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Waifu on the MENU 1/4 By BIGBIG -- Report

Charlie and shantae having some mighty feeder fantasies, invited a few shortstack waifus
to spend their fortune on them. Isabelle, Kikimora, and Rouge the Bat are distracted from their feast
when a fourth member arrives uninvited. The much BIGGER and HUNGRIER Stocking, is very much welcommed to this party...

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The outcome of the following page is rather predictable.
So instead of guessing what the next part is,
id like you to write down who would be YOUR favorite waifus (pick 3) to invite.
Either from popular media or from my OCs

Charlie is from Hazbin Hotel
shantae is from her own game
Isabelle is from Animal Crossing
Kikimora is from Owl house
Rouge the Bat is from (Sonic X
Stocking is from Panty & Stocking

This is a commission for theamazingworldoffat
(They will be closed until there is an announcement about them opening)

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Posted by shabbacabba 1 month ago Report

Ooooh! This is gonna be good, I can already tell >:3


Posted by Rorschach93 1 month ago Report

My waifu's be:
Nico Robin from One Piece
Shelly from Pokemon ORAS
Jessica Rabbit from Who framed Roger rabbit


Posted by NightWanderer 1 month ago Report

The way you made Isabelle right there? Absolute perfection. I loooove your take on her design and the way she's dressed! Also her huge stuffed tummy is the best thing.


Posted by DarkArtist 1 month ago Report

Rouge the Bat, Tron Bonne (From Megaman Legends), and Undyne(Undertale/Deltarune) would be mine. XP


Posted by 33defence 1 month ago Report

Charlie and Shantae are ending up in bellies, and I'm excited to find out which~ As for Waifus to invite, the only definite one would be Pixxy Fizzleclank.


Posted by 33defence 1 month ago Report

Oh! And Alphys from Undertale


Posted by z3d 1 month ago Report

In terms of my top three waifus
I think Lord dominator from wander over wander
Sally Acorn from the sonic Archie comics
And Spinel from the Steven Universe movie


Posted by Tanookicatoon 1 month ago Report

Tbh, I'd be surprised if Toriel doesn't show up. haha


Posted by lunchforagirl112 1 month ago Report

Without a DOUBT my top 3 would be:
1) Monkeybone Cat Lady
2) Tomoko Higashikata from part 4 of JJBA
3) Ankha from Animal Crossing
Secret fourth who shows up to eat everyone is my partner Reiinapop AAAAAAAYYYYYYY


Posted by acex007 1 month ago Report

Misty From Pokemon
Frankie Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Timmy's Mom from Fairly Oddparents
Edna Krapbel from Simpsons
Can't cut it down too much love for them


Posted by TheDarkStar 1 month ago Report

My 3 waifus would be Diane from 7 deadly sins, Meiko Shiraki from Prison School, and Lucy from Fairy Tail.


Posted by angelDX 1 month ago Report

nice crossover piece! lots of good faces here! :D


Posted by joe354 1 month ago Report

My waifus:
yoruichi shihouin from Bleach
Smoothie from one piece
Hekapoo from Star vs


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 1 month ago Report

Shantaes already there and shes the only person id invite


Posted by Meyneth 1 month ago Report

Hard to pick a top 3, but if I had to I'd choose Mythra from Xenoblade 2, Lyn from Fire Emblem 7, and Elma from Xenoblade X.


Posted by Kinkirin 1 month ago Report

My goodness these shortstacks are beautiful~

Ganyu from Genshin Impact
Mipha from Breath of the Wild

and if shortstacks are still on the table then...Isabelle is there so... Nanachi from Made in Abyss. Otherwise, Krystal from Star Fox


Posted by Themastermushroom 1 month ago Report

Well My 3 waifus are:
Angie Thompson from Trauma Center
Nanbel from Burn up excess
And Blackrose for .Hack series (the original one)


Posted by somethingorwhatever 1 month ago Report

Gotta be Brigitte from Overwatch, Wicke from pokemon Sun and Moon, and Abigail from Stardew Valley.


Posted by BiglyBoyMeat 1 month ago Report

Incredible work as always <3
My picks would be:
Neferpitou (HxH)
Felicia (Darkstalkers)
Taokaka (Blazblue)


Posted by Raesetsu 1 month ago Report

Rangiku from bleach

Big D

Posted by Big D 1 month ago Report

Your art looks amazing as always :)
My waifus would be:
Dani Divine
Sarah Kerigan(human)


Posted by Heimko 1 month ago Report

My waifus are:
-Any of the nymph sisters from Rayman Origins (mostly Edith Up (her name is literally a pun for "eat it up").
-Centorea from Monster Musume.
-Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars.


Posted by GenericUserName2115 1 month ago Report

It’s hard to decide but I choose:
Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters
Carmilla from Castlevania (Netflix Show)
Mileena from Mortal Kombat


Posted by Jibbster 1 month ago Report

My waifu's would be:
Palutena-Kid Icarus
Mythra-Xenoblade 2
Zarata- BibBig's OC


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

Im guessing you mean "Zuzana". I dont have anyone named Zarata.


Posted by UnknownAlias 1 month ago Report

Um BigBig? Yes you do. You just made a pic of her like two weeks ago


Posted by Jibbster 1 month ago Report

I could have sworn you made an evil milf goddess named Zarata recently. XD


Posted by WankersCramp 1 month ago Report

I thought you didn't draw anthro characters? This is certainly a pleasant surprise!


Posted by WankersCramp 1 month ago Report

You are a man of many talents it seems XD I'm jealous.


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Try, Tanya Degurechaff, Taokaka, and Louise Françoise De La Valerie.


Posted by TheHungryTiger 1 month ago Report

I'm not sure I would invite them to this party, but my top 3 waifus are:
Hinata Hyuga from Naruto
Shinobu Maehara from Love Hina
Nodoka Miyazaki from Negima


Posted by ParanoidPrivate 4 weeks ago Report

Yooooo someone else who knows Negima



Posted by Skooldred 1 month ago Report

My top 3 waifus are
Android 21, from Dragonball Z
Hekapoo, Star vs the Forces of Evil
Himiko Toga, My Hero Academia


Posted by FanficFetishist 1 month ago Report

Clove the Pronghorn (Sonic Archie comics)
Renamon (Digimon)
Elisa Maza as a gargoyle (Disney's Gargoyles)


Posted by hetcomc 1 month ago Report

My waifus I'd invite:
Chie Satonaka from Persona 4
Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village
Bayonetta from her namesake series


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 1 month ago Report

Let's see I'd say
Sena Kashiwazaki from boku wa tomodachi
Suguha Kirigaya from SAO
Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis


Posted by Sparkachu 1 month ago Report

Oooooh nice i was actually gonna comment about this!
My waifus are:

Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa
Ganyu from Genshin Impact
Taihou from Azur Lane

Honestly seeing you draw characters from Danganronpa in general would be amazing.


Posted by JustVoringAround 1 month ago Report

heck yeah, so much hot ladies


Posted by MrQuarantine 1 month ago Report

My waifu list would probably go:

Chun-Li(Street fighter)
Android 21(DB Fighterz)


Posted by TheLulzDK 1 month ago Report

Ooooh this gonna be good!
I'll nominate:
Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect
An annie clone
Amazon from Dragon's Crown


Posted by thequietmanno1 1 month ago Report

One thing i like about your work is how ragingly horney you draw these girls for each other
like, damn, how do they even think straight when they're that wound up?
My Waifu list would be
Helen Parr from the Incredible (violet parr as well as a side option)
Shego from kim possible
And let's got with Ursula from the little mermaid- Humanid or octopus form, undecided on which


Posted by Darkatio 1 month ago Report

Mmmm...if I have to invite 3 characters, I think would be shortstacks because more is better:
Poppy from League of Legends
Midna (Imp Form) from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
La Brava from Boku No Hero Academia


Posted by welp 1 month ago Report

My favorite wiafus are:
Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius
Himeno from Centaur No Nayami
Marcille from Dungeon Meshi


Posted by shadow9774 1 month ago Report

Android 21: DBZ
Camilla: Fire Emblem
Alice Fateburn: MGQ


Posted by JuicyPickle 1 month ago Report

I hope we get to see them swallow and digest the wifus


Posted by Lindinle 1 month ago Report

i would love a rouge as a pred.


Posted by HyperInactivity 1 month ago Report

I'd say Toadette, Barbara from Rayman Legends' & Labrys from Persona 4 Arena. I feel like the latter 2 don't have as much vore artwork as they deserve.


Posted by melonee 1 month ago Report

Elma (Dragon Maid)
Carrot (One Piece)
Toga (My Hero)


Posted by McFingle 1 month ago Report

My waifus would be:
Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
Bea (Night In The Woods)
Quill-Weave (Prequel)


Posted by assassin 1 month ago Report

absolutely love these depictions of Isabelle, Stocking, and Shantae.

Especially Shantae, I like the contrast of everyone being really fat and she has a six pack.


Posted by assassin 1 month ago Report

as for people to invite I would pick Tsunade from Naruto
Frankie Foster from Foster's home
and Misato or Asuka from Evangelion


Posted by assassin 1 month ago Report

as for people to invite I would pick Tsunade from Naruto
Frankie Foster from Foster's home
and Misato or Asuka from Evangelion


Posted by Uchihabiscuit 1 month ago Report

Anabel from Pokemon, super underrated gal despite having great designs


Posted by JuicyPickle 1 month ago Report

I want Charlie to eat and digest everyone.


Posted by JustThatDude 1 month ago Report

Oh, this is intriguing! Here's a few obscure (in terms of artwork) waifus from me:

Haruka from Senran Kagura
Twilight Knight from Kingdom Death
Brighid from Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Posted by DrLewdLunch 1 month ago Report

You made Isabelle so sexy, great job!

My picks are

1. Irisviel von Einzvern (Fate series)
2. Oga-San (your version from that awesome comic)
3. My first pick again


Posted by Keij 1 month ago Report

Does chef BigBig do grubhub?


Posted by Keij 1 month ago Report

And my waifu's of choice would be Pieck from Attack on Titan, Papi from Monster Musume and Miss. Pauline from Tf2


Posted by DragonOverlord 1 month ago Report

My waifus? Off the top of my head...
I’m amazed Loona wasn’t one of the first ones thrown out there, from the sister series Helluva Boss
Samus Aran is a recurring favorite of mine <3
And...against my better judgment, Azula from Avatar :3 I feel like she belongs here.


Posted by DudeGuy3000 1 month ago Report

Do you mind if I invite, Ankha, Midna and Shelly from Pokemon ORAS?


Posted by carlj 1 month ago Report

I mean, Shantae is already there so i don't need to provide any other waifus XD
It sadden me that i probably can guess where this is going, i just hope that she can snatch some meals on her way down ^^


Posted by DarkNeroInfini 1 month ago Report

My choice of waifu to invite would be:

Zuzanna (BigBig OC)
Hitomi Tanaka (Who wouldn't want to see Big's interpretation of her?)
Miku Sato (BigBig OC)


Posted by Fancyguy9900 1 month ago Report

Raven from Teen Titans
Videl from DBZ
Makoto from Persona 5


Posted by TheLouisianaPurchase 1 month ago Report

I would invite;
1. Empress Attea (Omniverse)
2. Mileena or Sheeva (Mortal Kombat)
3. Psykos (One-Punch Man) monster or human


Posted by Azieru 1 month ago Report

Hot damn, you made Stocking looking super sexy.


Posted by lava799 1 month ago Report

Be me: "Panty and Stocking? What's that?"
*googles, okay, this is fairly innocuous*
*goes to images*


Posted by ParanoidPrivate 4 weeks ago Report

oh shit i hope im not too late but

Sabrina (also pokemon)
Pike Queen Lucy (pokemon)

You may or may not notice a pattern lmao


Posted by scaryman34 4 weeks ago Report

I would love if you put Toriel from undertale in this


Posted by filthyboigoji 4 weeks ago Report

could we get standalone isabelle too?


Posted by torontofan 4 weeks ago Report

Lara croft
Samus aran
Anna kendrick/ aleandra daddario

Ya sue me im vanilla :p


Posted by supaboi 3 weeks ago Report

My picks would be...
The water nymph from adventure time
Harley Quinn
And Marge Simpson


Posted by Larkspurdiblock 3 weeks ago Report

I'mma say:
Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)
Cathyl (Monster Musume)
and either Melony or Cynthia (Pokemon)


Posted by TurkaTree 2 weeks ago Report

If I had to pick three waifus to put on the menu, I'd pick
Mount Lady from My Hero Academia,
Diane from Seven Deadly Sins,
and Giga-Mermaid from Shantae.
That sounds like a fun dinner.


Posted by MattyYum 2 weeks ago Report

Might be late buuut
Melony from Pokemon
Kaede from Danganronpa
Neeko/Poppy from League of Legends