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Ingestive Intervention By doomfister -- Report

Another world, the same vices…

That was something Bug had learnt rather quickly during her adventures with Fuzz, as regardless of location sentient species never failed to indulge themselves in bad habits. The noisy arcade Fuzz had dragged her to no different than the others she had visited, as it was just another establishment designed to prey on a person’s personality flaws to sap as much brass out of them as possible, not to indifferently to how a vampire might blood. Not like Bug was bothered by such forms of business, as she would be lying if she did not take pleasure in dabbling in her own gluttony whenever the predatory opportunity presented itself.

No, it was more the fact that she just found the amusements littering the parlour boring, as to her gambling just couldn’t compare to the stimulation of a squirming snack. Her deviant dependencies craving something a little more than this place was offering, and as such it did not take the equine long to become disinterested in what was on offer once she was left to her own devices. The moody mare failing to grasp the enjoyment in pachinko, as though she had given it a go, she came out of the experience feeling as though the whole affair had been a waste of time and money.

Lacking the personality traits for a gambling obsession to take root, Bug had instead wandered about in an aimless fashion, considering what sort of shaped swelling some of the staff might make in her belly. The tempting thoughts causing the mare’s mouth to water, but she thought better of trying the local cuisine, as she knew security would be on her before she had even finished gulping down one mewling meal. The fact modesty didn’t seem to exist in the venue she was visiting did not making it any easier, as apart from some prudes everyone present seemed to be as naked as the day they were born, leaving little to her dour devourer’s insatiable imagination.

The no touching sign’s mocking her with friendly reminders, each time she passed one, leaving Bug wishing she was not here with company so that she might sate her cravings by sending some staff to stew in her stomach. Alas, it was not meant to be, and after her meandering trek, she came to the conclusion that the pachinko parlour had lost its novelty, and to the restless earth pony it was time to leave.

The mare not taking long to locate Fuzz, as her friend had failed to machine Bug had left her on. The distracted dog just staring at the screen, seemingly in deep concentration as she unreleased calculated broadsides of balls in an attempt to rack up enough points for whatever petty prize she wanted from the item shop across the street. Bug tilting her head slightly, with a vocalization to indicate it was time to go, but Fuzz just brushed her off with a wave of the hand and an inattentive request for 5 more minutes.

Bug just sighing as she took a seat and saw 5 minutes turn into ten minutes, then 15, as the Blaise bitch was clearly dangerously engrossed in the game to remotely care about the time. An amusing thought creeping into Bug’s brain, making the mare snicker, as she wondered how far she could go before the curvy canine reacted to an ingestive interruption. Curiosity getting the better of the plump pony, as surely the stripper would snap out of it once she started swallowing.

This prediction proved not to pass, as even after the mare had manipulated her prey’s paws into her moist maw and given a strong gulp, Fuzz failed to bat an eye. Bug cocking an eyebrow, as in honestly, she had expected a startled squeal from the soggy slurp, instead of the indifferent silence. Fuzz just continuing to tap buttons, seemingly completely oblivious to the presence of the earth pony currently eating her alive. The bitch seemingly blanking bug, as her focus was transfixed on the flashing lights and dopamine deceiving sounds emanating from the metal box in front of her. Bug couldn’t believe it, and if her mouth wasn’t full, she might have laughed, as she decided to make a game of her spur of the moment snarfing solution.

Bug’s lips inching forward in a series of suckling swallows, allowing the eating earth pony to engulf her preoccupied prey. Peristalsis pulling the pony forward over the preoccupied pup’s carbon-fibre prosthetics, as with a sequence of surging swallows Bug began to bolt down the bitch. The mare taking it slow at first, but as her predatory progress failed to stir a raise from Fuzz, she proceeded to pick up the pace, and in a matter of moments the woman was up to her hips in tight, throbbing throat.

Bug noticing the dog’s diaper as she hauled herself over Fuzz’s hips, peeving the pony, as it gave an indication, she had intended to play pachinko for the long haul, regardless of her friend’s feelings. The tasteless wrapper disappearing just as easily as the rest of her food’s flesh, even if the grasping glugs of the gullet so far had failed to disturb the dog. Bug gently nibbling at Fuzz’s navel, as with another chug she pulled her prey out of the chair she had been sitting in. The pony pondering the predicament, as at this point, she was unsure if even the sting of stomach acid would get a reaction out of her focused friend.

Bug’s hand stroking the swelling forming in her stomach, as it was now obvious that Fuzz’s fixation on such a supposedly simple game was borderline unbreakable. The mare giving a long shrug, as she decided to start digesting the dog, as otherwise, they were going to be here all day. The pony proficient in power digestion, so it was little more than a quick clench to start sluicing anything south of the stomach sphincter into a smooth serve scat in but a matter of sizzling seconds. Fuzz not even wincing as her lower body melted into a meat mush, before being quickly reconstituted in Bug’s colon as a festering fudge.

The action not dissimilar to someone draining a tank, as the canine crap began coil out in a smooth sausage of mare manure beneath her hiked up tail. The doggy dung slithering out of the sphincter to the tooting tune of a few festering farts, in a uniform length of creamy brown as the pony professionally processed her prey into a consistent paste. A messy mountain of poop piling behind the mare, as aside from the soggy splat a dirty diaper being reborn, Fuzz amounted to just a sizable if not streamlined shit. The turds swiftly making the twisting trip through her tight tubing, to crown as a dirty deluge of steamy soil.

Bug shivering slightly at the sensation of her bloated bowels birthing her most recent batch of brownies. The faeces flowing freely, as Bug picked up the palpitating pace, safe in the knowledge that the faster Fuzz was digested and shat out the faster they could cash in the canine’s chips and get out of this sleazy casino….


Fuzz takes Bug to a Pachinko palour, unfortunately the games were a bit to addictive for the deviant doggo. Fortunately, Bug is here to pull her away from the screen, in the only way the grey glutton knows...

A piece of gift art from Gizmo that I wrote a lemon for. Gizmo commissioned it from Tsubasagahoshi ( ) so if you like the art go and give them a gander :)

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Posted by TETRO 3 months ago Report

I think it would be pretty hot if Fuzz only realized she was being eaten once the stomach digested her heart. Her awareness comes much too late, and by that time, she has only moments left to live.


Posted by doomfister 3 months ago Report

Likely the case, but with her afterglow implanmts she is likely not to notice until Bug's lips are creeping over her face XD


Posted by Zangoosair 3 months ago Report

I Love It!