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Chad laid sprawl on the couch enjoying a blunt. He wore a white vest and ragged jeans. His arms were about the size of watermelons with every slight movement showing off his rippling muscles. He possessed black dreadlocks reaching down to his shoulders. He took a deep whiff of the blunt and allowed the smoke to exit through a gap between his two front teeth.
"Big bro, big bro!"
Chad rolled his head over to see his little brother Adrian. Adrian was a 9-year-old who he was forced to babysit due to their parents being away. Chad lifted himself with the back of his hands and sighed. "What is it, Adrian?"
"It's almost Halloween!"
"I don't have a costume."
Chad rolled his eyes. "I told you that we should have gone yesterday."
Adrian whimpered. "But I didn't like any of them!"
Chad rolled to his side and yawned. "But it's not my problem."
He tried to doze off, but he could feel the soft pitter patter coming from his younger brother hitting his back. He tried to ignore it for a minute, but much like how an itch starts off small only to become more unbearable, Adrian was wearing his brother's nerves thin.
"Please, please!"
Chad's eyes shot open. "Alright, alright. I'll help you."
"You will?" Adrian said, his eyes glistening like disks.
"Yeah, it's the least I can do."
Chad rolled his vest down over his belly and stretched. Adrian began to walk towards the front door, but Chad stopped him in his tracks. "Oh, we're not going to the store."
"Why, big bro?"
"Well, it is the day before Halloween, after all; I would assume that all the good costumes have already been sold."
Adrian frowned. "Then what are we going to do?"
Chad smiled. "Make a costume of course."
Without saying a word, Chad removed his shirt exposing his big muscles. He took his index finger and slowly traced his way down to his abs. "I will be your costume."
Adrian looked at his brother with curiosity and it lasted for what appeared to be an eternity. No way he could possibly fit in there. Besides, that would be physically impossible. And yet, Adrian could not deny that the idea at the least sounded intriguing.
"You'll be my costume?"
Chad chuckled. "Of course; what's better than having a natural costume instead of something made out of scratch?"
Adrian shuffled his feet. "But that's where food goes; I'm not food."
"Don't think of me like that, little bro, I would never go out of my way to harm you. Besides, I'll let you out when we're done."
Adrian was still hesitant. "You promise?"
Chad rolled his eyes. "I promise."
Adrian held out his pinky finger. "Pinky swear?"
Chad observed his brother's finger for a long time, but innately decided to comply. "There. Now are you ready?"
Adrian nodded. Chad leaned down and removed his brother's shoes leaving his socks. He then crudely pitched the shoes on the ground towards the television. "Oh, your shoes were kind of dirty."
"Oh, okay." Chad orders his brother to sit down on the floor in front of the couch. Still uncertain about Chad's plan, he nevertheless obeyed. Chad took his legs and placed his socked feet into his moist mouth. His tongue and the steam of his hot breath sent a chill down Adrian's spine. "I don't know if I want to do this."
Even if he would have liked to escape, Chad had a tight grip around his legs thanks to his beefy hands and fingers. His throat expanded to draw Adrian's thighs into his maw in a few quick gulps. When approaching his brother's pelvis, Chad physically unhinged his jaw to wrap his tongue around Adrian's waist. Once more, he could not help but savor the exquisite flavor his brother's skin felt against his tongue and esophageal muscles. A coconut-buttery taste, with just a tiny hint of salt.
Adrian's legs continued their slide down Chad's throat and eventually breached the entrance to his stomach. The warmth felt odd against his socked feet, but because of his amazement at what his older brother was doing, he couldn't protest.
Chad's belly stretched down between his muscular legs being so engorged, only small hints of his abdominal muscles were conveyed. His organ growled in desire for more of its recent meal to be shoved into it. The muscular man took control of Adrian's arms and pressed them in the small spaces of his mouth and swallowed sharply on them.
Adrian's cheeks blushed a deep red. "Big bro, maybe we can stop now?"
All that remained of the child was his neck and head. Chad's hot breath tickled his nose hairs. He also smelled the small traces of Chad's previous meals. Chad looked down at his brother and winked.
Chad pushed his right hand on the top of Adrian's head to casually push him deeper into his mouth whilst using the least amount of energy required for such a task. Adrian attempted to scream only for his protests to end up muffled. "Hmmm! Hmmf!!?"
His head make a spherical bulge in Chad's throat, but with one small push, Chad closed his mouth over the strands of hair his brother had and tilted his head back uncaring that Adrian was screaming as hard as he could.
Adrian's shrill shrieks echoed off his brother's esophagus lining until he completely descended into his stomach. Once there, he was forced into a fetal position due to the tightness of his stomach. A rush of air exited the gut and skyrocketed up Chad's body.
"BURRRRP!!! Oh, fuck, that is what I am talking about!"
He pats his spherical belly and resumed his spot on the couch with his belly heavily weighing against his thighs. "How do you like the costume, little brother?"
"That was no costume!" Adrian protested "you just wanted to eat me!"
Chad rubbed his pecs. "Eh, I was feeling hella hungry, but you'll do just fine."
"B-but you promised!"
Chad let out a rumbling laugh. "Mmm, I can already feel you adding onto my muscles."
Chad flexed his arms unconcerned that the digestive process was already underway. Adrian tried to squirm his way to freedom, but it was nothing noteworthy. Rather, his tiny fits of struggling only further entertained his treacherous brother. Chad withdrew another blunt from his box and lit it. He inserted the end of the blunt in his mouth and sucked in the nicotine.
"Big bro, *cough cough* I-I can't."
Preoccupied with enjoying his blunt, Chad did not notice that Adrian's struggling ceased and that his stomach was already droning to life. While the taste of the blunt was good, it could not beat the taste of his brother.
"'s always nice to have a good smoke after a good meal."
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When a boy has no idea what he wants to be for Halloween, his older brother offers him a solution.

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Posted by Overlord9 8 days ago Report

Man that was so good! There’s such an extreme lack of Ebony Pred :C but this one was super awesome! I would’ve included a digestive sequence- but nevertheless I loved it!


Posted by AustinDR 8 days ago Report

I mostly keep the digestion ambiguous as kind of a "choose your own adventure" kind of thing, but I'll put that in consideration for next time.