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Changing-Room Consumption By doomfister -- Report

There was something alluringly taboo about partaking of prey in public, as it added an element of peril to the predator that just wasn’t found during a secluded snarfing. The startled squeals and struggles of a mewling meal were much more likely to draw unwanted attention in a shared space, over say the seclusion of the royal chambers, and as such it was just another factor Chrysalis had put a lot of thought into as she obsessively plotted her revenge.

The deposed queen loathing every moment that she mingled among the cattle, but the natural ability of a changeling to camouflage themselves granted her more access than her normal glorious regal form. Unfortunately for her pride, the unambiguous disguise of a fellow equine was much better at deceiving the stupid citizens than her normal spindly stature, leaving her little choice but to don the disgusting skin of a lesser species. The mare gritting her fangs every time she was infuriatingly forced to practise this disgusting discretion, but alas without her loyal court she was forced to degrade herself to skulking around like some lowly drone in the all-consuming pursuit of vengeance.

This cringe-inducing compromise necessary though, as without it there would be no way for her to get her prissy pony prey into the perfect position for swallowing without the whore’s whining ruining everything. The voracious venue set in the monarch’s mind as the quaint and private setting of a fitting room of a certain boutique. The changeling faking everything from the sweet smile to the common courtesies, as she feigned interest in several dresses, leaving the white bitch to babble on about their “inspired designs.” The unicorn’s couth mannerisms like a tick burrowing into Chrysalis’s hide, leaving only the thought of consuming the nattering cunt in a cramped cubical keeping the changeling from ripping out her foe’s throat.

She hated every second of it, but the temptation of savouring her scared snack’s squirms gave her the self-control to keep in character, leaving the clueless couturist completely oblivious to who’s powerful presence she was basking in. Rarity just remaining cheerful and professional, to what she assumed was just another customer, and one with exquisite taste at that. The recommendations rattling off for a while, with the typical politeness of ponies Chrysalis had come to expect, and before long the queen had a small collection of dresses to try on.

Everything falling into place just as the predator had predicted, as the promise of a large sale left the unicorn easy to please, offering the ideal opportunity to send her on a short slide to the calculating carnivore’s stomach. All it took from there was a simple request to help zip up a dress, and the foolish fashionista presented herself to the queen on a silver platter. The mare not even thinking about it, as by the time even the glimmer of a threat had processed the changeling had already lunged and the hapless unicorn was up to her shoulders in the stifling seal of a throbbing throat. The confused yelp from her mare meal as Chrysalis dropped the mask, music to changeling’s ears as in an eager euphoria she engulfed the shocked seamstress.

Chrysalis’s lips wrapping over the pony’s petite shoulders with a surging swallow, as the monstrous mare used her magic to subdue her frightened food before she could even put up a fight. A twitching tussle bumbling out of the partially eaten equine, as she began to blindly buck against her assailant in a frantic flail. The mare’s motions disorientated and ineffective, as with her head enveloped in a dank darkness, The queens once coordinated cosmopolitan cuisine could only clumsily flounder against her ingestive intents.

Not like the beastly bug cared about her unwanted opinion, as at this point the mewling mare was just another short-lived spasm in her stomach. Chrysalis planning on just walking out of here like nothing had happened, once the mare shaped mass of meat inside her shuddered to a stop, as she was sure her magic could conceal the swaying swelling in her stomach the slut was sure to make. It didn’t hurt that her prey tasted pleasant and with a purr, the peckish predator made good on her gulping gains. The unicorn’s ribs scaled like rungs in a ladder, as her chow clumsily convulses against the limber lips lapping over her like a saliva-soaked squall. The insect casually inhaling her irritating morsel, as the pitiful pony was powerful to prevent the seething whims of chugging changeling consuming her.

It had all been too easy, and if her mouth wasn’t full the monarch might have monologued about the inevitability of this long-overdue ingestion. Even so, a snicker slipped from the insidious insect's snout, and with the majority of her mare meal already trapped in the thrall of the throat Chrysalis just tilted her head back and let gravity do the rest of the work….


Robbed of her kingdom Chrissy sets out to get revenge on a certain group of elements. It looks like Rarity was first on her list, but without her drones, the slighted sovereign needs to be a bit more stealthy in her snarfing...

My forty-sixth sketch from  Silent_E 's patreon.

This monarch's revengence was kindly coloured by my friend  plaguetyranno .

This image and lemon was voted for by my patreons in one of my polls. If you would like to support me and vote in upcoming polls check out my patreon at:

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Posted by Firenhooves 1 month ago Report

Rarity sure makes a nice looking bulge in Chrysalis's throat.


Posted by doomfister 1 month ago Report

Indeed, the mean monarch just has to tilt her head back now and enjoy the fidgiting fashionista as she slowly oozes down to the stomach as a sizable bulge ;)


Posted by marcusthesmith 1 month ago Report

Are there gonna be five more parts, or is the story ending here?


Posted by doomfister 1 month ago Report

That is not currently planned, this was a one off voted by my patreons.