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Why does her hair glow?! By Predator -- Report

Tangled AU where Flynn Rider IS the "cannibal"/"man with pointy teeth" Mother Gothel warned Rapunzel about :') Fortunately Rapunzel's healing hair can keep her safe from fully digesting in the thief's stomach, and she'll soon find she doesn't mind being in there much after all~

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Posted by tastylittletiny 1 month ago Report

-Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine~

I'm sure Rapunzel will definitely enjoy her time in his belly soon's so warm and comforting, and she isn't lonely~

Certainly must be a surprise meeting a cannibalistic man with pointy teeth as her first "human" encounter aside from Gothel though, heh~ she'd maybe been expecting a ruffian or a thug, but not a cannibal~ I do love the fact that she'd probably just strike up casual conversation with him since, well, he IS the first person she's ever met xD

But anyways you know I love this already! Her pretty glowy hair and the pretty flowers, and the shock on Flynn's face is clear lol xD


Posted by Predator 1 month ago Report



Posted by NewSuperTrios 1 month ago Report

He can survive indefinitely. Her voice can't.


Posted by Davidpits 1 month ago Report

So , she will be digested or is just soft vore ??


Posted by Predator 1 month ago Report

She’s being digested but her self-healing can keep up with it – so I think she will be fine, but it’s open ended for interpretation :)


Posted by MidnightRose 1 month ago Report

It had to be done.


Posted by Predator 1 month ago Report

Yes, Flynn is a great pred, Rapunzel is great prey, and I’d never seen anyone do it before :’)


Posted by Zeepher150 1 month ago Report