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Voretober 13: Curse
Mark was walking down the hallway of his school, eyes darting back and forth as if he expected to get shot at any moment. “Please please please please…” He was muttering, hunched over and gripping his backpack tightly. “Please don’t let her be here-”
Mark took off running, zipping in between the crowds of people heading to class. He saw an opening and dove into it, not caring where it led. Recognizing it as a washroom, he went into a stall and locked the door. Sitting on the seat and pulling his feet up to his chest, he waited for the sound of feet.
Nothing. He let out a small breath.
“Mark?” He froze as the girl entered the bathroom. “I think I saw you come in here. This is the girls rest room.”
Just his luck. He could feel the curse working, his perverted thoughts that unconsciously came to mind speeding up the process. He shifted, moving closer to the edge of the seat. His shoes squeaked.
“You are here.” Penelope said, testing the door of the stall. Finding it locked, she didn’t try again, but rested her head against it, trying to connect to the boy inside. “Why have you been avoiding me? Ever since your camping trip, you have been a ghost. What happened to our friendship?”
Mark could not answer, as he was actively shrinking out of his clothes. On that camping trip, he had upset the local witch and got himself cursed so that whenever he had any perverted thoughts, he would shrink. However, whenever he was near Penelope, it also triggered, though Mark didn’t understand why.
So far, he managed to hide it from Penelope’s knowledge, but it looked like he was properly trapped this time. His backpack fell into the toilet with a *Splunk*, Mark himself falling onto the pile of clothes.
“Are you okay?” Penelope said, knocking on the stall. She waited, then her eyes widened as a tiny Mark walked out from under the stall. She crouched down, examining him. “Mark?”
“Hi, Pen…” Mark said timidly. At only 5cm tall, he was half the size of her pinky, which meant that even with her crouching down, she towered over him. He kept his hands over his groin, shivering in the cold air.
“What happened to you?” Penelope asked softly, extending her hand towards him. Mark flinched, shying away from the enormous appendage. Penelope noticed his movement and put her other hand behind Mark, trapping him. Mark began to hyperventilate, arms reaching out against the walls that were closing in around him.
Gently, Penelope scooped up Mark, bringing him to her face. With him closer, she was able to see his expression, which was currently in a state of terror. She cupped her hands, sending him tumbling into the cove that her fingers made.
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Penelope whispered, her breath washing over Mark as she tried to comfort him. She looked around, reassured that they were alone. She turned back to Mark and brought him close. “How did this happen?”
“A-a witch cursed me when I stumbled into her circle.” Mark said, his voice quiet from his tiny lungs. “I don’t know why she did it, but it was an accident! I didn’t mean to watch her, I was just curious!”
Mark looked around, trying to find a way out of this scenario. The ground was far away and Penelope was very close, her lips only a few paces away from his body. Even though he knew Penelope for many years now, he did not know what she would do with him at this size; he was completely at her mercy.
Penelope thought for a moment, eyes drifting away from him. “A witch? I’ve never heard of a witch living around that area, but my great-grandmother has property up there. She actually sent me a letter the other day…” Penelope drifted off, looking back down at Mark.
Mark immediately felt uncomfortable, the look in Penelope’s eyes was suddenly different, more menacing. More like a predator.
“She said that one of my friends needed to be taught a lesson or two. That I would know the opportunity when I saw it.” The tip of her tongue appeared, moistening her lips. “Seems like quite the coincidence, isn’t it Mark?”
“Please don’t.” Mark whimpered, trying to get purchase as he felt the hands that held him begin to move closer to Penelope’s face. “It was an accident, I swear!!”
“Oh, but my letter said that she caught you with your pants down, furiously masterbating behind a tree. My great grandmother does have a great body, but I never would have thought she was your type. Guess all those times I’ve felt your eyes on me weren’t wholesome ones, were they?” Penelope touched the palm of her hands to her chin and smiled down at Mark, who was scrambling to climb over her fingers in a desperate attempt to keep away from her.
“But with you at this size, I can admit that my own thoughts are more… lewd than I am used to.” Penelope sniffed deeply, actually causing Mark to fall forward an inch. “And knowing my Nana, I am sure she would have predicted exactly what I like.”
“Penelope! We’re friends! Don’t eat me!!” Mark screamed as the hands tilted, sending him tumbling towards her fleshy lips. She opened her maw, a mass of muscle and teeth awaiting his arrival. He rolled into it, her tongue closing up the back of her throat to prevent him from falling further.
Penelope rolled Mark around in her mouth, moaning as she tasted her Nana’s magic. It was her favorite flavor and she had had enough of her cooking to even predict what kind of magic spells were used. She could taste the shrinking magic the strongest, giving Mark an intoxicating taste akin to perfectly prepared potatoes, just the correct amount of butter and spices.
But there was another taste that she recognized, yet hadn’t had in a very long time. It was strong, akin to a well cooked steak just bursting with juice. Smiling at her Nana’s generosity, she put Mark into her cheek, feeling his boner poking against her teeth. “Hey Mark? Ever wanted to be deep inside a girl?”
Mark didn’t answer, eyes intent on the teeth that were holding him in place as she talked. His penis was resting on one of them, threatening to rid him of his manhood with a simple bite. He tried to move, to give himself space, but Penelope was easily able to overcome his pathetic attempts. He was handled as easily as a piece of gum, taken from her cheek and pressed on the roof of her mouth.
As casually as one would swallow a piece of food, Penelope swallowed Mark. She felt his legs enter her throat and swallowed again, sending him on his one way trip to her stomach. With her finger, she traced his journey all the way down, feeling his panicking movements in her throat. She sighed with satisfaction.
“Nana alway knew how to make a bite sized meal,” Penelope said to herself, reaching under the stall and pulling out Mark’s clothes. Unlocking the door, she fished out his backpack and stuffed his clothes in there. Inside of her stomach, she could feel Mark frantically punching at his surroundings and screaming at the top of his lungs. She put a hand to her stomach, reveling in his movements.
“Oh Mark, you’ll be fine. Once I finish digesting you, you will reform and we can do this all over again~.” She said and Penelope felt his panic increase, resulting in even more movement that even made her stomach bulge out at certain moments. She chuckled, then checked the time.
“I guess I’ll have to say you are absent in Miss Valentine's class, it will take some time until you finish.” Penelope said, tossing the wet backpack over her arm and heading out. Nana always knew the best gifts to give her and it would seem that she intended for this one to last a very long time.
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Another cruel pred, this time with a suggested fatality?! Of course with reformation, I'm not that cruel, but this was still a different story coming from me! But when I read "Curse", I knew that it wasn't going to be a wholesome story.

I hope that you enjoyed, we're almost half-way through!

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Posted by LivesInAStomach 8 days ago Report

How interesting, when I read "Curse," I knew I wanted to put a wholesome spin on it. But nice job with this one!


Posted by ClosetedTiny 7 days ago Report

And you really did make a wholesome story!! Guess that shows how skilled you are, cause my mind was blank on how to make a Curse wholesome!