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Standing on top of a high rise in Japan are the twin sisters Junko Enoshima and her older sister Mukuro Ikusaba. With her arms folded looking down on the world as despair spreads rapidly. "Hehe...yes...This is true despair!" Moaned Junko with her face bright red and a bit of saliva trickling down her chin. Junko and her sister had just caused the most tragic event in human history and with despair all around Junko felt herself getting a bit turned on which was normal for her. "Mmmmm...this world will soon be fully engulfed by despair but...even though that is fantastic in itself I still want more." Said the gleeful Junko.
Behind her, her older sister Mukuro asked "You want more?". Junko suddenly looked back and shouted "Huh?! What kind of question is that stupid! Geez, you're so annoying!".
  Mukuro always does what Junko says to help her feel despair and for more personal reasons. Unlike her blonde more cheerful sounding sister, the ultimate soldier Mukuro Ikusaba was emotionless, ruthless and a cold blooded killer. But with Junko her emotions melt away making her pretty much the cutest killer in the world. The short black haired girl looked at her older sister and on the inside she really hoped Junko was feeling despair just like she warned. Junko stepped down from the thick rail and went over to Mukuro. "Junko?" Asked Mukuro as her sister stormed over.
 Junko grabbed Mukuro and flipped her around while grabbing the cute skirt and tearing it off. Mukuro yelped, feeling the cold air breezing her ass cheeks. Mukuro had black durable panties that aren't supposed to rip or tear from things such as knives and even blades. Junko lifted her right hand up and with all her strength planted the meatiest slap into Mukuro's right ass cheek. "Kya!" Yelped Mukuro as she fell onto her arms and knees pointing her booty in the air. Junko enjoyed punishing her older sister as it would give despair to them both in a way. Junko had her fashion boots on and she lifted it up and was aiming it directly at the covered dirthole. "This might hurt...actually scratch that it will hurt a lot haha!" Laughed Junko driving her foot down onto the booty below her.
 Mukuro had gone through being stepped on and slapped multiple times so she was more or less used to it. Junko stepped where the asshole was trying to get her heel to go into Mukuro's asshole with the panties still on. But instead something rather peculiar happened. The supposed durable black panties ripped at the sides of Mukuro and Junko couldn't believe it. "Haaahhh~♡" Moaned Mukuro as her head went up and some saliva ran down her chin and tears swelled in her eyes. Junko ignored the moan and looked down at her foot. Because the panties ripped from Junko stepping as hard as she could, the tight pink asshole of Mukuro was forced open from the stomp and had fully engulfed Junko's foot. " foot is in your ass! And I can't pull it out!" Yelled Junko trying to get her foot out of the anus. Mukuro's extra muscular ass muscles had tightly wrapped around Junko's foot and it was refusing to let go.
 Mukuro was panting hard not expecting such a punishment and she turned back at Junko who was angry. "This isn't's just gross! You useless sister loosen your ass and let me go!" Yelled Junko pointing at her freckled older sister. Mukuro nodded while breathing heavily and she loosened them. Yet they were still too strong for Junko but that wasn't the worst part.
The anus made a loud wet noise and Junko felt a tug. She couldn't believe it, her foot was sinking deeper into the asshole and now it was halfway up her calves. "What the hell!! What are you doing, you disappointment don't suck me in further!!" Yelled Junko but Mukuro was not doing it intentionally.
 "Sis..I'm sorry I-I didn't try and suck you in deeper on ass moved by itself." Moaned Mukuro as her body was actually enjoying the large object inside her ass. Neither Junko or Mukuro saw it but a little puddle of fluids coming out of Mukuro was forming under Mukuro. The ass though wasn't stopping further pulling in Junko's right leg. Junko was being forced to slowly crouch down as the asshole was up to her knee. "Sis..haaah~♡…pull..yourself out...I've loosened my anus." Moaned Mukuro but Junko was already trying using both her arms and leg trying to pull her leg out. But the pucker wasn't letting go and only further going up clamping down on her thigh. "Gah shit!! Mukuro god damn it stop sucking me in!! Its fucking gross and slimy in your ass!" Insulted Junko as both girls were trying desperately not to think about what might happen if it continues.
Junko yelped and fell back on her ass with half of her thigh now inside of Mukuro. Mukuro clenched her fists and her tongue seeped out with saliva dripping off the tip of her tongue onto the cold pavement. The puddle was only growing bigger as more juices squirted out of Mukuro. "Mmmmm~♡..Sis...I'm not doing...this on purpose." Moaned Mukruo arching her back as more of Junko's thigh was engulfed. At that point Mukuro could see Junko's foot right next to her. Junko felt her pussy and ass getting close and the problem was her other leg. "Shit...I better bring it back on my own before the ass forces it back." Said Junko reaching over grabbing her left leg and she actually was quite flexible and managed to get her left leg placed up against her side.
 Junko was pretty sure there was no way Mukuro's ass could open up anymore as her crotch and ass collided with Mukuro's. But Junko was sorely mistaken as the anus was expanding. Mukuro was smacking the grand moaning super loud as her asshole was opening up so wide that she couldn't believe it just didn't tear in two. "W-what the fuck!! You freak, how are you doing this!!" Screamed Junko grunting in pain as it reached her other leg and wet SHLORP sounded as it fully took in her lower half. Junko was extremely uncomfortable with her leg pressed up against her side and with half her body inside the slimy tight ass it was just a double negative but Junko was feeling despair only disgust.
 Mukuro was arching her back up, further lifting her ass and Junko up. Mukuro could feel her sister's leg wiggling in her guts. It felt weird but she liked it in a way and would be fine doing it to other people but she didn't want her sister being eaten up by her ass. Junko growled and her next plan was to use her hands. As her thigh and belly was being gobbled up she planted both of her hands into an ass cheek each. Junko pushed as hard as she could grunting and cursing out obscene words as it didn't work. "H-Hurry Junko I can't...haaaahhh~♡...I can't control my ass." Moaned Mukuro looking back, seeing the belly button of her younger sister disappear into her bowels.
 The disgusting wet noises of Mukuro's greedy asshole pissed Junko off and as she pushed on Mukuro's ass she neglected an important detail. From working so hard Mukuro had started to sweat, especially all around her ass and Junko didn't notice. Junko pushed just a little too hard and her hands slipped inward and her hands went directly into the asshole. "Oh fuck...oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" Repeated Junko at least twenty times as her chance of escaping went from ten percent to zero percent. Mukuro couldn't stop her anus and Junko couldn't push or pull herself out.
Junko yelped in pain from her leg on the outside, just in a terrible position. But now the greedy ravenous asshole was at her knees and ate up her entire midsection.
 Mukuro looked under herself seeing her toned middle was big with her sister inside her guts. "No..Sis hurry...I don't think I can get you out if..I fully suck you in." Cried Mukuro not wanting to lose her abusive younger sister in her bowels. Junko was going wild wiggling around but as her tits plopped on the sweaty ass cheeks it was pretty much useless. The asshole dragged into the breasts and finally the god awful stench of Mukuro's colon was starting to hit Junko's nose. "Aaggh what the hell is that smell." Yelled Junko feeling her lungs and breasts being squished. The twin tailed girl gasped for air and finally just went limp. The ultimate soldier moaned and cried at the same time as her asshole was almost done.
Junko just groaned as her shoulders went inside leaving only her head and left foot left. "You...are such a disappointment." Were Junko's last words until her head was slurped in. The ass pushed the other boot off of Junko's foot and it plopped on the ground as it took the socked foot inside. Only the blonde twin tails hung out of Mukuro's anus.
The hair lasted mere seconds as the asshole wetly slurped them in and finally was closed up. Mukuro couldn't believe her entire sister was inside of her bowels. Mukruo felt every last part of her sister shifting through her guts. The large body being squished and squeezed through the tight intestines. Mukuro leaned back and tears streamed down her eyes onto the bulging middle. "I'm sorry Sis...please..I'm sorry!! I didn't do it on purpose!" Cried Mukuro feeling her belly shifting around.
 But soon enough it stopped and Mukuro felt stuffed. Junko's final destination was the digestive sack known as Mukuro's stomach. The slimy walls were dripping onto every inch of Junko's curvy body. Junko's face, breasts and ass were making clear well defined imprints. "J-Junko!!" Cried Mukuro hugging the bulge. It started to move around and Mukuro could hear something.
But the walls were keeping it muffled but Mukuro heard the word useless and figured it was Junko berating her with insults. Mukuro buried her face into her hands but then she felt something happen in her belly.
Mukuro belched loudly, making her stomach tighten. Junko's red ribbon and black and white tie came out and splat on the ground.
 Mukuro saw the acid-covered accessories of her younger sister and blushed a little but shook her head and tried to aid her sister in an escape. Mukuro put her fingers down her throat and tried to throw up first. Even though she gagged Junko didn't come up. The gut was refusing the large chunk of girl meat. "J-Junko..I..I don't know what to do!! My body feels..weird!" Moaned Mukuro not understanding the stimulation her body was receiving. Mukuro gulped nervously and fully fell back onto her ass on the ground.
A monstrous belly came out of her mouth squeezing her belly. Muffled insults came from inside the groaning belly as Junko was squeezed. Mukuro's mind was starting to shift away from her sister's safety to more dire horny feelings.
 Junko was trapped within her older sister's gut. The tight belly held her in an awkward position that pressed her knees up against her arms and pressed her breasts and face against one of the slimy walls. "What the fuck...I slid through this useless bitches guts only to end up stuck in her belly!!" Said Junko pushing her hands and face against the walls. The slimy walls barely moved and just stretched out a bit before pressing her back in.
A loud gurgle blasted in Junko's ears as the stomach was starting to really get ready. The walls and ceiling of the tight sack was making acid rubbing it all over the despair girl. Junko growled as it made her skin tingle a little and digestion officially has started.
 Mukuro rubbed her belly with both hands as it groaned loudly and Junko's yelling was muffled and not understandable.
Mukuro was sure Junko was making fun of her or begging to leave her belly but Mukuro felt a bit different. At first all she wanted was for Junko to escape the digestive sack but now Mukuro wasn't so sure. A part of Mukuro wanted to keep Junko trapped inside of her and fully digest her. Her mind and body were starting to agree with Mukuro giving into her desires a little bit. Mukuro reached under her belly and touched her dripping wet pussy lips. "Kya!! I' wet." Moaned Mukuro, feeling herself a little. She was bright red, slowly rubbing the untouched lips of her lower body. Mukuro finally inserted fingers inside of her and her toes curled and a cute moan escaped her lips.
 Mukuro breathed heavily and really started to masturbate. The sounds of her masturbateing and churning belly mixed together making music. "Why...why am I enjoying my sisters death...she's being digested...yet...I love it!~♡" Thought Mukuro no longer really concerned for Junko
Junko was continuing to throw insults and yell while fighting digestion off. But it was really in vain with only the belly moving slightly. Mukuro found all that moving stimulating and it only fueled her masturbation further. Using her other hand Mukuro reached over and grabbed the breast bulge of Junko. A yelp came from the belly and Mukuro moaned with the imprint of Junko's breast in her hand. Despite being covered by her gut walls Mukuro could feel every little detail of the boob. It was soft and felt nice in her hand and the fact it was in her belly was only more stimulating.
 Junko was really getting pissed now but the burning feeling around her was getting worse. Junko wanted to yell at her sister but with the acid burning her clothes away and attacking her skin she was in a bad spot.
The gut was pretty much in high gear now and was trying to make Junko in a gross slurry of muck. The fashionable clothes were being torn up like they were paper and Junko yelped in pain. "Fuck...if this continues AGH! I'm going to end up as shit! God, that is just gross!" Yelled Junko pushing the walls around more and it still did nothing. Junko felt a hand on her breast and she knew immediately it was Mukuro. "You dumbass!! Don't grope me!! Get me out of here!!" Yelled Mukuro but she never got a reply other than a moan. Junko's boob was squeezed and groped over and over making her uncomfortable and it just made the pain worse.
 Mukuro was deep within her own pussy getting a bit more aggressive with her masturbateing. A new puddle of fluids had formed around her and even seeped under her ass cheeks. Mukuro moved her hand up from the breast bulge directly on top of Junko's head and pushed it down. "D-digest faster..I can't help it. I-I want you a part of me." Moaned Mukuro trying to melt her younger sister faster.
Mukuro pushing down made Junko get all riled up as the girl squirmed around while screaming in pain. Mukuro was melting in pleasure loving every second of digesting her own sister. Her entire mind was filled with only thoughts of making Junko butt fat. "'re all mine! Melt into meeee!" Moaned Mukuro arching her back and curling her toes as her first orgasm came squirting cum all over her belly. Mukuro shook a little bit and calmed down while looking at her belly.
 Yet even after an orgasm her thoughts didn't change. She smiled and wrapped her entire body around her belly. " are my butt food now. I wasn't expecting this but...I think I like you more in my belly. I should've done this looooong ago~" Moaned Mukuro, rubbing her cheek against Junko's stressed face.
Mukuro grabbed at Junko's ass and boobs while squeezing her belly trying to feel up everything she can before Junko digests fully. The soft ass bulge was squishier than Mukuro thought but she didn't mind. All that meant was her belly was working hard.
 Junko felt the gut get tighter around her and both her ass and chest were being groped now. But it burned her body and she screamed in pain. "GGAAHHHH DAMN IT MUKURO I'M FUCKING MELTING! LET ME OUT!!" Screamed Junko as her ass was starting to mush up with Mukuro touching her. Junko was sure her thighs and legs were just slush now and she didn't want to look at her own body. The thought of digesting and being shit out should give her despair but it only grossed her out and the pain was badly affecting her brain.
Junko was hyperventilating and weakly squirming as her skin was melting off into the slurry of acid. Junko was getting closer to her digestive demise.
 Mukuro let her belly deal with Junko a bit and she watched and poked at the softening bulges. Junko's once well defined body was softening and becoming a more round gut. Junko was becoming mush with her meat being torn off her bones and melting away. "I'm really melting her...Sis is just churn away. Fuck! Just digest faster Junko, you bitch!" Moaned Mukuro pressing her hands into the sides of her gut and some cracks sounded along with a pained whimper. Junko had run out of screaming power and just regular strength. Her body was half melted and most of her bones were showing. It was truly a miracle she was even alive still. "D-damn it...Becoming...shit...f-for such...a disappointment...fuuuuu....-" were Junko's final words as she shut her eyes, no longer able to keep herself awake. Her ribs pressed into the belly walls but they were soft and the gut was squeezing.
The gut squeezed and Mukuro smirked a little seeing that last human shaped bulge was gone.
 In a short two hours Junko Enoshima was dead and just some broken bones and soup inside of her sister.
Mukuro belched and she just rubbed her belly as it dealt with the rest of her younger sister. It tightened around all the bones letting Mukuro see the rib cage and skull of Junko and she just smiled. "Hehe..I actually digested you..I feel..despair...I love it." Moaned Mukuro finally truly understanding how her sister felt. Mukuro hugged her belly, cracking some of the bones. Mukuro didn't even notice the soup was being pumped into her guts as her assets were growing. Her ass was becoming softer and round making sitting on the ground more comfortable. Her boobs were pushing out her shirt and they ended up snapping her bra. Mukuro felt her belly shrinking and finally noticed her body was bigger. Her boobs, ass and thighs were so much thicker than Junko's and her bony gut was half its size. " just my fat. I love it~♡" Moaned Mukuro groping her new soft tit.
Mukuro farted and blushed a little with the smell of death coming out of her rear. "Hehe Junko...looks like you are finally able to come out." Said Mukuro pushing herself up off the ground making her smaller boney belly sway. Mukuro felt Junko or what's left of her begging to be released so Mukuro happily obliged, grabbing a hold of her ass cheeks and spreading them open. The tight pucker that had easily sucked in an entire girl a couple hours ago moved a little bit and a rumble in Mukuro's stomach sounded with a fart wanting out.
The fart blasted out but it was exactly what Mukuro needed to let the floodgates open.
 An immediate massive tip pushed her anus open and Mukuro yelped out in pain as the thick monster of a turd was spreading her anus. It crackled and slowly came out, making Mukuro tear up. A little smile came on her face despite the pained tears in her ears. "My's my sister that's coming out of my filthy asshole!" Yelped Mukuro with the bone filled log coming into view between her legs. A snapped humerus and fingers scratched her asshole making it hurt and Mukuro yelped. The log came out and the tight anus clamped down, cutting it off and it plopped down with a wet PLAP. Mukuro caught her breath before even considering continuing.
 Junko wasn't coming out nicely which made Mukuro happy and sad at the same time but either way it didn't matter how she felt leaving the shit in her bowels wasn't an option. Mukuro started back up and grunted as the anus puckered a bit before opening up. The soft tip of a turd was coming out and Mukuro whimpered a bit and then felt some solid parts. A little yelp came out of Mukuro's mouth as the lower jaw of Junko came out, missing a few teeth. But that was only the first bit as after two inches of solid creamy looking scat the whole rest of the skull came next. Junko's cracked skull had shit inside its head and bulging out of its eye sockets. The lifeless skull came down and Mukuro just whimpered, pushing out the blonde hair and bone filled scat that came after the skull. It pushed it into the first log and came detached plopping down. The skull was looking up at the butt it just came out.
 Mukuro looked up at the slimy steamy remains of her sister so far and smiled. " are a bit different are still you!" Said Mukuro as her gut groaned and she made more to dump. Mukuro went back to her task at hand and pushed out a couple of creamy small logs plopping them down on Junko's skull and the bigger logs already on the ground. Yet she still had more large ones. A blockage came and Mukuro was having troubles. "GAH!! This is's massive!! What can be so massive still in my butt!" Yelled Mukuro as she tried her best. But she was lucky to have such strong bowels so she was able to slowly get it out. The shit crackled and made a wet slimy noise as the contents were revealed.
 At first it was normal with only some blonde hair and bone specks coming out but as more came out the truth was revealed. Mukuro cried out in pain as the entire rib cage was coming out. Somehow it was still pretty intact and was just stuffed in a massive turd. Mukuro was in a ton of pain screaming out as the just gigantic turd was forcing itself out. "AAGGGH!!! THIS IS... DESPAIR!! NGGGHH! MY ASSHOLE HURTS SO MUCH!!" Screamed Mukuro as half the rib cage was out of her anus. The log slowly slid further to the ground and poor Mukuro wanted it to end so badly and just had tears running down her eyes. After five minutes the turd was done and it came down and plopped down.
 Mukuro smiled a little as the log was added to the now three foot tall pile. Only some small turds were left so Mukuro slowly pushed the turds out of her and didn't have any problems.
The gross logs plopped down filled with hair and bones. A pair of logs came out and each had a big clump of hair along with a hair clip each. They were added to the pile but they were buried under the scat. It only took an extra few minutes to dump the rest of Junko before Mukuro was all done. The ultimate soldier sighed in relief slapping her fattened aching rump as she managed to shit her sister all out. "Look sis...I got you all out...As nothing but my shit! I this what you felt!? Thank you...I'll cherish it~" Moaned Mukuro, grabbing her breast and taking Junko's spot as the new queen of Despair, and a new plan of killing game.
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Sisterly Despair Gone Wrong By Coolwoman -- Report

A fun idea with best girl Mukuro Ikusaba. Mukuro>Junko anyday

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Posted by narutowolfie12 8 days ago Report

Hell yeah, glad to know which despair sister really is the best one. Great story


Posted by Coolwoman 8 days ago Report

Mukuro is the fucking best. Glad you liked it~


Posted by NovemberNights 8 days ago Report

Glad to see one of the best girls put her sister to good use!


Posted by Coolwoman 8 days ago Report

Junko deserves to be fat


Posted by NovemberNights 7 days ago Report

100% facts lol