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Back to Life By Birichino -- Report

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Sage's Mysterious Tragic Backstory is here!

This ended up taking a while, between both physical and emotional obstacles, but even though I've stepped into some areas I have little experience with, I'm pretty pleased with how this came out, even if I think I'll be able to do better down the line.

And don't worry; I haven't forgotten about Maggie.

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Posted by RDRW 11 months ago Report

Yeay, they're back!
It's just always a pleasure to read about these characters and their development.


Posted by Birichino 11 months ago Report

Thank you! I'm juggling a lot of ideas and pursuits, but I'm trying not to drop any balls, especially when these characters are so appreciated.


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 11 months ago Report

That was even a more crazy backstory than I thought. I thought he killed a man but to be framed for that is pretty crazy. I do hope nothing bad comes from meeting with a police captain right? Its not like one of our mc's has eaten people or anything right?


Posted by Birichino 11 months ago Report

Sage is the one who can't show his face! He's wanted for a bombing; nobody ever connected what few missing person reports were actually filed to Rosemary. You know, because of the predator thing and some rudimentary precautions.
Besides, what grown man would entertain rumors of people being swallowed alive? Absolutely ridiculous!
Glad the backstory was worth the wait.


Posted by BlueB140 11 months ago Report

Oh my gawd I love them so much!!! They’re some of my favorites I wanna see mooore T^T


Posted by Birichino 11 months ago Report

You flatter me. I still have a lot of other things to work on and paths to sort out, but I do still have more ideas for this series eventually!


Posted by Artthegreat 10 months ago Report

I'm fine even if it isn't because this story is amazing and very well written, but is a safe swallowing, where Rosemary gulps Sage down but never even thinks of digesting him, something in the cards for this story? I like endo vore.


Posted by Birichino 10 months ago Report

Maybe one day, but it takes a lot of trust and intimacy to let someone eat you like that. I'm trying to make this series as "realistic" an interpretation of the most common vore tropes as possible, so it could act as a baseline introduction to the majority of same-size digestion work. If Rosemary were to swallow Sage now, though, she'd surely have no intention of digesting him.
Thank you for enjoying my work!


Posted by trugabuga 8 months ago Report

Engaging story, hope you continue it!


Posted by YepMcNope 7 months ago Report

(Sorry for the especially long comment thread this time. Trying to cut it down would probably take as long as it took to write it, haha. I didn't think I had nearly this much to say.)

You ever have that one thing? The thing you look forward to eagerly, but when it finally comes, you want to be in the right mindset for it? But the "right mindset" never comes, so you just gotta buckle down in the middle of the night and finally enjoy it? That was me with this story. And as I write this at 3 AM, I must say it was worth the wait after all. It was also worth rereading the other chapters first so I'd catch all the little callbacks I might have otherwise forgotten.

First off, gotta love the way the pieces fall into place. Even little details like the lit course and the sandwiches ended up coming back around, though those obviously didn't end up being nearly the same level of foreshadowing as some other "throwaway" lines, such as our little ending reveal. This level of writing cohesion is the sort of thing I ought to aspire to, lol.

It's great to finally see the illustrious MTB fully exposed. Of course, there's a lot still unexplored about what Soroni is up to, as sure enough Sage was only ever really a pawn and never knew the details of "why." If you'll allow me to be genre-savvy for a moment, I do wonder if Rosemary's own MTB will somehow tie into Sage's too, illuminating some side of the story that only makes sense once they find the piece to connect their pasts? Having Rose'M wanting to be a cop in the past, and then having Soroni involved with the police in two different cities... hmmmmm...


Posted by YepMcNope 7 months ago Report

Once again, as always, Rosemary and Sage make for a spectacular dynamic. It was already touching seeing S'Mary get so genuine to comfort the artist formerly known as Nathaniel, but I'm especially a fan of the parallels in having him comfort her right back later- though it doesn't really hit you at first that that's what's happening, since the scenes unfold so differently.

It really highlights the differences between them: Sage being easy to read, and Rose'M burying her feelings, only spilling her guilt over booze. Even after Sage just poured his whole past out to her, she still can't bring herself to speak up about her own worries. Yet at the same time it highlights that they both want what's best for the other, even in the face of temptation. Their relationship is very much give-and-take, even with the obvious Sage focus this time around.


Posted by YepMcNope 7 months ago Report

And of course, the belly rubs and the all-night embrace were incredible, lol. I like the fact that the two are able to so earnestly and directly talk about being attracted to each other. I do love a good will they-won't they romance drama, but I think fiction is sorely missing this type of romantic buildup- despite being common IRL. Recognizing openly that there might be feelings, and just feeling things out, is the kind of stuff ya gotta love to see more of.

(Oh yeah, and the will they-won't they tension is more than filled by "the offer" that still stands, haha.)

There's also something really interesting about the way the characters are changing, with Rosemary becoming more ""human"" and Sage moving in the other direction, such that they're getting closer to meeting in the middle. I'm sure I could find more to comment on here some other time, but it's 3:30 in the morning, so, y'know. (I've been typing this comment for 30 minutes??? wtf. terminal rambler right here)

All-around, another great entry in a great series! I look forward to whatever comes next, and I also look forward to reading the other two stories of yours I've missed.


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report

I've missed your reviews! Yeah, I've had those hold out for the right thing/getting tired situations, too.

I really enjoy the dynamic between Sage and Rosemary! I'm probably not as clever as you think, but since I'm writing something I like (and refresh my memory before each new chapter), both the way the characters behave and the way past events tie into the storyline can come pretty naturally. Which isn't to say I didn't work hard on Sage's MTB, of course. Although other points are appealing way in advance and it's just a matter of finding the right opportunity to bring them in, like the appearance of a Thyme.

Well, a criminal would naturally hate cops, but if nothing else, Rosemary's likely to develop a personal stake if she doesn't discover one from her past. I wish I could promise more was coming soon, but I'm in a rough patch. There are plans and hopes, though.

Rose'M being a bottle fairy was one of those ideas that snuck up on me. It wasn't part of her base design, but a girl with toxin resistance and a diet mostly consisting of drunk creeps is likely to acquire a taste for booze even without sorrows to drown. It's an interesting new side of her though, isn't it?

It's funny how much of this series thrives on my hangups. It never even occurred to me to push a more traditional romance because I don't get into most romance stories. It's a mostly blank part of my brain, so I'm filling it in myself. It's lucky my bluntness works well here.

I wouldn't say that Rosemary is becoming more human, though. At least not in terms of morality. She has the same heart as when she started, but having people see it is new and scary to her. Likewise, Sage's desire to be a good person hasn't faltered, but his idea of what that means is changing in the unprecedented world of predators. They're growing outward without losing their roots, even if both carry a fear that they might.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, as always! And I hope you're sleeping okay, too.


Posted by YepMcNope 7 months ago Report

Glad as ever to be back! I'd forgotten just how much your stuff was an inspiration to me until I read it again.

Mhm, I could tell that a lot of it was just nice coincidence fitting into place. A lot of clever writing is just being able to make connections between old ideas and new ideas. Still, there were definitely some deliberate seeds you planted to take advantage of down the line, and I love that sort of thing.

Sorry to hear you're in a rough patch. We all get those sometimes, and nobody should ever blame you for that. It's good to hear you have plans, though. (What's this I've seen around about the possibility of a VN? Obviously that's a big commitment, but if you're prepared for that, I'm sure it'd turn out fantastic. No pressure though.)

It's definitely a very "you" series! I think the best media thrives from creators who understand their limits and play to their personal strengths. That's definitely an example of what's going on right here. For someone experienced with traditional romance media it's all too easy to fall into the trappings of it or assume there's a "right" way to handle it. But to someone not bound by those expectations, there's a lot more room to just explore unique character relationships.

Yeah, that's definitely a better way of putting what I thought. They're coming to a mutual understanding of the other side through the sort of exposure that neither would normally have, and that's opening their minds to ideas and interpretations that they would have never otherwise considered, even in relation to their roots. As was established, the distinction of "humanity" is earned in the eyes of a pred, but by giving multiple individuals that distinction and having them in her life, she's forced to face "human" sides of her left over from her transformation that she'd been ignoring.

I'm sleeping alright. Not the best, but not the worst. Staying up until 3 or 4 isn't a huge deal with my mostly-afternoon class schedule anyhow. I hope you're sleeping well, too!


Posted by trugabuga 4 months ago Report

Are you planning on continuing this story by any chance?


Posted by Birichino 4 months ago Report

Eventually, but I just have so much I need to do lately it could be a long time.