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It has been six months since Ahsoka Tano had become the padawan of jedi knight Anakin Skywalker. Despite him being an idiot, Ahsoka had really gotten attached to him. Even more than one would imagine. Ahsoka was actually a bit obsessed so that's why when she heard she found out he was dating Padmé Amidala in secret she had to act like she didn't care but in truth she was jealous. It had gotten so bad Ahsoka was now in an elevator going up to the place Padmé and Anakin stay. Anakin was out on a mission leaving Padmé alone in the large apartment. The orange skinned padawan patted her flat tummy and licked her lips, having a nice little plan that will work to rid Padmé for good. 
 Padmé didn't have any senator duties that day so she was just bored waiting for Anakin to come back. Wearing a long dress with her hair in its usual form.
The sound of the doorbell came and Padmé perked her head up. She wasn't expecting anyone and felt a little nervous and quickly used a device that is connected to a camera to see who was there. All her suspicions quickly faded away seeing Ahsoka standing there. Padmé got up and went over to open the door. "Ahsoka!! Please come in...I'm happy you are here, I'm so bored.." Said Padmé, putting her head down and laughing a little. Ahsoka laughed while harboring her secret for the moment.
 "Well if you're about we play a game." Said Ahsoka offering some fun. "Hm? A game? What kind of game?" Asked Padmé a bit interested. "This is the eat Padmé because she is taking my master game." Said Ahsoka with a smile on her face with both Padmé and Ahsoka both standing in complete silence. Padmé blinked a bit stunned before feeling a pair of hands go on both of her shoulders. "Eh?" Was all Padmé could get out before she watched the younger girl's lips part and go down on her. The lips wrapped around Padmé's face and finally the senator started to squirm and push Ahsoka back. 
 Ahsoka though had the force and overpowering strength compared to Padmé. Easily Ahsoka forced her lips all the way over the brown hair and entire head making her orange cheeks puff out. Padmé's head moved around inside the slimy maw and she screamed out loud but it was useless. Only Anakin knew she was at that apartment leaving her in a bad position. 
Padmé's face was dragged down into the slimy gullet and she screamed out loud for anyone but her voice was all muffled. Ahsoka moved her hands down keeping the flailing arms down so she can eat her meal a little bit easier. With Padmé's arms down Ahsoka pushed down swallowing in the frame and was going down to the modest chest of the senator.
 Padmé cried out within the gullet of her friend. Padmé was being devoured over a silly reason but she couldn't accept it. She fought and fought but the slimy tight throat kept on dragging her down to the waiting stomach begging for the massive piece of meat.
Ahsoka didn't want to keep her gut waiting; she swallowed down the breasts and started on the flat belly. The clothes blocked any taste but Ahsoka just needed to digest and didn't care much for how Padmé tasted. Ahsoka slurped and gulped the flat middle like it was nothing. Her strong throat pulled hard dragging the poor helpless senator down to a digestive demise. Ahsoka firmly grasped the buttocks of Padmé and pushed, letting the last bit of tummy enter her mouth. 
 Padmé found herself being stuffed in the awful hot cramped stomach of Ahsoka. Steam came from the warm acid and the walls rubbed her face and shoulders as she was going inside. The orange flat gut of Ahsoka was starting to bulge out. The screaming face of the poor girl pushed out and stretched the belly out as another sloppy gulp sounded.
Padmé's hips were swallowed up and Ahsoka was lifting the legs up and over her head. Grabbing her belly she let gravity do the rest only softly gulping the soft butt and thighs as her gut filled up with the meaty senator. The slippers were taken off of Padmé's feet and Ahsoka closed her mouth up.
Ahsoka swallowed down all of Padmé and only a sadistic sly smile was left on her face.
 Padmé was curled up inside the tight belly of Ahsoka and it was so cramped that it took a lot of effort just to move her arm. "No...Ahsoka please!! Let me out!!" Yelled Padmé only able to weakly wiggle around as the gut was starting up trying to melt her away. Ahsoka tapped her fingers on her bloated senator filled belly and just waddled over to the couch and sat down. Ahsoka giggled, rubbing the curves of her meal. "Oh Padmé shouldn't have been dating you'll just be a smelly pile of my shit. I hope digestion hurts." Mocked Ahsoka settling on the couch.
Her belly was staring up on the big squirming meat of Padmé. Ahsoka had never done this before but she was sure Padmé wasn't going to last that long. She maybe had an hour tops of still being alive before she was crushed by the walls and melted away. All Ahsoka had to do was kick her legs up and relax as her stomach did away with the nuisance. 
 Padmé could feel her body being rubbed by the walls and the green slimy liquid was being drenched all over her body. Padmé grunted and screamed for Ahsoka to let her out. The guttural noises of digesting were blaring in her ears making Padmé go deaf basically. 
Padmé was starting to cry as the acid burned a bit and she was truly being digested now. " me!!" Cried Padmé but there was no help coming. She was food for the younger Ahsoka and nothing more. Padmé watched her clothes starting to become torn by the harsh fluides. The beautiful dress she had been testing to see if it would look good on her for Anakin was being stripped off and mixing with the green gastric juices. Padmé yelped feeling the slimy walls tighten a bit with a gas bubble popping.
 Ahsoka winced a little, feeling something crawling up pretty fast. Her cheeks ballooned out and Ahsoka couldn't hold back the belch.
Ahsoka belched and out flew a pair of black sexy panties drenched in gastric fluids. The slimy panties laid on the orange belly and Ahsoka picked them up and blinked a little while the acid dripped off the top of the panties. "Wow..I didn't expect you to wear something like these! Heh, only more reason to churn you down." Said Ahsoka giving Padmé's ass imprint a hard slap, almost congratulating her gut.
A loud groan and a scream of pain came from Ahsoka's belly and she just smiled. The small weak wriggling of Padmé definitely made Ahsoka feel a bit of pleasure. Ahsoka squirmed a bit on the couch with her body being filled with a nice bit of pleasure.
 Padme cried out in intense pain. Her body was on fire practically. The acid was digging into her making creamy white skin all goopy. The tears ran down her eyes burning up in the pool of acid surrounding her. "NOOOOO PLEASE!! IT HURTS...MY SKIN IS...ALL GOOEY!" Screamed Padme ramming her soft fists in the belly. The meat was being melted off her bones. Her feet were practically just bones now along with other parts around her body. 
Padme's timer was starting to really shorten. Her breathing was uneven and her vision was blurry. The fumes and pain from the gut were starting to really affect her brain. Padme pressed her hand into the walls but it was too much for her to handle.
Padme felt something break and the grim morbid reality that she wasn't going to escape the younger girl's belly was made clear. Padme shut her eyes and just let the belly take her.
Ahsoka belched again and groaned, waiting patiently for her meat oven to finish digesting Padme. The moving had finally stopped completely leaving Ahsoka with a still gut churning loudly. The sounds of snaps and pops from inside as the belly broke down the body of Padme were loud and Ahsoka refused to pay any attention to it. She was firm on her cause and didn't care who had to be dealt with. 
Ahsoka yawned and stretched a little before looking down. The once apparent human shape was pretty much gone. The deformed soft looking bulge of Padme groaned and it was further rounding out.
 "Hehe how weak...even though you are such a powerful presence in the Senate you couldn't handle my belly for even one hour? Anakin is better off without a weakling such as you." Said Ahsoka pushing the last little bit of a head bulge remaining. A wet squelch sounded and the belly fully was round. The meat inside was being churned into a nice bit of paste with practically nothing remaining other than some bones and hair strands. 
The soft round belly continued its job with the walls tightening around the bones of the former senator. The lifeless skull looked up at Ahsoka and the padawan just giggled and poked it. "Wow my gut really did annihilate you...funny." Mocked Ahsoka pushing the skull under the rest of the mush and bones out of sight.
Her belly was finished up with Padme and Ahsoka moaned a little and blushed as her guts happily took in the slush. She felt the hard objects going through her intestines as well as all that mush. The nutrients fueled Ahsoka as well as fat was packed onto her skinny body. Ahsoka's small practically non-existent boobs grew four cups ripping her top off. The orange breasts bounced around and the same thing happened with her underwear and skirt. Her ass and thighs just grew too big. "Jeez you added way too much!! Damn it I'm gonna need to borrow some clothes...oh wait you're just shit I don't need to ask." Giggled Ahsoka standing up and looking for a spot to relieve herself.
 Ahsoka figured the middle of the room was as good as any and just squatted down. Her ass cheeks spread open and she winced a little trying to push out what was left of one Padme Amidala. The tip of the turd showed itself and that simply just let loose the flood gates. Ahsoka felt the fat turd filled snapped bones and hair strands coil out onto ground. The unrecognizable brown sludge of Padme had a horrid smell attached, making Ahsoka plug her nose. "Ugh..what a rancid stench...I guess it's fitting for shit like you though." Mocked Ahsoka as her asshole sputtered and started to release more turds.
Ahsoka underestimated the amount of shit stored in her bowels, immediately having to stand higher and higher as the wet logs of shit plopped down. Ahsoka grunted and squeezed out a half melted twisted spinal cord. It splatted down and immediately after a load of wet sloppy turds flopped on onto burying it. "Come on you shity senator...get out of my ass!" Yelled Ahsoka forcing out more solid logs with bigger bones. They plopped on the pile making it massive. Ahsoka spread her ass cheeks with her hands now trying to force a solid object out. Padme's skull was stubborn and refused to be let out. Ahsoka squeezed as hard as she could and just let loose a slimy turd that pushed through the skull and splat before the skull itself came down like a cherry. 
 Ahsoka sighed in relief before looking back at the steamy pile of ex Padme scat. "Yuck…that's what you Anakin will be mine hehe~♡" Giggled Ahsoka, slapping her big round orange booty and heading over to pick an outfit to wear out of the apartment. 
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For Her Master By Coolwoman -- Report

Commission sinner1632
Word Count: 2000
Art by randomrandom

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Posted by sinner1632 1 year ago Report

Beautifully done


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Glad you liked it!


Posted by NovemberNights 1 year ago Report

Ahsoka pred and Padme prey is such a god tier combo, absolutely great story


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

It always is lol


Posted by Deadipool 1 year ago Report

Artist is randomrandom