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Generous Gift By doomfister -- Report

“Gee… Um, thanks bug?” said an unsure Pepper politely, as the perplexed kirin was not quite sure how to react to the odd-looking cushion the grey mare was presenting her. The earth pony suspiciously smiling, as she waggled her wrist in a gentle gesture prompting the kirin to accept her generous gift. Her flummoxed friend not quite sure how to respond to Bug’s uncharacteristic magnanimity, but she knew it would be rude and likely dangerous not to take the plush item from grey glutton’s outstretched hoof, lest the mare take offence at her present being snubbed during delivery.

The kirin therefore making the wise move to accept the plush pillow with a cautious smile, as she couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something oddly familiar about the cushion’s colour scheme. The fact the shades matched her coat obvious, but the similarity took a moment to click, before Pepper suddenly realized the plush piece was being given was made of her own repurposed indigestibles.

Regardless of that morbid detail Bug had done an outstanding job artfully reusing her lunch’s leavings, even if the was a little weird to Pepper to be looking at her reflection in her own shiny scutes. The interlocked scales polished to a sheen, as Bug had covered one side of the cushion in a glossy cladding like stylish chainmail. The segmented surface complimented by a fuzzy finish of fur on the remaining sides, that to Pepper’s surprise was oddly pleasant to the touch. Her hoof stroking over the silky surface, as the inviting item was practically begging the paunchy kirin to snuggle up and cuddle the cushion.

There was a weird smell to it, but that was to be expected in a pellet pillow that had passed through the gauntlet of a gut, but it did little to detract from the earth pony’s handiwork. The stitching secure, and the craftmanship exceptional, so just from a gander, it was clear Bug had gotten help making it, meaning she put some thought into what was more than just a frivolous thing. Bug beaming a confident smirk as the kirin inspected the recycled bundle of biomass, as the pony was presently pleased with the reception of the odd object. Bug’s next words thanking the kirin for the meaty meal she had provided, in what amounted to as close to a comment the moody mare tended to give.

“Yeah… I don’t normally eat fiery food, but you were a good girl once you politely curled up in my gut, and your melting meat mixed well with my burps, so I thought I would reward you with something nice to remind you of your first tour through my plumbing… as I am sure we will do this again…”


Bug decided to get Pepper something nice as a gift, though I must say her choice of in homemade present is a bit morbid for most liking, as i am sure a pellet pillow is not to everyone's tastes...

My forty-seventh sketch from  Silent_E 's patreon.

This peculiar present was kindly coloured by my friend  plaguetyranno .

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