Majin 21 sighed in satisfaction and rubbed her belly before looking down at her other yummy meals.
A belch came up and the crown came out and splat in the grass. "Hehe that wouldn't have digested anyway! Well what sweet little treat is next?" Said Majin 21 looking down at her nice selection of cute girls to devour.
 Majin 21 thought the little girl dressed as Dracula looked cute so she took her skirt off along with her panties showing off a dick and her thick ass. Susie cried as she was dragged by her ankles and flipped up onto her knees. She looked up seeing the pink ass coming down on her. There was nothing she could do as the buttt was firmly planted on her face. Majin 21 moaned out with her tongue coming out. She pushed down engulfing the head whole, letting it wrap around her meal's neck. "W-what a nice feeling!! Fuck it feels so good!!" Moaned Majin 21 pushing down further getting the slime shoulders in her ass.
 Majin 21 could feel her cock immediately getting harder than diamonds and she smiled. Pre cum leaked out and she looked at her other two cuties and had a plan for the both of them pretty quick. Susie felt slime going all over her face as she was further sucked up in the smelly anus of the random woman. It smelled awful and the walls were so tight that she couldn't escape or really even move. Majin 21 slowly slid down the chest and worked on the next pudgy gut as she rubbed her full tummy hearing it softly gurgle around her first meal. "Deeper~♡...go deeper~♡!!" Moaned Majin 21 as she reached the small hips of the girl.
 Majin 21 stood back up with a pair of small legs sticking out of her behind and swiftly she planted the feet down on the ground and started to suck those legs up into her pucker. The soft ample butt and thighs of Susie were no more and the last two were terrified watching as the Susie fully became victim number two to the horrid asshole as it shut closed a little slime dripped down onto the grass. Majin 21 traced her meal around her belly as she squeezed through her intestines until being stuffed into the cramped hot stomach. "That felt so stimulating...I need to pleasure myself a bit." Said Majin 21 , looking back at the last two terrified girls. 
 Majin 21 made her cock massive and went over to girl number three. It was hard and girthy but it was also hungry. Some pre cum came off the tip and Maron cried out as Majin 21 shoved her cock tip directly into Maron's face. The cries were muffled and Rose watched to her side as her final friend thrashed around trying to push the massive pink cock back but it was useless.
It made wet nasty noises dragging in the head of the girl Majin 21 moaned, pumping her cock with both hands as her cock victim was slowly sucked up. The frame was gulped in by the greedy cock and Maron's thrashing arms were pushed back. Rose saw the crying face of Maron pushing the thick shaft out and she was heading to the fat balls with ease. 
 The cock slipped down the chest and was slowly grabbing and pulling in the fat belly of Maron. Maron was practically choking on tons of pre cum that was forced up from the amazing feeling. "My balls...are starving for some fresh young meat...I'll churn you into a nice batch of cum in no time!~♡" Moaned Majin 21 as she had half a girl in her cock. The outline of Maron was heading to the balls and Rose felt a little better and slowly tried to crawl away. Majin 21 saw her meal trying to leave but she knew the girl couldn't actually run away. The cock pumped in the hips and soft butt of the girl leaving only a pair of legs left. The cock didn't leave anything to chance and just went ahead and slurped in the last bit of Maron trapping the girl in the cum smelling cock. Majin 21 tipped her cock back and Maron screamed as fell back and landed into the right testicle making the pink balls massive. 
 Rose made it halfway out of the alley and she smiled seeing the road. But it didn't matter, despair filled her body feeling her legs being enveloped in something wet. Rose looked back, not seeing a cock or an open mouth around her feet. Instead a pink tail had opened up and was starting to eat her. "Hehe you'll be joking your friends in my belly sweet little thing~♡" Mocked Majin 21 starting to gobble up the final girl. Rose grabbed at the grass trying to hold herself in place but it was ripped out of the ground as the tail swallowed her legs up and was working her thighs. "No! Please! I just want to see my mom WAAAH!" Cried Rose
 Majin 21 didn't care at all as her ravenous tail ate up the entire lower half of the girl. Majin 21 lifted her tail up and had it back behind her. Rose was out of view of the street and she felt her belly being sucked in. The tight confines in the tail were awful and Rose just kept crying as her midsection disappeared into the bulging tail. 
Rose's chest was swallowed up and she gasped for air feeling her chest being compacted by the tail. "No!! Mommy!!" Cried Rose but it was much too late as the tail grabbed her cheeks and pulled her head into the slimy confines. Her arms waved around but they were basically just noodles. The tail closed and Majin 21 smiled as the human shaped bulge fell down her tail directly into her stomach filling it up with now three girls. 
 Majin 21 was completely stuffed and she looked down at her balls which didn't even have much of a bulge left. Maron huffed air as much as she could but her body was pretty much cum now. Her legs and arms were gone and the full balls were about to start pouring cum down her throat. "" Muttered Maron but as she said that the cum sloshed down her mouth and her eyes rolled back and she sank down into the jizz losing her form and becoming just another batch of cum for Majin 21. Majin 21 giggled and turned back around dragging her full sloshing nuts back to the candy sacks of the girls. 
 Majin 21 smiled and dug into the bags of candy the girls had and stuffed her face full of candy. Handfuls of candy went down her throat and she even used her tail to eat some. All that candy the girls got was just eaten up by Majin 21 only filling her belly further. The chewed up wet chocolate poured over the digesting girls and they cried out as the stomach was working hard melting them into paste.
"Nnnmmmm!~♤!! Sho good!!" Said Majin 21 with a cute smile on her face and candy stuffed in her mouth. Four full bags of candy were all gulped up by Majin 21 and she smiled.
Majin 21 belched and then sat on her butt against the wall. Her belly and balls squished into each other and she hummed to herself as her fast and reliable digestive system worked on the chocolate coated girls. 
 In her fat belly the poor trick or treaters were met with sloshing burning acid and tight walls. They cried and melted down as their costumes they had been excited to wear all month digested away. "NOOO MOMMY SAVE ME!!" Cried Rose as she sat on top of the other two. They acid bit at their skin and was turning it all mucky and gross slowly melting off their bodies and making them into mush to be absorbed. The stomach tightened making them scream in pain even more. 
 Majin 21 patted her groaning belly with both hands and rubbed it around feeling her prey melting down with ease. "Mmm such tasty sweets! I love Halloween!" Said Majin 21 as a gas bubble popped.
Majin 21 belched and out came the half melted white sheet of Rose's costume. It had chocolate stains and acid covering it. 
The stomach was loud and completely overpowered the three girls. Their curves started to disappear as they became all goopy and mush. Their squirming was reduced to some weak pushing but it didn't work against Majin 21 at all.
The stomach clamped down and broke the girls. They were just meat to be melted now and melt they did as only another half hour passed before the big pink belly was completely round leaving only soup and bones. 
 Majin 21 just smiled as it groaned and churned at the gross muck inside her belly. The three digested girls were ready to become fat so the guts opened up and they started to be pumped through the woman. Majin 21 blushed a little and moaned as her boobs became fuller and fuller. The witch top was pushed to its limits with tit flesh spilling over the side and eventually it snapped letting out the boobs entirely. The belly was only a small pot belly left and Majin 21 smiled. Her ass and thighs were absolutely massive and super jiggly. Quickly her panties were slipped back on as well as her black long skirt as she wanted to keep her meals for a bit longer. Majin 21 was getting ready to dump the three out but then Android 18 came into view. Majin 21 blinked and smiled as they face was similar to the girl she churned into spunk.
 Then it clicked that Android 18 was the mom of the girl digested in her balls. Majin 21 smirked and dropped her skirt and panties and dragged her balls over. Android 18 was clueless when she was grabbed and taken into the alleyway. "What the!!" Yelled Android 18 as she was pushed against a house. Majin 21 giggled and tore the clothes off the big breasted blonde. Majin 21 was super horny so she immediately jammed her cock into the tight slimy pussy of Android. Both girls moaned and Android 18 was ruthlessly fucked as her pussy was demolished by the thick cock. "I' daughter..back!! Moaned Majin 21 pumping in and out of Android 18. The orgasm came within minutes and Majin 21 completely filled the blonde's womb which definitely impregnated her. 
 Android 18 slumped onto the ground and she looked up seeing the cock that just raped her was now massive. "I won't melt you...but you'll be staying in here hehe~♡" Moaned Majin 21 pressing her penis into Android 18's face. Just like her daughter Android 18 was sucked into the cock. Her curvy body being gulped and slurped by the greedy cock. The curvy bulge slipped down to the balls and Android 18 was covered in cum on her way down. Within minutes the entire body of Android 18 was in the cock. Majin 21 just tipped her cock back and the woman fell down and safely splashed into the cum that used to be her daughter. Majin 21 turned her digestive system off making sure not accidentally melt Android 18
 With that Majin 21 slipped her panties and skirt back hiding her balls and cock. "Phew...alright ladies time to leave this ass!" Said Majin 21, loosening her bowels. Immediately soft loads of crap exited her bowels and pushed into the panties. Majin 21 bit her lip and her tail moved around in pleasure as she filled her panties with warm scat and bones. The back of her skirt started to push and bulge as her full panties were becoming huge. Skulls and ribs pushed against the panties and Majin 21 moaned out as pounds and pounds of crap was unloaded.
Majin 21 emptied her bowels of about ten pounds of scat but really it's probably even more. 
 Majin 21 finished up and smiled looking back at her full panties. She gave them a small pat and then stood straight up and started to leave the alley with both her full balls and panties completely hidden under her skirt.
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Hallows Eve Feast By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission made for an anonymous user
Word Count: 3000

Halloween came early!

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Posted by DeathStar66 1 year ago Report

Amazing work!

Always cool see DB stories ^^


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Glad you liked it!