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I wonder what it's about By Kronguss -- Report

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New light novel with a pretty mesterious title, could be about anything, really.

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Posted by RB23 1 month ago Report



Posted by Kronguss 1 month ago Report

on what


Posted by Pillowfloof 1 month ago Report

just based


Posted by Kronguss 1 month ago Report

On what though


Posted by MrWhatever 1 month ago Report

"Based" is a slang term. It has a wide range of uses, but usually calling someone or something "based" means they're speaking the truth ("based in truth" is what some speculate is the origin of the phrase) or that it's down-to-earth. A celebrity who isn't caught up in woke culture is often called "based", or if someone says something relatable and rational you might say it's "based". RB23 may have been calling this post "based" because it's a parody of Japanese light novel titles, so making fun of something absurd makes it based.


Posted by Kronguss 1 month ago Report



Posted by Bigmackgamer303 1 month ago Report

"Hello based department"


Posted by JustVoringAround 1 month ago Report

i approve an anime based on that picture!


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 1 month ago Report

Oh nice, can't wait for the sequel


Posted by Winny 1 month ago Report

To be fair, doesn't all the cuties reincarnate as logs of shit? :d


Posted by CalypsoIam 1 month ago Report

If I can prove that I never touched my balls will you promise not to tell another living soul what you saw?


Posted by Kronguss 1 month ago Report

Turnip turnin up.


Posted by Xentinova 1 month ago Report

Yeah, don't think this is making it past the censors, lol


Posted by x9comega 1 month ago Report

I love that she's eating a girl instead of a slice of bread. She's either about to bump into the love of her life, or bump into Truck-Kun and get Isekai'ed


Posted by Whymanamajeff 1 month ago Report

Would pay to watch that isekai


Posted by Drakira 1 month ago Report

I really wanna see the previous author's work now... even if it's a five panel thing about a log of shit being flushed down the toilet :p


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 1 month ago Report

Ay it’s alright, happens to the best of us


Posted by Shevron 1 month ago Report

omg this is genius parodyXD


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

just eat your teachers and skip school


Posted by Simpatico 1 month ago Report

I prefer another one of the author's stories: "Is It Wrong to Try to Shit Out Girls in a Dungeon?"


Posted by Kronguss 1 month ago Report

FUUUUCK that's really good.


Posted by Gorgrath177 1 month ago Report

Poor girl looks quite embarrassed. One could only imagine how embarrassed she must’ve been shitting her friends.


Posted by ImmortalPrey 1 month ago Report

If we are to assume that the "toast" in her mouth is one of her best friends, then I would have very much liked to see the reactions of her friends when she started eating all of them.


Posted by xvx17 1 month ago Report

Me to


Posted by Altimos 1 month ago Report

Aaah, she sounds like she needs someone to help her through the stress.
And now that she's friendless, it's up to me to become her friend and help her.
Don't worry fren, I got you <3 <3 <3


Posted by DrakeHillside 1 month ago Report

Hahah, I would give this a good read ~ x3